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I’m downright terrified for the future of the manga….

Beach day

Step 1: wake up at 5am
Step 2: Get in car to take dog to the beach
Step 3: Proceed to fuck up and end up an hour away from home at a totally different beach than planned
Step 4: when you try to leave later, forget where the parking lot is and spend over an hour and several miles walking through beach neighborhoods trying to find your damn car
Step 5: dog beach day complete

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A Little Beautiful Surprise

Summary: Damon and Elena have gotten a little baby girl – a girl you care very much about. But Damon and Elena care for you as well, which will be clear when the little girl gets her name.

Words: 1,026

A/N: I actually send a similar request to @shadowoods on my main blog. But despite it being amazing, I just really wanted to write it myself as well. But I highly recommend both @shadowoods and the imagine, they’re both perfect! However, I hope that you’ll read and enjoy this one too – I loved writing it.

Warning: Only read this if you’ve seen the finale episode of TVD!

She was the most beautiful thing that you had ever seen. You had often been told that no babies are pretty – at least not to anyone else but their parents. But it was wrong.

Elena and Damon’s one-week-old child was definitely beautiful.

You rocked the little girl asleep, giving her parents a much needed break. Never before had you thought that much about getting children but this was making you want to get a little one as well. However, not just yet. Right now all you wanted to do was being with this little fellow.

When she finally fell asleep, you laid her carefully in her crib. Just as you had laid her, Elena walked into the nursery. You put your finger in front of your mouth, signaling her to be quiet. She understood and decided to wave you out of the room so you could talk.

Elena: You’re amazing. It takes me so long to make her fall asleep.

Y/N: I’m sure that’ll change. She can probably just feel that you’re tired.

Elena: That obvious, huh? Honestly, I’m really missing vampirism right now – at least the part where you barely need any sleep.

Y/N: I never thought I’d hear those words come out of your mouth. I guess getting a child really does change people.

The two of you laughed as you entered the living room where Damon was sitting in the couch. He had clearly been awaked by your laughing; his eyes looked around confusingly as he began massaging his neck.

Y/N: It looks like someone else is missing vampirism as well.

Damon: Don’t even get me started.

Elena went over to him and massaged his neck and shoulders.

You knew that both of them were just joking. They loved their new lives – and they loved their daughter. All that seemed to be missing was Stefan but they tried to take comfort from him finally being at peace – and until they were to see him again, they had decided to live life to the fullest just as Stefan would have wanted.

But today was about something different. Today was the day where the name of the little one would be announced.

Y/N: Can’t I get a clue? An initial maybe?

Elena shook her head while smiling. You had had this conversation ever since Elena and Damon had revealed that they had chosen a name. And since their daughter had been born, you had asked them several times a day.

Elena: The others will come very soon – you just need a tiny bit more patience.

Y/N: But I don’t have anymore. Please, I promise I won’t tell anyone.

Damon: You’re more problematic than an infant.

You pulled your face and accepted your defeat.

Y/N: Fine. I’ll wait. You better have chosen something good.

Damon: Don’t worry. I have a feeling that you’ll like it.

Instantly, your interest rose again. But before you had a chance to say anything, you heard crying from above.

Since both Elena and Damon had to prepare for the others to come, you volunteered to take her. You lifted her from the crib and held her close to you; she stopped crying right away. Her tiny finger grabbed yours and you were certain that your heart skipped a bit. How do children do these things to grown-up people?

You could hear that everyone was beginning to arrive downstairs and decided to join them. When you reached the stairs, you were surrounded by people; Caroline, Bonnie, Jeremy, Alaric, and Matt all wanted to say hi to the little girl again. Talking that special – and a bit annoying way – that you always talk when talking to children. But they were still cute.

Jeremy: I still can’t believe I’m an uncle now.

Matt: I don’t think anyone can. It wasn’t exactly written in the stars.

When Elena and Damon came into the living room, you walked towards them and handed their baby girl to Elena. Damon held his hand around Elena’s waist and carefully stroked the chin of the little girl. Then he turned his attention to us – at least part of his attention but what more can you demand from a new father?

