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Based on this prompt I said I’d fill a few days ago:

boss: “know why I called you in here?”
me: “because I accidentally sent you a dick pic”
boss: “accidentally?”


(on ao3)

“You need to stop pining after people you haven’t even spoken to,” Lydia says one day, probably because Derek—er, Mr. Hale, their boss—has just stepped through the front door of the cafe where they’re having lunch, and Stiles has trailed off mid-word to watch him walk up to the counter. In Stiles’ defense, he’s never seen Mr. Hale outside of the office before, let alone Mr. Hale wearing a leather jacket over his dress shirt. God, and Stiles thought the tailored suits were bad enough…


“Uh, I have too spoken to him,” Stiles says indignantly, tearing his eyes away from Derek’s broad back across the room. “One day I was coming out of the break room and I almost walked right into him and he said, ‘Excuse me,’ so then I said, ‘Oops,’ and he smiled at me. Kind of. A little bit. I mean, I interpreted it as a smile. There was some prolonged eye contact.”

Lydia abruptly stops stirring her fat-free latte to stare at him—one of those Oh god, it’s worse than I thought kind of looks. “That’s it?”

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Butter-Fly (MIDI/Music Box ver.)
Digimon Adventure
Butter-Fly (MIDI/Music Box ver.)
Girls’ Night

“Maybe some more girls night?” prompt from @crimson-archangel and “more of their girls night, please!” from @warriorbard2012

A sequel to this: https://queercapwriting.tumblr.com/post/166965062254/detective-sawyer-ms-luthor

Kara flies out for a couple extra bottles of wine before Lena and Sam get there, telling her sister and her soon-to-be sister-in-law that she’ll be back in a flash.

She chuckles to herself as the pun sinks in, and she makes a note to tell Barry next time they chat using Cisco’s communicator.

By the time her chuckle is finished, she’s back with red and white and sparkling, and her sister is leaning back against the kitchen counter – her kitchen counter – with her hair askew and Maggie’s lips on her neck.

“Guys!” Kara squeals, hiding her eyes and nearly dropping the wine. 

Alex squeaks and Maggie freezes in instinctive terror before Alex’s hand finds her waist, and she relaxes, because it’s only Kara, and she and Kara may have their differences, but god, would they die for each other.

“I was gone for like two minutes! Not even!”

“Listen, Little Danvers, your sister is very – “

“Lalalala, I know, I know! Alex, you’re beautiful, but that doesn’t mean – “

“Oh, Kara, were they making out in front of you again?” Lena’s voice in the open doorway behind her makes Kara blush deeply as she adjusts her glasses, her clothes, her hair.

“Lena! Hi!” She’s more breathless at the sound of Lena’s voice than she was at flying halfway to Metropolis just to get Maggie’s favorite kind of wine.

Maggie nudges Alex with her shoulder. Alex nudges back. They both try to hide their giggles.

Lena goes to hug Kara, and Alex’s eyes widen at her sister’s awkward, adorable rambling as she murmurs about being careful not to drop the wine, she traveled very far to get it and wine stains really are hard to get out of clothes and Lena your hair looks really beautiful down.

Sam arches an eyebrow behind Lena, and her eyes meet Alex’s over Lena and Kara’s shoulders. Alex raises her eyebrows twice at her, and Sam nearly laughs aloud.

Maggie tilts her head. “Sam and I also have a bet on when Lena and Kara are gonna realize they’re dating,” Alex murmurs, because she and Sam had found more to talk about than kids, after all.

Maggie snorts.

“Hey Lena,” she strides over, wanting to make sure Lena doesn’t think they’re being standoffish. Wanting to make sure Lena doesn’t think she’s on the outside looking in, even as she sits with all of them. Because she knows what that feels like – intimately – and she doesn’t want Lena, or anyone, to feel that way.

“Oh, and where are my manners?” Lena perks up as though it were her apartment, not her… not Kara’s. “Detective Maggie Sawyer, this is Samantha March, L-Corp’s new – “

“New Lena, right. I heard you’re doing a great job,” Maggie shakes her hand warmly as the Danvers sisters and Lena beam. 

