old church street

Church of the Holy Sepulcher, Old City, Jerusalem, June 22, 2016

written for alecappreciation2017, week 2: ‘malec’

As Alec left the Institute that evening, he decided that the only good thing about the day was that it was almost over.

He’d woken up to an empty bed, a reminder that his boyfriend was out of town on business and that he wouldn’t be home for at least another day. Then Alec had spent all day in a meeting with a bunch of stuck up clave representatives, listening to their old-fashioned and often downright offensive opinions on important issues.

As if that wasn’t enough, once the meeting was over, he’d been lucky enough to run into his father who’d once again tried to excuse his behaviour towards Alec’s mother.

Now, all he wanted was to go home and have dinner with his boyfriend before snuggling up in bed for the rest of the evening, but all he was going to get was leftovers from yesterday and maybe, if he was lucky, Chairman would agree to let Alec cuddle him while he watched a few episodes of some random tv series.

Of course, as if the day hadn’t been hellish enough, it started to rain as soon as Alec stepped out of the old church and onto the streets. He let out a huff and buried his hands deeper into the pockets of his leather jacket before heading towards Brooklyn.

Before he was even halfway there, he was absolutely soaked. The rain was cold and the unforgiving autumn wind made him shiver violently, making Alec almost wish he had stayed at the Institute for the night.

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