Damon: I want to thank you all for coming today. It has been some crazy and amazing days where we’ve finally met our little girl. And we wanted you to come to meet her as well since we want all of you to be part of her life.

Elena: But firstly we have an important announcement to make – her name.

You pricked your ears, excited to finally get the name.

Damon: Everyone, we’d like you to meet… Y/N S. Salvatore.

Your body froze. Had you misheard it?

While everyone was saying ‘uh’ and ‘aw’, cheering and clapping, you played the last few seconds on repeat in your head. You got to the conclusion that you had not misheard it. But you still were not certain.

Y/N: You… You name her after me?

Your voice was little.

Elena: Yes, we did. You’ve always been there for both of us, putting yourself in danger for our sakes more than once. We want to thank you for that by naming her after you – a strong, loyal, and completely remarkable girl. With that name we’re sure that she’ll turn out great.

Tears were forming in your eyes. One of them even managed to slide down your cheek. You were completely taken back.

Y/N: I don’t know what to say. I feel so… overwhelmed.

Damon: You don’t need to say anything. We’ve already seen how much she means to you – so we know that this is huge.

Bonnie: What does the ‘S’ stand for?

Y/N: Stefan.

No one had told you but you knew that they would want to honor him through their daughter. The biggest pain for both of them was that Stefan did not get to meet her and see her grow up.

Caroline jumped slightly by the mentioned of his name but smiled nonetheless.

Damon: We wanted to give our daughter the best chance in life – and by having both some of you and Stefan in her life, she’ll definitely get that.

When new people visit Jim and Spock’s apartment they assume all the pets are Jim’s doing. They are dead wrong.

The first cat happened because Spock came across a stray kitten on his way home from work.

The second cat happened because Spock passed a shelter that was shutting down and it took a bit more convincing before Jim accepted it.

The third cat happened because Spock started volunteering at a shelter and this grouchy old cat had been there for a while and it took a lot more convincing but Jim just can’t say no to his husband.

The two dogs happened because Jim visited Spock while he was working at the shelter and met a bonded pair of yorkie mixes that he couldn’t leave behind.

Lord Zash: Here is my old lightsaber, a gift for you for your success.

Darth Baras: You want a lightsaber, apprentice? Go rip it off a corpse cause you’re not getting anything from me.

i love how when the object-servants die its like
okay everyone is like… Sputtering and look to be very much in Some Form of Pain as they slowly turn into completely inanimate objects
while Lumiere does an elegant twirl and Gracefully Dies because in every shot he’s in he has to prove to the audience that he’s So Fucking Extra

Popular Kpop Boy Group Stans: A Summary
  • BTS's "ARMYs":
  • -Some of the most extra people you will ever meet
  • -Probably a l(ot)ittle gay
  • -Half of them are over "you got no jams" and half of them still think it's funny
  • EXO's "EXO-Ls":
  • -Know how to make fun of themselves (and EXO)
  • -Shade-throwing kings
  • -Chogiwa jokes
  • -Still highkey crying about Luhan, Kris, and Tao (and stressing about Lay)
  • GOT7's "IGOT7s":
  • -Memelords
  • -Gayer than BTS stans
  • -Ayy lmao
  • -They probably dab every morning when they wake up
  • VIXX's (aka my babes) "St⭐rlights":
  • -Artsy af
  • -The high notes always got them shook
  • -Soft but also internally screaming (especially about VIXX)
  • B.A.P's "Babyz":
  • -Probably wish they could rap
  • -Like to think they're cool but they're just squishy
  • SHINee's "Shawols":
  • -Probably have good fashion sense
  • -Divas at heart
  • -Make bad jokes
  • -Can't fathom how Taemin goes from adorable fluff to sexy beast in 0.2 seconds
  • BigBang's "V.I.Ps":
  • -Swag
  • -Mature but also lowkey 5-year-olds
  • -Definitely wish they could rap (and some probably can)
  • Monsta X's "Monbebes":
  • -Will fight you but will also bake you cookies
  • -Lowkey thirsty af
  • -Probably tired most of the time

SVTFOE FANDOM: Marco spent 16 years chasing down Hekapoo to earn those scissors. As a 30 years old man, the safe kid was forced to leave his childhood behind, learning to survive in a cruel, different world. The trauma of coming back to Earth’s timeline, which immediately reverted him back to his 14 years old-self, definitely scarred him for life. It will take days, weeks, maybe months or years for him to adjust to his old life, slowly starting to remember his family, his friends, even though deep down he will always feel like an outcast, as the 30 years old man trapped forever in the body of a teenager he is.