“Well, she has rather killer heels to fill, but – “

“Oh please, I’ve only ever used them to stab one or two white male executives,” Lena teases, grateful – for once in her life – to be in a room full of women where she can joke like that, as a woman, as a Luthor, without the people around her thinking her a murderer, thinking her a ticking time bomb, thinking her nothing more than her last name.

“Ugh,” Alex groans, gesturing for everyone to follow her to the sitting area as she helps Kara unload the wine from her arms. “I had to go on this stupid fake date once – before your time, babe – for work – Sam, I uh… I work at the FBI – and god I wished I could’ve stabbed the guy with those heels I had to wear.”

Light laughter fills the room as Kara jogs – at a human pace – toward her old CD player and flicks on the radio.

Background music to their joy. Background music to their bonding. Background music to the FaceTime call from Lucy Lane, bemoaning the fact that she couldn’t get into National City for the weekend but promising them all a whirlwind of stories and something harder than wine next time she’s in town.

Background music to Maggie cuddling into Alex’s arms, listening to her steady heartbeat and smiling, grateful and peaceful and loved, remembering a time when she couldn’t do anything like this, for fear of rejection and pain and loss and ugly, ugly accusations.

Background music to Alex laughing along with Lena and Sam, her arm around Maggie as Lena spins an old college story about an ex girlfriend who once walked in on her dancing by herself and lip syncing to ‘Nsync oldies in nothing but her college sweatshirt and ballet socks.

Background music to Kara turning bright red at the idea of Lena with a girlfriend, of Lena dancing and lip syncing, of Lena wearing nothing but her college sweatshirt and ballet socks, grateful no one other than her can hear heartbeats in this apartment, because if they could, they’d all hear hers beating only for Lena.

Background music to Sam easing into conversation with increasing comfort and increasing hope that maybe, this time, she’s found a solid, steadfast group of friends – family, even? – because it’s been so long since she’d had a night like this and god, she needs to do it more often.

Background music to Lena reaching for Kara’s hand as they laugh, her heart skipping several beats when Kara takes it and interlaces their fingers, her heart nearly stopping when Kara doesn’t let go, when suddenly they’re holding hands and Alex, Maggie, and Sam are all exchanging looks, but they’re excited and hopeful and giggly, not cruel and protective and judgmental.

“So Sam,” Alex wants to know after the laughter dies down, because they’re all several drinks in and it’s almost time for Truth or Drink (which is really another way to phrase Truth and Drink). “We’ve all been trying to figure it out, and we can’t – maybe you can help us?”

Sam raises her eyebrows and waits for Alex to finish. Maggie nudges her gently and kisses her cheek. “You’ve gotta get the words out of your brain for Sam to answer you, babe,” she teases, and Alex kisses her full on the mouth.

“Mmmmm, you’re right. Isn’t my fiancee such a damn genius? No seriously though, did you know there was this cold case – “

“Babe. Sam?” Maggie reminds her, bemused. 

“Right! See? Keeps me on track, this one,” Alex beams, and Maggie couldn’t imagine anything better than being loved by this woman.

“Sam,” Alex starts again.

“Yes,” Sam leans forward and nods gamely. Kara and Lena lean in, too.

“We’ve been trying to figure out what it is about National City that makes us all come here for fresh starts. Like…” Alex looks around the room and nods, affirming her own thoughts. “All of us in this room came here to start again. From something or other. You did, too, I’m guessing, right? And none of us can figure it out. Why here? Do you have any ideas?”

Sam sits back and looks up as she nods slowly and takes a long sip of her wine.

Kara kisses Lena’s hand while she thinks no one is watching. Lena swoons.

Alex and Maggie barely hold in a yelp of victory.

“I think some places… some places just… call you. You know? Some places just… bring us together. Like… like geographical glue. God, that’s something Ruby would say. But really, I… sometimes I think the universe just needs certain people to find each other, you know? You and Maggie. Kara and Lena. Me, the ultimate third wheel – “

“Or third partner, hey,” Lena raises her glass, and they all clink them together with soft blushes and giggles.

“I just… this might sound really corny, but I just think some things are meant to be, you know? So maybe… maybe this city is where we were all meant to meet.”

She shrugs and hopes she didn’t just weird out her new potential friends. But Maggie is kissing Alex’s hand and Alex is leaning over to grab Kara’s free hand. Lena reaches out and tugs Sam onto the floor with her and Kara.

