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Hi!! so I submitted this to @17-blackaf a while back, but I thought I would post it on here. This is one of my favorite pieces I've written, so hopefully, you enjoy :)

solo!harry (lol)

warnings: themes of loneliness. fluffy though. 

word count: 1,663

summary: Harry is feeling out of place with the band going on hiatus but Y/N helps him see clearly

From the outside looking in, you’d assume nothing but the best was going on in Harry’s life. He was so positive and so cheerful, a smile constantly spread across his face. He loved talking to people, he loved helping people, and he just seemed to love life. Though he lived a lavish yet domestic life, every aspect of him was imperfect in the most human way possible. She was convinced that that was exactly what everyone had fallen for, the simple human qualities that the rest of the world’s population seemed to be lacking. He had feelings that he wasn’t afraid to feel, he cared for other humans, and he believed that everyone was an equal. Something about genuine appreciation for life and for others seemed like such a rare occurrence in the world we live in, and as sad as admitting that is, she was drawn to his bright light.

She had noticed things weren’t all right within him a long time ago. She simply ignored his constant, and sometimes silent, variations of I’m okay to make sure that he knew that she cared. It almost seemed like he didn’t want her help; constantly busy helping everyone else. For a short time, he even had her convinced that he was in fact, stable and sane. But everyone knows that is impossible. Even Harry.

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This is one of the best and dumbest things I’ve tried to draw so far…

(I forget who it was who said that Obi-wan probably wore a t-shirt with a pumpkin on it for Halloween, and even then only under great duress. Let’s just say that Anakin and Ahsoka had fun making this for him…)

Heavens to murgatroyd! My puny little blog that could has reached 300 followers! As promised, I will be dishing out some sweet stuff! Up first is video/commentary from Kings by creator Michael Green, director Francis Lawrence and King Silas himself, Ian McShane. Poor Sebastian gets knocked in the face by Chris Egan’s backpack and you see him screaming out in pain! And they kept the scene in! Also, they talk about how he aced his audition. More to come my lovelies, more to come!

shout outs to my top four!: sapphire902, imweirdthatway, thisishowwelearntobebrave, old-dirty-tea-shirt

And shanology, because you just kick ass.

Walkers Amongst Us (Part 4)

A/N: PART FOUR! Couldn’t find a gif to fit the last part! 

Pairings: Roman X Dean X Seth X Reader

Warnings: Swearing

You jogged towards the small barn. Roman and Dean stood by the front doors of the barn and Seth was a little ahead of you. Once you caught up with them, they told you that they were going to check the barn and then Dean and Roman were going to go and look for fire wood.

Dean shoved open the barn doors and slow everyone walked in. You hand rested on your gun in the holster. A growl reach your ears and you spun and seen a Walker stumbling towards you. 

You grabbed your knife and grabbed the Walker by it’s shirt and stabbed it in the head, you let go, letting it fall to the floor. You made a grossed out faced and then turned back around and seen them all staring at you.

Roman looked proud. Seth looked impressed and Dean looked excited.

You rolled your eyes and continued to search the barn for anymore Walkers. You didn’t find any and neither did they.

“Alright, me and Dean are going for the fire wood. You guys stay here, hold down the fort.” Roman said.

You saluted him. “Sir, yes, sir!”

Roman raised an eyebrow at you, and Dean chuckled. Roman just rolled his eyes and then left with Dean. 

“Don’t do that, aright!” Seth said.

You looked over at the dead, dead Walker as you said, “Do what?”

Mouth off to Roman! He doesn’t need that shit.” 

You looked over at him. “I didn’t mouth off to him, I was joking with him.”

“Well now isn’t the time for jokes!” 

You rolled your eyes and looked away. There it is again, he fucking mood switching instantly. You pinched the bridge of your nose and sighed. 

“I’m dragging this Walker outside.” You said, not even looking at him.

“Whatever.” Seth said, waving you off. 

You grabbed your bag and opened it, looking around for a pair of work gloves you had in there. The fuck you were going to touch that thing without gloves on. You found them and pulled them on quickly. 

You grabbed the Walkers ankles and started to drag it to the barn doors. You were grossed out, but you were to angry to even really thing about it.

