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i think it's hard with tw because of the sheer number of characters and ships. i was kind of overwhelmed by amount of people in the trailer. i think it's also the root of a lot of the shows problems that started around s3. there were so many new character introduced then and it just kept getting worse every season. i can only realistically care about 6 characters on any given show, and each one introduced after that my level of caring is reduced by half, until it actually gets to negative caring

and i start actively hating characters not even for anything about them, just for the fact that they are another new person introduced. i think the point that i officially gave up on the show was in s4 when “the orphans” were introduced and there was actually an interview that jeff gave where he talked about them like it was something i was supposed to care about and i was just done from there on out. so yeah, constantly seeing people get excited about them on my dash can get frustrating. :/

Yeah… as actors left, Jeff just kept feeling the need to throw new ones in as replacements, instead of devoting much attention or character building to the ones he already had. And this honestly didn’t help either the old or new characters –– the new ones, who were often slightly warped copies of lost characters instead of wholly their own people, Jeff trying to fill what he must have seen as holes in the cast instead of just making the new characters their own people. But you can’t do that, because the original characters were the way they were for certain reasons, and interacted with the main cast the way they did for certain reasons, so just introducing new characters to try and fit those tropes and dynamics ends up being sloppy and unengaging.

So… yeah, I’m not sure whether there are more characters now than there used to be (like… completely not disagreeing with you, I’m just honestly not sure. I don’t really know who’s in the pack or the cast in general at this point, and I’m sure there are people on the show I’ve never even heard of) but imo, a lot of the issues with the newer cast are that a) they’re clear replacements for older characters (which immediately makes me wary to accept them, and makes their characterization sloppy or unpolished) and b) there are just too many people on this show now. Especially when you consider all the people who disappeared with no explanation (ex: Danny, Isaac) and the ones who were killed off/written out that fandom still loves and holds onto. If you try to list every main character (and… not “on the opening credits” main, but characters with major arcs/contributions to the show, who could exist in different versions of the pack…) it’s impossible to keep track of everyone.

The Land Before Time XIV: Journey of the Heart



Confirmed by Littlefoot’s new voice actor: Felix Avitia, and Jeff Bennett and Aria Curzon (long time actors of Petrie and Ducky respectfully) have also confirmed their return to our beloved characters. Whether Miriam Flynn (Grandma Longneck), Anndi McAfee (Cera) will be returning has yet to be decided.

But with the several years ago deaths of Kenneth Mars (Grandpa Longneck) and John Ingle (Narrator and Topps), I have a distinct feeling that there will be one or two replacements for the characters of old. I hope they can at least find a decent enough voice that matches the perfection of Kenneth Mars. Then again, we may never know.

Movie is also believed to be released in late 2015 or early 2016.

Sherlock (TV Series) - Hidden Williams in surnames

It is known in the fandom that there are many characters called William or a variation of said name, but there are also some surnames that are derived from the name William.

Jennifer Wilson is the fourth victim of the cabbie in A Study in Pink.

Here name is first given us by Lestrade and later repeated throughout the episode:

LESTRADE: Her name’s Jennifer Wilson according to her credit cards.

The surname Wilson is etymologically derived from “Son of Will”.

Sebastian Wilkes is an old acquaintance of Sherlock’s, who now works as a banker at Shad Sanderson.

We know is full name from a email he sends Sherlock.

The surname Wilkes derives from a variant of the name William.

Ms. William is the jury foreman in The Reichenbach Fall (she has also been discovered to be Jeff Hope’s ex-wife).

We know her surname (which could either be hers or that of her new spouse) from the personalized hotel TV screen.

The surname Williams is another patronymic form of William.

Here’s a recap of all hidden Williams. 
The characters in this list are either new characters or characters that didn’t have the “William” part of the name in ACD canon unless otherwise stated, so adding “William” was a specific choice of Sherlock’s writers.

Hidden Williams in names:

  • Billy, waiter at Angelo’s;
  • Billy, the skull;
  • Bill Murray, Army nurse;
  • Sir William Shad, former chairman at Shad Sanderson Bank;
  • Billy, one of the landlords of The Cross Keys inn;
  • Billy Kincaid, the Camden Garrotter.
  • Bill “Billy” Wiggins, Sherlock’s helper;
  • William Sherlock Scott Holmes;
  • Billy, the page.

Hidden Williams in surnames:

  • Jennifer Wilson, victim in A Study in Pink;
  • Sebastian Wilkes, banker;
  • Ms. Williams, the jury foreman. (Name from canon, see details.)
season six wish list

you are about to read a detailed list of wishes that I have for 6a of teen wolf. hopefully at the end of the season I can come back to this post and check things off. 

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DR5/acid, DR5/evil; damage, what damage? I’m gonna wear this now. This ooze is my new armor, guys. That’s okay, right?
—  Jeff, reminiscing about character builds from other campaigns. No, I don’t know which one he was talking about, but apparently wearing the corpses of their slain enemies as armor was a hobby of one of Tim’s old characters.