“I think we all know what this calls for,” Kara grins, and Alex nearly cackles.

“What – “ Lena looks confused, but Maggie’s been through this already, and she pretends to groan.

“Cuddle pile!” the Danvers girls shout as one, and the night plays out as the sleepover all of them grew up wanting but never quite had; corny pop music and long giggle fits and hand holding and some kissing and a lot of pillow tossing and wine and tears and life long bonds and eventually, when the sun starts to come up, sweet, sweet sleep in the warmth of the arms of chosen family.

when I was little I had this cd player and I was really into country at the time, so it had such hits as ‘I hope you dance’ ‘god bless the usa’ ‘I’m already there’ and a lot of reba.

This is silly, cliché and incredibly self indulgent, but consider:
The squad while they were still on the run. They need a place to crash for the night so they go to this abandoned house that seems good enough.
While checking if the place is safe one of them finds and old radio/cd player/whatever. They think it’s cool and all, but don’t pay much mind to it.
Except after dinner, they’re chilling in the living room, not quite wanting to get ready to sleep yet, and Shinoa decides to see if that thing still works. Turns out it does! Well, mostly. It’s a bit scratchy, but it starts to play some nice music.
Shinoa then goes all “dance with me, Micchan!” and grabs Mitsu to dance. At first she doesn’t want to and starts complaining and doesn’t move at all, but Shinoa forces her anyway and soon the two of them are moving and giggling around the room.
The boys just watch them for a little, but Yoichi says they should dance too, so he drags Kimizuki (who’s not very amused) to where the girls are.
Yuu laughs and Narumi facepalms cause these kids are so embarrassing omg, tho slowly everyone joins in. It’s awkward, no one really knows how to dance, but they’re having fun.
However! Yuu sees Mika standing by the corner alone, which is unacceptable, of course. He immediately goes to him like “Mikaaa, you have to dance too!”
“No way, Yuu-chan”
“It’s fun, I promise”
Yuu takes his hands and guides him. Mika starts off so stiff and awkward, but he eventually gives in and let’s himself be a little silly with Yuu and Yuu is so happy because he gets to see Mika smile, even if just a little. So for the first time in ages all of them have a chance to just be kids and laugh and have fun together and now I’m crying bye.

Enouement- 18

Summary: Told in reverse-chronological order, Enouement is the story of love and loss, telling the journey that led you to your ultimate destination: a life full of happiness and regret, mistakes and laughter- and the man who gave you it all. Bucky x Reader

Words: Lots????

Warnings: None

Master   Part 17

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The living room was full of boxes, shoved up against walls with Sharpie scribbled on the sides. The windows were open, a gentle breeze flowing in and carrying the music of an old CD player through the house. The floors shined, freshly mopped, and you hummed along to the song as you wiped down each and every surface of the kitchen.

The screen door squeaked open and Bucky huffed, pushing through the open door with a heavy box in his hands. Steve was on his heels, carrying a box he could barely see around, and the two pairs of sneakers squeaked on the floor as they sat the boxes down among the others. Poking your head around the corner, you frowned at them both.

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Assist Me - Part 8

Summary:  With little to no experience and no approval, you are secretly trained to be an Avenger

Word Count: 3704 (This is a lot more than I anticipated)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Warnings: a little bit of angst

A/N: I think this will be the second to last part. Thank you guys so much for reading and being patient!

Part1 ~ Part 2 ~ Part 3 ~ Part 4 ~ Part 5 ~ Part 6 ~ Part 7 ~ Part 9

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When the doors opened, the bright lights of the midday forced everyone to squint. Your opponents stood before you, ready for what was about to happen.

“This is actually pretty scary. Can I go back?” you joked and Bucky responded with a nervous chuckle. He squeezed your hand.

“You made it, babe,” he looked at you, eyes glossy and a small smile curving into his face, making his eyes squint a bit. He thought you looked so cute in your uniform. The way it fit your body looked nice. Luckily for you, it felt just as nice as it looked. The elasticity of it helped you to be as flexible as you would like and the thin material prevented you from getting hot so quickly, considering black attracts heat.

The both of you anticipated this day for a long time.