Why the fuck was Seth acting that way, he just said he was sorry for acting like an asshole and telling you to shut up, and now he’s going right back to it. 

You pushed the barn doors open and continued to drag the Walker out. You seen that the barn was up on a hill, so you dragged the Walker over to the edge.

With your boot, you pushed it down the hill. You watched it roll all the way down before walking away and back into the barn. 

You shut the doors and looked around, seeing Seth sitting on the floor, cleaning his crossbow. You rolled your eyes and pulled the gloves off, shoving them in your back pocket.

“Is there like a time limit as to when they should be back? Like ya know, if they’re not back in thirty minutes, we need to go look for them?”

“They have guns, they’ll be fine.” Seth said.

“No shit they have guns! But what I’m asking is if they’re not back soon, do we need to look for them?”

“Don’t know. Never talked about that with them.”

You sighed hard. “What the fuck is your problem!? Every fucking day you have been a fucking asshole to me! For what!? What the fuck did I do to you, for you to act like this!?” 

Seth just looked up at you and shook his head, before going back to cleaning his crossbow.

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You were in this bedroom type place in the barn, it had a bed on the floor, dresser and a mirror. You needed to get away from Seth, he was making you so angry.

You walked over to the dresser and opened it.  Inside were clothes, you started looking through them. You were in need of a new shirt. You pulled out a plan black shirt and a plaid button up. It was for a man, but at this point you really didn’t care. You shrugged off Dean’s jacket and pulled your old and dirty shirt off.

As you were pulling on the black shirt, when you heard Dean and Roman’s voice. You relaxed a little, it was good to know that they were alright. You pulled the plaid shirt on and started to roll up the shelves. 

Once you rolled up both shelves, you opened the door and walked out. Dean smiled at you, clearly happy to see you.

“Hey!” Dean said. 

“Hi.” You said.

“Everything go well.” 

“Yes, everything was fine.” Roman said.

Dean was setting up the fire wood and Roman was putting a wooden chair under the barn door latch. You tossed the jacket on your bag and then sat next to Dean, crossed leg. 

Seth was glaring at you, hard. He was angry, angry at himself for letting his temper get out of hand, and angry at you for sitting next to Dean. He wanted you to sit next to him.

He knew that he acted like an asshole, but know he couldn’t say he was sorry, well not in front of the guys. Seth sighed as he watched you talk with Dean.


You were finishing your caned beans, they weren’t by any means, good, they tasted like fish. But you were hungry, and there wasn’t anything else.

“Did you like your beans or what, Y/N.” Roman asked, smiling at you.

You tossed the empty can to the side of you and wiped your mouth with the back of your hand. 

“Nah, I didn’t actually, they tasted like fish.”

Seth started laughing. “Yeah they really do.”  Seth tossed his can aside and laid down on his back. 

Dean laid down as well, throwing an arm over his eyes. It took you pretty much all day to find the barn, and then they got fire wood, while you stood around the barn. But now it night and everyone is tried, but you weren’t sleeping. 

You couldn’t sleep, you didn’t want to admit it, but you were scared. 

Everyone began to space out through out barn, finding comfortable place to sleep. Dean took the bed that was up in this loft thing, Roman took the room with the bed on the floor and Seth took a big stack of hay that was to the side of you and looked rather comfortable.

You continued to sit by the fire, with your knee drawn to your chest, arms wrapped around them and your chin resting on your keens, just starring into the fire.

Seth had his eyes closed as he laid in the stack of hay, it was rather comfy. He opened his eyes and looked over to you though. He seen how you sat, the sad look on your face.

He rolled out of the hay and came over, siting next to you. You looked over at him, giving a half smile. 

“I’m sorry about earlier. I was an asshole for no reason, and I’m sorry.” 

You shrugged your shoulders, you honestly just didn’t want to talk anymore tonight. 

“I’m gonna tell you why I’ve been an asshole.” Seth sighed and looked into the fire. “I had a girlfriend, and we were together in the beginning. But…..We went into the city, and the out break there was horrible, they were so many……We couldn’t get out…..I didn’t think I would…..But we did, and we got spit up……I-I couldn’t find her, I looked but I couldn’t. She wasn’t anywhere to be seen……and the reason why I’ve been an asshole was because, I don’t want to get close to you, Y/N. I just don’t want to get close, only to lose you.” 

