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you know, as much as I’m trash for Fallout 4 and recognizing it has a lot of faults, one of the things that Fallout 4 never got right was the passage of time.

And I saw a post about this, and I completely agree, Bethesda really really does not want to do hundreds of years in the future.   

They want so badly to do a “The War Just Ended the World and Here I am Surviving™”.    

This feeling is conveyed in every single frame & setting.

one of the things that was jarring to me in Fallout 4, was them telling me over two hundred years have past, but buildings and cars and everything consumable are still standing.

like no..  cars & buses would be rusted out metal frames, not cherry red cars that have maybe been sitting in the garage for 75 years or smth

wooden houses surviving hundreds of years is completely possible, but that’s with constant upkeep.  Without human intervention, they would collapse back to the earth and become rotted out timbers and a lot of rusty nails.   

I know this personally because i live in the midwest in an old colonial that’s almost a hundred years old, and my dad’s side of the family lives in Appalachia, where you can go hiking in the woods and find the ruins of frontier/historical homes left to vagarities of time.  I’ve personally stumbled upon old abandoned historical homes and barns out in the woods by my Grandma. 

they do not look like the old abandoned wooden homes in Fallout where you can still blow off the dust and live in them 200-300 years later.

I’m saying this because I’m playing Horizon Zero Dawn and this game gets it exactly right



I’ve also played Fallout New Vegas who, with crappier older graphics, still managed to convey the passage of time better

Camden Street, Camden, LONDON

So there’s a little girl in my neighborhood who is President of the Charlie Fan Club, and always runs up to pet him and tell me all about her day and how excited she is to start kindergarten this fall etc.  And until this afternoon, I thought her name was “Ava”

Today, I actually met her mother, who is one of those New-age garbled-eastern-religions-spiritualist people but to quote her “There’s a family tradition of bible names, so I looked up some of the older names becuase there are so many ‘Nevaeh’s and I wanted something unique, and I just fell in love with one of the old colonial names!”

…The girl’s name is Avarice.


Hospital exploration - The Old Farm Colony

Beautiful examples of French and British swords from the Revolutionary War.The one on the left is the French sword and is engraved with the words “Ex Dono Regis” (Given by the King). The one on the right is a British sword and has a hallmark of the London maker Joseph Clare. It also has an inscription on it’s blade “Ne me tire pas sans raison, Ne me remette point sans honneur” (draw me not without reason, sheath me not without honor)

Stalk (part one)

Title: Stalk (part one)

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Unofficial Chapter

Part Five (Final)

Ship: Dean x Reader

Description: The reader is in Sioux Falls visiting her father, Bobby, when her old childhood friends, Sam and Dean, stop by to do some research on a local monster. Dean becomes suspicious of the reader and questions her to find out she has a stalker.

Warnings: Threats; Lying; Stalking

Word Count: 1,975


(Y/D/J) ~ Your Dream Job

(Y/C/N) ~ Your City Name

(Y/E/C) ~ Your Eye Color

It had been a long time since she’s been in Sioux Falls, nearly two and a half years. Hell, she was even beginning to miss it. “Dad!” (Y/N) smiled, enveloping her father into a big hug. “(Y/N), what are you doing here?” the older man wondered, but was still happy to see his daughter nevertheless. “I was just passing though and I thought that I should stop by to see you.” He welcomed her inside, leading her to the kitchen. “Would you like anything to drink? Water? A beer?” It was something he was still not used to but asked anyways. (Y/N) left home when she was nineteen… and that was six years ago. Occasionally she would stop by for little visits so she wasn’t totally cutting off her father. “No, no. I’m fine, Dad.” She smiled at the man as she sat down at the kitchen table. “So,” he grabbed a beer for himself from the fridge and sat across from her, “Tell me everything that’s happened since the last time I saw you and, please, don’t leave out any details.” He was more than eager to catch up with his only child.

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