People began to split up. Bucky pressed a quick kiss to your lips before you two began.

“Let’s do this.”

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Music In Real Life presents: The Mixtape Gift Guide

Want to show someone how much you care, but don’t quite know how to say it? Create a mixtape for them, the universal symbol that says “hey, I really like you, hopefully these tunes will show it”. Figure out the person you’re going to give this magical mixtape to and scroll down to find our top recommendations. Of course, nothing is better than putting a personal spin on these things, so add an extra track that you guys have jammed to together, or perhaps a song you can’t stop referencing during your times together. Either way, they’re bound to enjoy.


Whether they classify themselves as realists or romantics, none of that matters here because music is universal to all ideals. Create something she can wake up to, something she can cry to, but more importantly, something she can find you in when she feels lonely:

  1. Avalanche - WALK THE MOON
  2. Luv, Hold Me Down - Drowners
  3. Let Your Heart Hold Fast - Fort Atlantic
  4. Never Stop - SafetySuit
  5. Iris - The Goo Goo Dolls
  6. You Are Mine - MuteMath
  7. The Girl - City And Colour
  8. Bloom - The Paper Kites
  9. The Modern Leper (Cutting Room Sessions) - Frank Turner
  10. Medicine - The 1975


Known for being notoriously hard to shop for during gift-giving times, boys can sometimes be a little bit harder to analyze. Scientists have yet to discover what they exactly do want, but that doesn’t matter here. Create a mixtape that blows his mind, that makes him believe he doesn’t really need that new Call of Duty game, and that surprises him with how awesome your music taste is:

  1. Fineshrine - Purity Ring
  2. Every Other Freckle - alt-J
  3. To Be Alone - Hozier
  4. You and Me - You+Me  
  5. She’s Got You High - Mumm-Ra
  6. Sweet Disposition - The Temper Trap
  7. I Wanna Be Yours - Arctic Monkeys
  8. Rainy Zurich - The Fray
  9. What I Needed - Erin McCarley
  10. The Way I Am - Ingrid Michaelson


Remember when you pulled that all-nighter which will go down in history as the time you ate every bad kind of food all at once? Remember when you laughed so hard you could feel your non-existent abs starting to bulge out of your body? Remember the time you felt like complete shit and they were the first person you called? Create a mixtape that’s just as completely wonderful as they are and a mixtape that tells not only all of your adventures together, but how much you appreciate them on a daily basis:

  1. Oath - Cher Lloyd feat. Becky G
  2. I Feel Like Dancin’ - All Time Low
  3. Best Day of My Life - American Authors
  4. Kids In The Street - All-American Rejects
  5. With A Little Help From My Friends - The Maine feat. Lydia and Arkells
  6. Laughter Lines - Bastille
  7. Agape - Bear’s Den
  8. Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) - Beyonce
  9. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun - Cyndi Lauper
  10. Breathe (2 AM) - Anna Nalick


If you’re running out of present ideas for your parents (no, your dad doesn’t need another tie and your mom is probably better off without another bath set), a personalized gift that they’re sure to love is a mixtape. What kind of weird, lame music did they love to listen to back in the day? Find out the answer to that question and you have a mixtape they’ll constantly leave in their old cassette player or “CD-ROM DiscMan”. Here are suggestions of some of the great hits of the “olden days”, and some songs that will tug at their heart strings:

  1. China Grove - The Doobie Brothers
  2. Landslide - Fleetwood Mac
  3. American Woman - The Guess Who
  4. Born On the Bayou - Creedance Clearwater Revival
  5. The Best Day - Taylor Swift
  6. Dancing Queen - ABBA
  7. Green Eyed Lady - Sugarloaf
  8. Hazy Shade of Winter - The Bangles
  9. Come on Eileen - Dexy’s Midnight Runners
  10. Hotel California - The Eagles


He (she) loves me, he (she) loves me not. If you’re still picking the petals off of flowers and you don’t know where you stand with someone, giving them a mixtape might be the perfect, yet subtle way of expressing your feelings. Pretty much any love/breakup song could fit on this one, but these are a few of our favourites. 

