old days :(

젝스키스 고지용 그대로멈춰 리허설 고지용포커스 직캠
이 날 지원이가 아파서 리허설 불참..초반에 지원이 찾아헤매다가 바로 포커스 지용이한테로 맞추고 찍음. 안경벗었으면 더 예뻤을텐데..

So if you search on Youtube, you can see a lot fancam videos focusing on Jiwon/Suwon/Sunghoon in Sechskies’s live performances popping up, but it’s freaking hard to find one zooming in Jiyong.

And there we go, I found this video. I’m not sure whether it is a 1999 performance, which is not really important to know. The thing is how cute and free Jiyong is in this video OMG.

(I don’t know what made he smile like that but it doesn’t really matter)

(😍😭That is such a precious moment when he smiles and then sticks out his tongue. I was wondering to whom he is doing that. I don’t know why but this somehow reminds me of Seungjae)

(Well.. He seems to be having a lot fun here. Is that because of Jiwon who is singing?)

He seems to be free and comfortable and enjoy the performance a lot. Aw… Jiyong oppa~ T_T

 I want to say ‘Thank you so much’ and ‘I love you’ to the one who recorded and uploaded it. I appreciate that a lot. 

Source: Lovelyeun