“You’re not going to lose me, Seth. I promise.” You whispered.

Seth looked over at you and gave a sad smile. He wraps and arm around you, you rest your head on his shoulder.

You looked up at him, he’s looking at you. He looks from your lips, to your eyes. Slowly he leans in, just as your lips are about to touch. 

Seth pulls away and stood. You looked up at him, eyebrows pulled together.

“I just honestly think, that maybe it’s best if we keep are distance.” With that Seth walked away, back over to his hay.

You sat there, shocked, looking after him.


In the morning, everyone was getting there things together. You would be on the road again today, it what was best. This barn wasn’t safe enough to stay another night.

You pulled Dean’s jacket on and then pulled your bag on. You fiddled with the bag, to make should it was comfortable. Then made sure your gun and knife were in their holsters. 

“Morning, Y/N.” Dean said, standing next to you.

“Morning, Dean.” You hadn’t really said anything this morning, and Dean wanted to know why you weren’t talking to anyone.

“Is….is everything alright?” 


No everything wasn’t alright. Seth said he didn’t want to lose you, then  almost kisses you, then says it’s best to keep your distance. He’s been giving you all these mixed signals, and then he finely he almost kisses you, just to walk away!

“You sure?” 

“Yep.” Dean rubs your back, before walking away, clearly not convinced.

Seth looks at you, watching as you fiddled with your things. He knew you that you were upset. He almost kissed you, and then he walked away. He was an idiot to do that. He wanted to kiss you, he really did. But he couldn’t have feelings for you, only to lose you. He couldn’t go though something like that again.

Everyone finely got here shit together and then you all hit the road. You’re all walking quietly, that is until you hear the sound of car. 

Everyone looks behind them, to see a black van slowing as they near you.

You looked up at Roman, and he glance down at you. These people in the van obviously knew you weren’t Walkers. Walkers would have been flocking near the sound.

The van comes to a complete stop in front of you. The window slowly rolls down. 


Do men really not realize how uncomfortable and disheartening it is to be objectified and disrespected by them? Before 9 am I walked my dog down the street and 3 men on their morning smoke break hanging outside were catcalling me from across the street. 2 men turned their cars around and parked on the side of the street just to watch me walk by. 5 cars beeped as they drove by. All within a half hour. And then I went to walmart back in good old chardon and 7 construction workers outside the entrance stopped what they were doing just to make comments about me so loudly trying to speak over each other. I felt my face flush as I walked in because it made me feel so uncomfortable and embarrassed. Yesterday 2 men in dirty old t-shirts offered to be my sugar daddies while I was picking out fruit, while they stood in front of my cart and touched me. I’ll answer ny own question though: it’s not that they don’t realize, they don’t care. Because a woman doing anything at all on her own in passing is not a real person. She is an object. And these men are comfortable and safe behind their barriers of car doors and caution tape and second floor windows and busy public places. I’m tired of shrinking because of them. Each woman has her history and it is never thought of or acknowledged because we are not people. People are respected, complex, real. When will we get to be people?



“Hey there, Sweetheart.”

Dean Winchester smirks from his place on the sidewalk, approaching the car with an exaggerated swing of his hips. He leans through the open window with a gorgeous smile, voice turning soft and slick like butter as he sinks his teeth into his bottom lip. A hum sounds from deep in his throat. “Mmm… what can I do you for, Handsome?”

The John blushes. “I want you,” he says breathlessly.

Den practically purrs. “I’m yours, baby.”

“H-How much?”

“For you? Fifty.” Dean licks his lips then, tracing a finger across a shaved jaw. “I’d fuck you for free but a man’s gotta eat.”

This sends the John into a fit of stuttering; nodding and opening his door as he speeds to the nearest empty lot. Dean focuses. FireFearAngerPainHelphelphelpless—SAM. His hands begin to twitch.