As much as I love Ellie and Joel’s and relationship - slightly unhealthy co-dependency and all - part of me can’t help but wonder what would have happened if, instead of killing Sara off for manpain, she’d been the one to survive, and Joel was the one who got shot that night.

There’s just so much potential in a tough-as-nails, thirty-two year old Sara, who was forced to grow up way too fast in those years following the collapse of society, tasked with escorting a 14 year old girl who reminds her just a little too much of herself (before everything went to shit that is). And she comes to care about her in spite of that, maybe as a daughter, or a younger sister, or a protege, or even just as a projection of her own lost youth, trampled underfoot by a world that isn’t kind to little girls, even before everything falls apart.

Like I’m a big fan of the current trend of sad dad’s passing the proverbial torch to their murder daughters, but you know what’s missing from pretty much every AAA game? Mother-daughter relationships. I can’t think of a single game off the top of my head with two female characters that share a relationship that is in any way comparable to Ellie and Joel’s. And that’s a huge fucking shame, because there’s a massive untapped market of brutal, angry momma-bear protagonists who’ve been through hell, and will claw their way through it again to make sure their girls never have to end up scarred and hardened like them.

I’m not saying the Last of Us would have been better if Sara had been the primary protagonist, but it would have been an interesting departure from a tired and frankly, kinda patronizing formula. And the more I think about it, the more I feel like we missed out on something that could have been absolutely incredible.

Writing Tips - YOI Edition

I decided to start my little series of writing tips with a Yuri On Ice specific post because that’s the fandom I’m most familiar with. While I’ll make examples from the anime, keep in mind that most of these things can be taken in a more general way and applied to other fandoms as well.

These are only tips and if you don’t follow them that’s perfectly fine, your fanfiction is valid.


Different characters speak different languages with each other, and implementing that in your fic can make it feel more realistic. That doesn’t mean that you have to include a full dialogue in a language other than the one of your fic (although a few words thrown here and there like terms of endearment are always good, and even a couple of full sentences are fine, just remember to translate them in the notes), but there are ways to show this even if you don’t do that. Simply have your POV character hear a dialogue and not understanding it, and asking about it later (or just wondering about it in their head). Another small thing is to not have the POV character be surprised by this (unless for very specific reasons): they’re used to being in international environments and to hearing different languages being spoken by other skaters, so it’s usually not a big deal to them.

Another tip is to understand what being bilingual (or tri- or multilingual) means. We don’t randomly start mixing two languages. The only instance where I’ve had that happen to me is when for some reason a word in one of the language I speak has to be in my sentence, then it might happen that I actually keep talking in that language. 


Gli ho detto che è bravo nel multitasking, and like-”

As you can see, the “and like” is some of those things we’re used to saying to connect sentences (like “you know” and other stuff), so it’s something easy to slip into if we’ve just said a word in English. You also see I stopped the sentence there because that’s what I feel happens, you don’t go on speaking in a different language for ten minutes, you usually notice right away and stop yourself.

That’s a very specific example of course, but what will mostly happen in your fic is that a character will switch back and forth effortlessly.


Yuuri is talking to Victor in English, then his mom brings them homemade katsudon and Yuuri thanks her and holds a short conversation with her in Japanese. Then he goes back to speaking to Victor.

Yuri and Otabek are speaking on skype in Russian. Otabek’s sister enters his room and asks him in Kazakh to help her with her homework, and he tells her (in Kazakh) that he’ll be right there, then he proceeds to explain Yuri what happened in Russian and they say goodbye and hang up.

