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“This nothing but filthy slander.” growled a clearly shocked Nipsy Ashton today, when Pointless Letters reached out for comment. “Me good boy. Me best boy in whole world. Me been told. You have cheese? Me smell cheese! Me want cheese!”


400 Followers PSD Gift Pack ~ !!!!
Part One: From Mod Mulder

So! We reached 400 followers recently and I’m so grateful and happy! Thank you all so much for following thectossystem! It’s been kinda chaotic around here this past year, but you guys have come in and stuck through with us!

Mod Lazuli and I wanted to give back by giving you guys some psds!

You’ll recognize a couple of these from recent gifsets, but the rest are brand new for everyone! Since I lost, like, all my stuff with my last computer, it was easier to make brand new psds to share! For these, I actually didn’t use too many layers per gif, just to make it easier to edit and pick apart! Each psd has between 4 and 6 layers. Simple, but it gets the job done!

These are Photoshop specific. I used a lot of selective coloring layers and a couple of vibrance layers, so please keep that in mind!

Like or reblog if you download! Or reblog just to reblog ;) If you use any of these on anything, pls tag us so we can see it!!!!

Part 2 will be coming from Mod Lazuli as soon as possible, so watch for that as well!!

Enjoy ~ :*

Bonus PSD: Jordi <3


Please let us know if there’s anything wrong with the download links !


This is Bentley and I had the privilege of pet sitting him for a day this week. He’s a golden retriever and as you can tell, he’s an older soul. He has a harder time than most getting around, his eyes are a bit cloudier, and his face has a bit more white than gold, yet all of these things are milestones of a life filled with love. They help illustrate a story of a dog who has spent his life in the company of a family who love him more than the world. I can’t wait to spend more time with this soulful boy in the future!