old drawer

The Fortune Teller (first version)
oil on canvas
115 cm × 150 cm
Musei Capitolini, Rome

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They tell you that
time heals all wounds.
But what they don’t tell you
is how much.

No one warns you about
sleepless nights
drenched in sweat with
nightmares of a face that
you want to forget.
Or about the many days
when your head fogs up
and you’ll reach for the phone
I’m desperate attempt.
(Don’t call, put it down)

They don’t tell you about
how you’ll be reminded of
old love by a toothbrush
or a cigarette packet
or an old note in a drawer.
They don’t tell you about
the numbness that will
overcome, and how it will
be comforting.
(But only for a moment)

They don’t tell you
how much time you’ll spend
thinking and thinking
over and over
every step until love’s demise.
Recounting your steps in
attempt to pinpoint where
you went wrong,
could you have saved it?
(No, dear. You couldn’t have)

And you will stare at the hands
of the clock,
bitter and angry,
watching it taunt you by
how slowly it moves.
But you will soon stop watching
it’s face
and start watching your own
in pictures in mirrors.
(Until time heals all)

MCR album aesthetics

Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge: baggy dark eyes, biting on your lip till it bleeds, school dances in 2005, large headphones, dark mornings, smell of car gas running while waiting in a parking lot, the vibrant and aggressive colour of red.

The Black Parade: crying till your eyes are puffed, cloudy school days, looking up at the sky to see the snow fall, drawing with charcoal, smeared and old eyeliner from your drawer, writing on your mirror, the smell of a forest fire, headaches in the morning, the wish of nostalgia, flavourless and bitter coffee.

Danger Days: the true lives of the fabulous Killjoys: warmth of summer, drawing with chalk and getting it all over your knees and hands, long and boring afternoons outside, cactuses, sleeping in, drinking coffee with a flavoured creamer, japanese language, exchanging sharp glares with a friend, head banging.

Heartbreak isn’t always screaming and crying until you lose your voice and your eyes start to feel like fire and you find yourself lying on the floor not being able to catch your breath, don’t get me wrong you are more than likely to collapse sometimes and lose your mind, you’ll probably reach into that old drawer where you hid those cigarettes you promised yourself you’d never touch again after what you said was the last time, a couple of months ago, you’ll light one or two or three you will go for a long walk, gather yourself back together and probably wont even remember why you started crying in the first place, like what triggered you to feel all this pain all over again he’s been gone for too long to pretend he is ever going to come back but I guess we can still imagine what it would be like to get a phone call from him or a text message saying “hey it’s been a while” yeah well during the while you’ve been gone I've been intoxicating myself with anything that reminds me of you or sometimes with things that make me forget you. We can pretend the alcohol made me forget your name but fuck you still kept spinning around in my head and I slurred up your name more times than I could even remember and we can pretend that those cigarette breaks got your taste out of my mouth but fuck I think you were poison because you left this sharp after-taste that still remains after 9 months of us being away from one another, silly for me to think you even remember what my voice sounds like and fuck I'd be so wrong to think you still missed me because if you did you’d be back already. Sometimes heartbreak is not being able to listen to my favourite song because it’s bitter now because that was our song, so ill skip the tune and play something new, funny because you made me hate my favourite things and now I understand why  I hate you because you are my favourite and I can’t fucking have you, the same way I can’t have my favourite song back and the same way I cant go back in time, one year ago and never walk down that path where I met you, that cold day in April. Sometimes heartbreak is standing with your friends and trying to stop your teeth from shattering and holding yourself together so you don’t cry out rivers from your hazel eyes because you know they don’t want to hear about him any-more. But honestly, I think heartbreak is this indescribable feeling of constantly loving that one person and still trying to move on from them at the same time, I don’t know how it’s possible to still love someone and still try to be happy with someone else, kissing strangers won’t bandage the scars he left you with but I guess they are a decent and temporary cover up of “yeah I'm over him.”

trust me when i say this, kissing strangers won’t take the taste of him off your lips and won’t erase him from your mind. 

lately i miss you and lately has been always since you left


okay but have you considered:

your favorite characters as kindergarten teachers

Splatoon ART CONTEST report! So…turns out our senior squid artist quit like two months ago and didn’t tell anyone. And now we need a bunch of sketches ASAP for our quarterly report, but when I checked his old desk drawers, all I found was a snorkel and a bunch of those little red sticks that come with the cheese-and-cracker packs that you use to spread the cheese. Remember those things? Anyway, I was in a full-blown panic until I thought of you guys! I bet some of you can draw some cool Splatoon art. Squid Research Lab needs your help!

Here’s what I’m thinking: Post your awesomest, most squidtastic Splatoon-themed artwork on Tumblr and tag it with #Splatoon, #GetInked and #NintendoContestEntry so we can find it. We’ll even give out some cool prizes for the ones we like best! The report is due on May 29, so you’ve got until then to show us what you’ve got. Y’all are the best! Oh, and the contest starts…RIGHT NOW!

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Void where prohibited. Must be a legal resident of US (incl. DC) or Canada (excl. Quebec) 18+. Deadline: 5/29/15. 1 Grand Prize winner will receive one (1) Wii U system and one (1) Splatoon video game (ARV $359.98). 5 First Prize winners each receive one (1) Splatoon video game (ARV $59.99 each). Additional terms and conditions apply.Click here for official rules. Sponsor: Nintendo of America Inc.

Today, I fucked up... maybe I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer...

Old home with old fashioned door knob, the kind that has an open key hole all the way through it.

Before work I sprayed it full of expanding foam, quite proud of myself for easily fixing the draft problem.

After work realize what a mistake I’ve made when I can’t get back into my house.


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