Five minutes later, Dean Winchester pulls his fingers away from the man’s temple, warmth fading down to the place inside him where pain bubbles dangerously. The John’s head lolls to the side, knocked out by a pulse of electromagnetic energy. Not enough to kill him, but enough to  make him woozy for the next couple of days. “Nighty-night, Asshole.” The young man’s eyes flash with something dangerous as he reaches for the man’s wallet, emptying it completely but for the picture of the John’s family. Dean glares at the photo and it bursts into sparks of light.

He gets back to his corner with a credit card and twenty dollars. Two more Johns and he can get back to Sammy.

“Tyler Adams?”

Dean turns towards the sound of his fake name, approaching the car and smiling as usual. He touches and strokes the other men as much as possible, quickly forgetting the names Charles Xavier and Hank McCoy. Two’s double, he says, and charges them one hundred. Once he’s in the car, the one called Charles calls him ‘Dean Winchester’.

Dean literally stops the moving vehicle. It’s easy; plucking the kinetic energy from the engine and wheels and gathering it in his palms, hands glowing before he shifts it into two balls of white. “Who the hell are you?”

Dean, calm down. Listen to me, you needn’t be afraid… We merely wish to show you you’re not alone.

Except that voice assuring Dean they mean him no harm? Yeah, that’s in his head. The young man almost blows up the vehicle on instinct… But that’s before he feels like he can’t move and the driver morphs into a hairy, skinnier blue version of the Hulk.

It turns out that Professor Charles Xavier runs a school for gifted people… gifted people like him. Like Sam. It turns out that he can offer the Winchesters a home.

It also turns out that Dean is a suspicious bastard. But, as that’s what’s kept he and Sam alive for so long, he’s thinking it’s probably fine.

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Better Already

Hello! How are you? I really love your one shots and was wondering if you could write one where the reader is sick and the boys take care of them?

I hope you don’t mind, I made it Dean x Reader since I needed a Dean one tonight. If not message me, I’ll write another one for you! 


Everything ached. 

You woke up to a throbbing headache, cold toes, and a stuffy nose. You rolled in your blanket until you were satisfied with the burrito you were now encapsulated in. You pressed one foot against your other calf to gain warmth in your toes, but the numb tingling just became stronger. 

Squeezing your eyes shut you tried going back to sleep, perhaps that way you’d sleep off the ache, and still be able to go on the vampire hunt you’ve been waiting a week for. 

No more than ten minutes later you woke yourself up from coughing. Your throat was dry and if you didn’t get water quickly, you’d definitely vomit. 

Barely hopping out of your burrito you ran into the kitchen, and gulped down two glasses of water. Your throat was stinging from it, the cold water didn’t go down against an achy throat so easily. 

Looking down at yourself, you must’ve looked awful too. The only thing you had on was a dirty old t-shirt that went to your knees. The messy bun from last night was falling apart, and your nose was bright red as you looked at yourself in the toaster’s reflection.

“Shit” you muttered and began walking back to your room. Maybe if you’d bring yourself together before Dean or Sam saw, they wouldn’t suspect anything and let you hunt. 

One more turn and you’d have reached your bedroom.

“Y/N?” Dean’s voice was quiet. “Why are you up so early?” he asked, looking you up and down. 

You sniffled and cleared your throat. “Well I-“

Dean scrunched his nose, “You’re sick. I mean, really sick” he said, taking a step back. “Maybe you should go back to bed” he suggested, turning into a protective mother. “What about fever? Headache? Throat ache? Are you feelin-“

“DEAN!” you shouted, making your throat hurt even more. Swallowing hard you continued, “I’m fine!”. Your voice said otherwise, it was nasal-y and scratchy. 

Dean pressed a hand to your forehead, making you blush. Just a light touch from Dean could send the butterflies to fly around your stomach. 

“You’re definitely not fine” he stated, almost in a mocking tone. “Back to bed - now!” he commanded while smiling, a small quirk of his that made you smile. 

“No Dean, seriously, I’m fine” you tried pushing past him, but instead he lifted you up and threw you over his shoulder. Too weak to fight back you lay limp over him until he tossed you on the bed, fluffing your pillow and pulling up your blanket. 

His green eyes were sparkling as he ran around your bed fixing everything. He cared so much for every detail, down to the last wrinkle on the blanket.

