old church people

Good people will prosper like palm trees, and they will grow strong like the cedars. They will take root in your house, Lord God, and they will do well. They will be like trees that stay healthy and fruitful, even when they are old.
—  Psalms 92:12-14

Earlier I ran into an old lady at the bank. She had on one of those obnoxious “Jesus is my everything” t-shirts and she ran me down while I was trying to get to my car. She was trying to pry some info out of me about something that happened to someone in our church community. I had zero intentions of giving her any info nor did I react to her comments. I literally walked away in the middle of the conversation. Can I just say that as young black christian I’m 1000% sick of old “seasoned” people who are in the church. Like how about you pray for this person. You know what my ultimate problem is,it was her shirt. Thats the thing that put me over the edge.

People were upset that Natasha couldn’t escape Ultron’s cell by herself and had to have a man rescue her. Here’s what I have to say about that. 

First of all: It looked like an iron-doored cell. How the hell was she supposed to break the door? She would’ve broken herself trying. She may be a killer spy, but she does not have superhuman strength.

Secondly: Picking the lock wouldn’t work. She was in a cell in an immensely old church. Back when people were punished directly by the church, locks didn’t work the same way as they do now. You’d have something that looked like a skeleton key and fit in the lock a certain way, not the ordered-notch lock that we have now.

Thirdly: There was an entire fucking army of Ultron’s robots right outside her cell. Even if she did escape, what then? Get thrown back into another cell, or worse? Again, she doesn’t have super strength or the Cap’s shield to fall back on. She can’t fight an entire army plus Ultron by herself.

Fourthly: She DID use her spy techniques to escape by calling for help. Didn’t you see that she tapped morse code, knowing that Clint would be listening in on obscure radio channels for her?

Part of being a spy is knowing when you can’t do something by yourself. Get real, people.

anonymous asked:

you have so many lovely people in your country and yet the two leading parties are conservative, mean spirited fuckers and the third is the terrorist party. HOW COME? guys jumping into rivers, women being convicted for abortions aka. basic human rights and the housing and homeless crisis isn't going anywhere and instead of regulating the rent market everyone blames the EU???? There are people out there who want to solve this, yet there is no one who represents them in politics. How do you live?

Catholic Church, old and impressionable people being manipulated by the CC, conservative Americans funding pro-life groups and scare-mongering, and people having the general “ah he’s grand sher” attitude towards politicians who are awful just because he said he’d fix the roads.

We manage somehow. I’m not sure how, but we do.