Yuri and Victor are talking at the rink in Russian, then Yuuri skates towards him, and both Yuri and Victor switch to English to include Yuuri in the conversation.

Who speaks what language:

Generally speaking, all skaters interact in English.

Victor, Yuri, Mila, Georgi, Yakov, Lilia, Nikolai all speak Russian among each other. They might use English around other people if they don’t want to be rude to them, but in general they’ll have a tendency to keep speaking in Russian to each other, no matter how fluent in English they are.

Victor speaks fluent French as well as Russian and English, so it’s safe to believe that he and Chris speak French when they communicate.

Looking at the Japanese side of things, Yuuri, Yuuko (probably her husband too), Minako and Mari all speak fluent English, contrary to Yuuri’s parents who don’t appear to speak it at all. The triplets are 6 years old so they most definitely only speak Japanese. I headcanon that Minami doesn’t really speak a good English since he doesn’t appear to have competed much or at all outside of Japan, but I don’t think we have enough info about him so do what you want with him.

Otabek’s first language is Kazakh. It uses the same alphabet as Russian but it’s a different thing, but Kazakhs generally learn Russian and Otabek is definitely fluent in it. He’s also lived in the US and in Canada so he’s fluent in English as well. When he interacts with Yuri you should keep in mind that they’re speaking Russian.

Of course, when writing post-canon, it’s entirely possible and even very likely that the couples (or even friends, for example Yuuri and Phichit probably learned a little of Thai and Japanese respectively) pick up each other’s languages. Victor will learn Japanese, Yuuri will learn Russian, Emil will learn Italian. I headcanon that in some couples only one of them will learn the other’s language (for example I don’t think it’d be very useful for Yuri to learn more than a little basic Kazakh), but that’s absolutely up to you.

Another thing I personally like to do in my fanfics whenever there’s characters with different nationalities is to remind the reader that everyone has different accents. You don’t have to point it out in every sentence, but even just doing it once in your whole fic will make it feel, once again, more realistic. Another accent fun fact: at the beginning it’s hard to understand an accent you’ve never heard before, but it gets easier the more you keep hearing it. Try to think of ways to show that in your fanfic if that’s something you want to do.


Another important aspect in YOI is the use of nicknames, like Yurio or Katsudon. The thing is, not everyone uses them, and not in every context. If you want to use them in a fic and be true to canon, learn who uses them and why.


is a nickname given by Mari to Yuri P. to avoid confusion between him and her brother Yuuri. Yuuri, Victor and Yuuri’s family and friends are the only ones using it. Yuri hates it. He wouldn’t use it for himself, so avoid using it in your fic unless:

  • the characters I mentioned above are talking to him
  • one of the characters above is also the POV character (especially if it’s first person)
  • Yuri himself is complaining about it

Especially avoid using it when:

  • it’s Yuri’s POV
  • it’s the POV of someone close to Yuri or who knew Yuri before canon (like his grandpa, Yakov, Mila, etc)
  • it’s Otabek’s POV. He’s his friend (or more) and he would use his given name (unless for some reason he wanted to annoy him - which he probably would at some point lol)


I don’t feel educated enough to talk about this myself, I could only say what I saw in the anime but you should definitely read this post because it’s well done and explains who would call Yuri Yura or Yurochka.


Only Yuri calls Yuuri Katsudon (sometimes he switches it for pig). Victor called Yuuri little piglet or something at the beginning of canon, but definitely doesn’t do it later on.


This is not canon yet, but it’s a really widespread nickname for Otabek within the fandom, that only Yuri (or Otabek’s family) uses.

In general, I think nicknames rub off on the people we talk to. So for example, when I write Otayuri I sometimes have Otabek think of Yuuri as “Katsudon”. Why? Because at least at the beginning he would only hear Yuri talk about him, and Yuri would refer to him with that nickname. He would probably not call Yuuri like that directly in a dialogue, but that’s all just speculation. I just added this bit because I think it’s one of the many ways to both build someone’s characterization and show instead of telling the kind of relationship two characters have.

Other writing tips: (coming soon!)

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