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I'm not sure if this went through but ^.^ how would Noodle act in a relationship with a girl?? Also if you can do the members reactions that would be amazing thank you!!

- As evidenced in almost every phase 4 picture ever, Noodle’s fashion sense is amazing. She would definitely take her girlfriend shopping for clothes a lot. She says you look good in every outfit you put on.
- If your hair’s long enough, she loves styling and playing with it. 
- She loves taking you on dates. She takes you to really cool places, like museums, parks, etc. Her favorite place to take you is a hill a couple miles from her and the other’s house (it kind of looks like the windmill island from phase 2). The two of you have nice talks and sometimes she’ll play her guitar for you.
- Every time a love song comes on, whether you know it or not, she nudges you and says “Look, this is our song!”
- She’d teach you Japanese if you wanted her to! 
- She’s a perfect cuddler because she loves being big spoon but she’s so short that she’d be a perfect little spoon.
- You and her are Katsu’s parents. She no longer has to be a single mother.
- She learns how to play a lot of your favorite songs on her guitar and she loves to surprise you with them.
- She plays video games with you a lot, but she’s very skilled at them. She’ll beat you a lot, so she lets you win sometimes.
- Noodle is very nice and kind but if anyone tries messing with you she will fight to the death.
- She shows you off to everyone, she’s very happy to have you as her girlfriend.
- You two have of lazy mornings often. You’ll both sit in your pajamas until 12:00pm, cuddling and watching old Cartoon Network shows together.

As for the others’ reactions:

- Russel’s happy for her, but he’s very protective over Noodle. It takes him a little while to trust you completely, but once he does he treats you very nicely.
- Murdoc wouldn’t really care who she’s with, as long as they’re good to Noodle. He wouldn’t admit it, but he’s almost as protective of Noodle as Russel is.
- 2D hasn’t ever been able to keep a girlfriend, so he’s proud of her. He thinks the both of you make an adorable couple.

If you were not aware yet, Over The Garden Wall won the Emmy for “Outstanding Animated Program” last night.

Besides the fact that I love OTGW more than anything else in this world and am beyond excited, you might be wondering “why is this important??”

Over The Garden Wall is one of the first of it’s kind. An animated miniseries created for children but containing enough dark and deep elements to appeal to adults? It’s not something that is typically done. The fact that something so unique has had such a big positive response is amazing enough! OTGW took a chance and did something completely different, allowing children and adults alike to experience something new.

The other important point is that Over The Garden Wall, although (as I stated above) appealing to all ages, is first and foremost a children’s show. This is especially in this year’s context. Over The Garden Wall was nominated aside 4 other shows, all created for adults and have all either won or been nominated more than once before. Of course I wanted OTGW to win more than anything, but wasn’t sure if it could in this particular category. The fact that a show for children and is so unique and packed with deeper meanings and beautiful storytelling could win in this category makes me very very happy.

The way Over The Garden Wall tells its story is exciting and different. With it’s old-timey feel, well developed characters, darker themes, and incredible score, it most certainly deserved to win. On top of this, OTGW has changed so many lives and impacted many people. I know that I would be a lot different without the show. Although we all would still love the show if it hadn’t won, this award helps to show everyone just how special Over The Garden Wall was/is, and that things that are different can still be just as great.

Congrats to Over The Garden Wall; to Pat, to all of the crew, to Cartoon Network, and to us, the fans.

We did it.

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Wacky Races Forever pilot

Man, this totally should have been made into a series! It’s one of those shows you really tune in to so see if your favorite character would win. XD It’s like the old series I used to watch when they aired the old series on CN or the few good seasons of Total Drama. It’s that sort of anticipation that really amplifies the series for fans. :) Plus I’d love to see some of the other new characters like the vampire girl in the Creepy Coupe. :D

Amazing what a Wiki Walk through TvTropes will bring to your attention. XD