old dodge ram

ck-cosplay  asked:

May I ask what kind of truck Keith drives in The Watcher? I feel like doing some fanart. Plus, I LOVED the SPN reference in the first chapter. (Are you a SPN fan?) Had me grinning like a mad man at the bus stop. Reading it in first person took a bit to get used to, cause so use to reading in third but it honestly did fit the flow of the story. Second to last chapter, TOTAL FEELS! What more could you possibly put this boy through? Does Shiro drive or have a car? (Haven't read Hunter's Moon yet)

He drives an old ass red dodge ram pick up (1990-94 era). It’s falling apart LMAO. annnnnd. I’m sort of a fan of the earlier seasons of SPN. I was never SUPER into it but it had its moments! I’m glad you enjoyed The Watcher ❤❤ and yes Shiro does drive! And not a car that’s as old as he is l m a o. Nothing fancy though, just a practical like, silver Nissan or smthg :)

Ruby Red Confess || Taycer

To talk. That’s what Taylor said and that’s what was scaring the shit out of Spencer has she walked through the empty junkyard. She wasn’t really expecting Taylor to take her up on the whole talking thing. She figured they would just be dancing around each other for the rest of their lives. Taylor was probably going to marry that boyfriend of her and live in a fake happily ever after, while Spencer was probably never going to find true love again. Spencer was starting to realize that it was a pretty messed up world that she was living in. She just wished there was something to make it better. Honestly, the only thing that would was Taylor. After two years away and almost dying, Spencer realized how much she needed the younger blonde in her life. Taylor was everything she wanted and needed. It was obvious and Spencer finally wasn’t afraid of what she was feeling. For over fifteen years she’s been in love with someone and has never been able to say that. She just hoped that tonight would be the night she would finally get everything off her bandaged chest. 

Spencer maneuvered her way through the junk and mud until she found what she was looking for. Ruby. This old Dodge Ram 50 has held so many deep conversations, so many make out sessions, and so many quiet moments that it was probably the second perfect play for them to do this talk. She could remember all of the times that Spencer has sat out on the best of this truck with Taylor in her arms. This was where they were when Spencer opened her acceptance letter to UNC. It was where they sat when Spencer told Taylor that Junior had passed away. It’s where Taylor told her that her father was forbidding them to see each other. This truck has held some of the greatest and worst moments of Spencer’s life. Taking a seat on the edge as she waited, she just hoped that this was going to be a great one and not a worst one. @taylor-carson