  1. The Only Way Out - Bush
  2. I Want to Belong to You - Katie Herzig
  3. Kathleen - Catfish and the Bottlemen
  4. I Will Posses Your Heart - Death Cab for Cutie
  5. 11:11 - Arkells
  6. If I Could Change Your Mind - Haim
  7. Closer Than This - St. Lucia
  8. Fallingforyou - The 1975
  9. Wonderful Unknown (feat. Greg Laswell) - Ingrid Michaelson 
  10. We Might Be Dead By Tomorrow - Soko


No matter what anyone says about country music, or the songs on the radio, or liking a band just because they’re “cool”, your music taste is awesome because it’s yours. However, if you feel a little self-conscious giving someone who loves music as much as you do a mixtape, here are our suggestions that we hope will blow them away. 

  1. You’ll Never Know - The Maine
  2. Don’t Sit Down ‘Cause I’ve Moved Your Chair - Arctic Monkeys
  3. Milk - The 1975
  4. Danny, Dakota, & the Wishing Well - A Silent Film
  5. Your New Beloved - Lovelife
  6. Make Me A Bird - Elektrik People
  7. Chelsea Dagger - The Fratellis
  8. Free (feat. Emeli Sandé) - Rudimental
  9. Ghost - Halsey
  10. Work Song - Hozier


While the title might be a little vulgar, we know that when someone breaks your heart, there’s no room for politeness or gentleness. You may not be as confident (or as cheesy) as some music videos/movies where you actually give this mixtape to your ex to show them that you’ve moved on, but think of this one as a gift to yourself. Sometimes channeling your anger or sadness into a beautiful creation can be therapeutic, so go ahead and waste a blank CD on this one. 

  1. According to You - Orianthi
  2. Drown - Front Porch Step
  3. My Song 5 - Haim
  4. Over It - Katharine McPhee
  5. Black Roses - Clare Bowen
  6. #Icanteven (feat. French Montana) - The Neighbourhood
  7. Walk Over Me - The All-American Rejects
  8. You - The 1975
  9. Satan - The Composure
  10. Over You (feat. A Great Big World) - Ingrid Michaelson


If someone you know is going through a rough patch, a mixtape of epic, inspirational songs might make life a little more bearable. As with the other mixtapes, this gift is perfect  is a great solution to not knowing how to put your feelings into words. Luckily, artists have already completed that task for you. It would make this mixtape even more meaningful and effective if you were to add some personal favourites. 

  1. You Won’t Feel a Thing - The Script
  2. Pocketful of Sunshine - Natasha Bedingfield
  3. Little Wonders - Rob Thomas
  4. Don’t Give Up On “Us” - The Maine
  5. Keep Your Eyes Open - NEEDTOBREATHE
  6. Parade - Matchbox Twenty
  7. Lifeline - Mat Kearney
  8. Face Up - Lights
  9. Lonesome Dreams - Lord Huron
  10. Suddenly I See - KT Tunstall

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word count: 2300+ 

·      AlriGHT

·      Are u reADy bc I’m not

·      also my second time posting bc i deleted it oops soz

·      I feel like Tae would be a very cuddly best friend

·      He’d love to use your chest or lap and a pillow

·      He’d ADORE it when you ran your fingers through his hair while he did this

·      He’d always fall asleep right away too

·      Which just made his already heavy head even heavier and wow okay now ur leg is numb 

·      You’d always try to gently free your numb leg from under his head once he fell asleep lol

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affixed to you (harvey/mike)

AN: written for the suits100 fest where my prompt was: tattoos. also available on AO3.

Mike gets the tattoo the day before his twenty-second birthday.

It’s been a rough year. Turning twenty one was such a milestone, and yet it felt completely hollow. His parents’ absence was always obvious during big events in his life, but it felt even more glaring when he blew out the twenty one candles on the cake Grammy had made. Maybe it was due to the impending ten year anniversary of their deaths. Probably it was exacerbated by the weight of Grammy’s disappointment, not only in him getting kicked out of school, but for not getting back on his feet in any viable or respectable way.

In short, his twenty first birthday is not the joyous occasion it should’ve been.

He tries to sort out his life, and manages to find a job as a bike messenger. It’s not pre-law, but it’s something, and Grammy’s extreme enthusiasm for the prospect when he tells her about it makes it all worth it. He tries to bury himself in the work, taking as many shifts as he can, pushing his body to the limit of exhaustion, all to try and distract himself from the ache he gets in his chest when he thinks about his parents. Which he does, with more regularity than usual.

