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A quick update: Mummy’s surgery on Monday went smoothly, the cancer has not spread beyond the breast, and she is recovering well! :) She’ll be at the hospital for a few days still. Soon we’ll get the details regarding future chemo treatments but for now mummy’s elated the surgery part is over, she’s been absolutely terrified of it!

I took a pic of her bedside table at the ward today, all the nurses said how sweet the baby squirrel plushie I got for her was, awww. :) It’s soft and cuddly, mum adores it and keeps it close at all times. She says it reminds her of me (I also remind her of a duckie, a mouse, a baby chick, etc, you know how mums are, hehe). :) And dad brings her the newspaper every day because she loves crossword puzzles, they’re part of her morning routine and make the stay at the hospital a little more like home.

Thank you from all of us for all the messages and well wishes I received on tumblr! ♥

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Told my T that I spent my weekend outside relaxing for once and enjoyed it. Her response was "Oh the wonders of self-care. Funny how it can help your mood." My response? "I think I've heard of that word before. It rings a bell."(I had to throw in the Pavlov joke for her).