He crossed his arms, “I don’t think we have any cold medicine. I’ll tell Sammy to go on a run, what’re your symptoms?” he asked and you closed your eyes.

“Uh, throat ache, headache, stuffy nose, and back pain” you said, making Dean’s eyes go wide. 

Raising an eyebrow he said, “That’s what you call fine?” he asked, making you smirk. 

“Sammy!” he shouted into the halls, one foot out of your room. 

Sam came running in, then laughed when he saw you in bed, tucked in like a child. You crossed your arms and squinted your eyes, daring him to say something. 

“Can you grab some cold or flu meds? Maybe some NyQuil too” Dean said and Sam smiled.

“Be back in ten” he announced before walking out, strapping the demon blade to it’s holster just in case. 

Dean went to the kitchen, and waiting for the kettle to boil before making you a hot cup of tea. He carefully walked back to your room, watching the steam rise from the cup. 

“Here ya go” he smiled and placed it in your two hands. Gladly you drank, burning your tongue before blowing. 

“Thanks, Dean” you smiled up at him. He took a seat on the edge of the bed, “You hungry yet?” he asked and you nodded no.

“If I eat something it’ll just come back up” you said, sniffing again.

“Tissues, how could I forget tissues?” he mumbled before leaving, only to return with a brand new box of them. 

“Thanks” you said, grabbing two and blowing your nose hard enough to cause an earthquake.

“Woah there” Dean laughed and you just grabbed another three. 

“What about the vampire hunt?” you asked, in between sips of the tea. 

Dean sprawled himself next to you on the bed, making you hyper aware of all your movements, because, well, Dean Winchester is laying next to you. In your bed. 

“Well, your sick, so how can I possibly go on a hunt without you?” he said in a sarcastic tone. “Plus someone’s gotta stay and take care of the princess. I’ll get Garth on the case or something, it isn’t too big of a job” he nodded, almost reassuring himself. 

Chuckling you grabbed another tissue right when Sam burst through the door. 

“Got it” he tossed two boxes into the air, Dean caught both and read the label before giving you them. 

You popped them in your mouth and downed the rest of the tea with it.

Sam took a seat at the edge of your bed, and looked between you and Dean.

“You told her?” he said to Dean, who’s eyes went wide.

Dean nodded a no, quite furiously. 

Sam made his lips into an O, “Uh, never mind” he said before awkwardly jumping out of the room, hair flopping about his face.

“Tell me what?” you suddenly turned to Dean, who was nearing a bright red shade.

He cleared his throat, “Tell you what a great hunter you are” he said, obviously fibbing. 

You rolled your eyes at the hunter, “I’m aware of that, you didn’t need to let me know. Now what did you really need to tell me?” you asked, scooting closer to him. 

Giving a small and nervous smirk he looked up at you, green eyes shining.

“Tell you that I like you” he said quickly, over running each word.

You laughed, before setting your cup down. 

“Why’re you laughing? I mean a simple, I’m not interested, would be enough!” he began standing up when you pulled him back down by the upper arm.

“I’m laughing because I like you too” you smiled and suddenly his face changed from fear to a happiness, a wide smile stretching across his face.

Quickly he leaned in and kissed your nose and forehead. 

“You’re…sick” he trailed off, making you laugh more.

“That’s alright, I’m feeling better already” you smiled, and Dean chuckled before leaning back down against the headboard. 

You pulled the other part of the blanket over him also, turning onto your side to face him.  

Dean smiled and helped with adjusting your pillow before you closed your eyes, falling into a peaceful nap.

When I was a young punk kid and I was dumpster diving and wearing stuff like this [gestures to old dirty shirt] and this [gestures to an old dirty vest], it’s important that you do know that I was still going home every night and washing my face with Clinique.
So, there’s no reason why you can’t be punk and have nice skin.

Laura Jane Grace (MtF transgender lead vocalist of Against Me! X)

the punkest thing I have ever heard

New! Franada rp!

It was raining harshly as a boy ran down the streets in an old baggy dirty shirt. He was being chased by a baker who he had stolen bread from. He hadn’t eaten in days and just as he was about to outrun him he bumped into someone with his lightweight he fell backwards holding the loaf tightly to his chest.