old chum!!

Ok but can we talk about the amount of Rory x Paris content we got from the revival? we got Paris calling Rory “our girl”, we got Rory having a key to Paris’ house!! and her crashing there all the time, we got the words: ‘team Paris. all the way’ coming out of Rory Gilmore’s mouth, we got Paris lovingly calling her girlfriend ‘old chum’, we got a super sweet hug, we got Paris basically asking Rory on a date (well, just lunch, but I’ll take what I can), we got Paris crying to her gf saying “do not abandon me” bc she can’t live without her, we got Paris yelling at Francie for trying to get between her and Rory at high school bc Protective, we got Paris having a meltdown and her girlfriend Rory loving and supporting her through it, we got Rory taking their kids out for lunch to give Paris a break…I may have gotten a little carried away, but the point is: Rory Gilmore and Paris Geller

CABARET - Feb 15 ((Full Recording)) ((Emma's Last Performance))

So here it is —I’m sorry it took me so long to upload, I’ve been a bit busy, but here it is :) 

There is definitely some sniffling ((I’m so sorry)) but it is not nearly as bad as I thought it was ((I spent the better part of the 2nd act tearing up, so yeah, I thought it’d be way worse haha))

I hope you enjoy —all of you dear anons that kept asking me upload it; here it is! This performance was PHENOMENAL & by far one of my favorites I’ve been to! Em was so good, and Alan & everybody else too! :) 

((Feb 22 performance with Andrea Goss will follow soon! I’ll have a listen & then put it up, I promise! :)


“There was a Cabaret & there was a master of ceremonies and there was a city called Berlin in a country called Germany. It was the end of the world…and I was dancing with Sally Bowles and we were both fast asleep…” 

New York City living ((3/?))

Be a Superhero {closed rp with pcsitivevines}

A peaceful 9 o’clock at night in Staten Island….OR IS IT!? Our heroes are flying through the cold night sky! What do they see! “Staten Island. A filthy smudge of crime,garbage…and HIPSTERS! An ugly catfish ready to show her face! Wouldn’t you agree,old chum?” Wingnut said to his young cohort in courageous crime control:Screwloose!

“Golly gee,Wingnut! I don’t see any criminals or hipsters anywhere! Are you sure this is Staten Island?” The Bug Wonder asked his batty buddy. His super-eyes scanned the surrounding area.

“Hahaha patience,Screwloose,old man! In fact… HARK! I THINK I SEE A CRIME IN PROGRESS! Look forth,old chum!” The Blood-Sucking Avenger called as he pointed to a floppy green creature poking around in the nearby dump! “A devilish dumpster diver do-badder! Quick,Screwloose,to action!” The aromatic duo blasted forward and landed on a nearby rooftop! The shadow of a huge bat was cast upon the lawbreaker.

“Halt,foul trash thief! Or face the wrath of Wingnut and Screwloose!” 

Will our heroes save the day? Will the green creature reveal herself? Is it curtains for young Pythia!? Stay tuned to find out! 

A jazzy theme song began playing out of nowhere.

Maddox was drunk. Way too drunk. He’d spent the evening down at The Three Broomsticks and things had gotten a little out of hand during a drinking competition with some old school chums but, hey, at least he’d won. Stumbling down the cobbled road, Maddox was quietly grumbling to himself about how there hadn’t been anyone at all to flirt with there that evening when his attention was caught by a figure on a bench just ahead. Making his way over, he sat down besides them, paying more attention to making sure he was steady than looking to see if he recognised them. “Tell me” he started, slinging his arm over the back of the bench as he finally turned to them, “you come here often?” It was a terrible line and not one often used outside a bar-like setting but considering the amount of alcohol buzzing through his bloodstream, it was a wonder he’d even managed to come up with that. 

Listen here good old pal chum friend @teddy–roastvelt

Get a fucking life. Is bullying people making you feel better about your absolute pathetic self? Did you finish stroking your ego with being the most disgusting person on planet eart? Cool.

Let me tell you something friend. We are after you. And I will personally make sure you rot in hell for eternity. You treated Dragon awfully. You get treated worse.

So just close your little tumblr app and go outside kid. Nobody needs you.

I may not know Dragon very well,but my friends love her so I love her too. Because she is so strong,amazing and talented.

Let me tell you a word you may not have in your little brain: respect. Treat people how you want to be treated.

SigCabaret “Live album”

Meine damen und herren, mesdames et messieurs, ladies and gentlemen

I slaved away at this shit for hours. Full cast album of sorts of Signature Theatre’s 2015 Cabaret, starring Barrett Wilbert Weed and Wesley Taylor.

Some stuff got screwed up in terms of naming and order and so forth and I don’t know why. Get over it, old chum. Somewhat optimized for iTunes (on my phone, it works like a real album, complete with album art and lyrics, etc. but shit doesn’t always work out how you want it to)


totally aware that the way it’s uploaded sucks ASS but what would you do, bitch?

(full recording shamelessly stolen from elizabeth-vaughan. she’s great. really great)

you cant fuck the snake from the jungle book. ive been informed that this is the only thing ive posted in a while that a significant amount of people actually want to fuck so im gonna lay down the law: this snake is getting fucked by no-one. it’s a bust, a no-go as they say. snakes have very little in the way of humanly fuckable attributes, even for the most determined of hypnotism kink-havers. the proof is in the pudding my buddy my old chum.

Happy Burfday Kayla-Na!

Been meaning to draw a gift for one of my oldest chums Pingagirl! Decided since FNAF is her thing atm and she just recently let out a character sheet of Foofy, i’d give it a shot. Foofy is one of my favorite FNAF characters, adorable as heck too! ♥

It’s strange to remember the old drawings she did, and how i loved them before. Now she’s an artistic inspiration. Thanks girl. :D

Here’s the “Damaged” Animatronic version under the cut.

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One day, one rhyme- Day 1013

‘Twas a breezy September morn
On which I awoke with the dawn
Out I went and in my content
Was greeted by a passing gent.
He chose some words with me to share:
“I say, old chum, is that your hair?”
Sure enough, in midair cavort
The stylish tresses did contort,
They swirled and spun and leapt about
Whilst beneath I did chase and shout
But alas, 'twas to no avail.
The small breeze had become a gale
And with a great storm did combine.
A flash of fluttered brunette shine
Over a chimney pot withdraw
Was the last of my hair I saw.