old craft projects


all photos copyright Full Tilt Photography.

In 2006 we made this little burger meal for a competition on Craftster.org. It got quite a bit of online traffic at the time. Couldn’t find the links, so I re-edited and uploaded these for Parisa.

Me and Mr L put it together, and all the food was edible: baby onion, american cheese, baby gherkin, homemade bun, handcut fries. I made the tray and the drink out of polymer clay and printed up the Craftster branding. 

I’m sculpting my own doll rn, not gonna be selling them because they look like a 9 year old child’s school craft project and no one would want that, but I feel like if I take pictures of the complete product people will still take the piss because it looks so unprofessional. Maybe the people in the community were right and I shouldn’t’ve tried to make my own doll :/

Image by BJDConfessions

Don't tell yourself "I could use this" as a reason for keeping something. Ask yourself, "WILL I use this?"

Being honest about whether or not you really will use that old magazine for some craft project “someday” keeps a lot of junk out of your house.