old chelsea


I wanted to the squad a lot of time ago so here it is! Hope you like it korny! Hope you like it Loony! Hope you all enjoy my draw!

The characters to left to right are: Valeria (my oc) Castiel (character that belongs to @chinomiko ), shelene ( belongs to @loonylein ), Nathaniel (a character of chino), Chelsea ( belongs to @llamakoernchen ) and Armin (a character of chino) (the uniform design and idea belongs to @loonylein)


Plant of the Day

Wednesday 31 May 2017

Clematis florida ‘Taiga’ (old man’s beard) has been described as a “flamboyant climber” which produces flowers throughout the summer against dark green foliage. It belongs to Clematis Pruning Group 3 where plants can be cut back to a pair of strong buds about 20cm (8”) above ground level in the spring, removing all of the previous year’s growth. This specimen was on display at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, London.

Jill Raggett


“I read this woman’s magazine and it said, ‘If you feel nervous at parties, here are some conversation starters.’ One of the things was ‘wear a funky necklace.’ Wear a funky necklace and that’ll help break the ice. And I’m just like, why not go big? Why not just walk into a party just dragging a dead dog? You just kick the door open at a house party. Boom! That will get lips a-flappin’. People will be like, ‘Who is that girl? How’d she get in here? How’d the dog die? Why is she wearing a cap?’” - Chelsea Peretti

Cornwall Gardens

Chelsea, London