old cooper


Agent Carter Golden Age fancast

Lauren Bacall as Agent Peggy Carter
Leslie Howard as Edwin Jarvis
Errol Flynn as Chief Jack Thompson
Gregory Peck as Chief Daniel Sousa
James Cagney as Chief Roger Dooley
Vivien Leigh as Dottie Underwood
Clark Gable as Howard Stark
Hedy Lamarr as Whitney Frost

I can imagine Howard talking for hours how he wishes to produce a movie about Peggy’s adventures… and he would if Leslie Howard (his only option for Jarvis) hadn’t died in the 43.

( sneak peek, poster )


#just wanted to appreciate the adorableness of Betty & Jughead in this scene. #first Jug’s comment about her as they entered the door. #then Betty’s bouncy hoppity skip as they yelled surprise and that elation on her face. #plus Jughead’s hilarious shock face. #then her proud girlfriend expression when he realises it’s all her plan. #and then her touching his arm when drunk Archie comes over to hug.