When the anniversary of their deaths arrives Mike calls in sick to work and spends the day holed up in his bedroom, poring over old photo albums, the last tangible piece of his parents’ lives. When he moved in with Grammy into her tiny Brooklyn apartment, Grammy packed up his parents’ house and either sold or donated all of their belongings. He didn’t think much of it at the time, but now with hindsight he can understand the inclination. There wasn’t anywhere for her to keep a life’s worth of belongings, and even if there were it would’ve been too painful to keep everything around. But still, he wishes he had more, something he could hold in his hands and know it was something his parents had held in theirs.

He finally emerges some time after dinnertime has come and gone. Grammy doesn’t say anything. She herself looks drawn and pale, but she tries to give him a weak smile. His attempt at returning it isn’t successful, but she doesn’t seem to mind. Instead she heads over to the kitchen, and, of all things, cuts him a piece of mud cake. It’s ridiculous, because cakes should be for celebrating and not mourning, but it’s Grammy’s go-to for baking and she probably needed something to do today.

Grammy places two plates of cake on the small table, and when Mike crosses the room to sit down Grammy putters over to the old CD player tucked away in the bookshelf and puts on a CD. They sit together and silently eat cake as his parents’ favourite album plays around them.

Though the music isn’t something he would’ve discovered on his own - it was a cult classic album put out a good six or seven years before he was born - he knows it better than he knows his own Metallica and Arcade Fire albums. James and Nina Ross loved music, it was always playing in their house, and this was an album that had high rotation. Mike listens, memories of hot summer days dancing around the house with his mom and curled up on the couch reading with his dad washing over him.

And suddenly, he knows what he wants to do.

Mike’s personal favourite song from the album is called Summer Sun. It somehow has always made him warm and comforted, and given him a sense of belonging, of being in the exact right place at the exact right time. So he finds the sheet music online and takes it to a local tattoo parlor.

They discuss size and placement and cost and book an appointment for the following month. Mike doesn’t feel nervous or uncertain. In fact, he feels settled for the first time in months. It’s like having some kind of permanent marker for his parents is allowing him the freedom to let go.

His tattoo artist prints up the stencil and carefully places it on Mike’s skin. He’s getting it low on his left ribcage, close to his heart. He chose the music from his favourite lyric, and after a quick debate with his tattoo artist decided to keep the staff lines in. It isn’t long, just over half a dozen notes, and the length wraps around his rib nicely. Getting the tattoo hurts, a lot, and yet somehow it’s not as painful as he’d feared; his mind had conjured the idea of pain so unbearable that the reality isn’t anywhere near as bad.

It doesn’t take long, and his artist wraps it up and goes through the aftercare procedure and when Mike leaves he feels more connected to his parents than he has in years.


“Did I ever tell you about my dad?”

“I think you know the answer to that question.”

So Harvey does. He tells Mike that his dad was a musician, a saxophone player, and that he played with all the greats because they all loved him.

Mike may be too stoned to react, but he isn’t too stoned to realize.

It was five years ago now but he remembers. He remembers looking up the sheet music when he was planning his tattoo. He remembers seeing lyrics by Riley Ellis, music by Gordon Specter in the top right hand corner. He even remembers meeting Harvey and being amused by the coincidence of the surname.

But it’s not a coincidence. It can’t be. Harvey’s dad wrote the notes that Mike has permanently marked on his skin.

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Does anyone else miss the old Disney Stores and the way they used to look and be displayed? I remember as a kid the store displays used to be so enchanting and I felt like I was at the parks or something.

There was something always going on in the front display showcasing something from an old short or even a classic disney film. 

And if you looked up inside the store there were other displays of various Disney characters from their films.

Man I miss that.

anonymous asked:

"im gonna yell about my bloodswap au as much as i can" dang dude, i would love to hear about it. please yell

TG: oh my god yall have no idea okay i made this blog a week ago but ive been spriting this damn au for over a year i love it please listen to me scream okay here we go
TG: uh actually theres more under the cut because this is gonna be long as fuck

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