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NaJ Basics

This is based on my memory so ye


*The ErrorInk fam

Ink - dom; Art Teacher; Error’s fiance; adopted Palette; a gentleman, really

Error- sub; PE teacher; Ink’s Fiance; adopted PaperJam and Cil; prefers PJ

Palette- sub; Cheerleader captain; Goth’s fiance; cheerful; 20 years old; a little possessive; likes K-pop; has a bird named Angy

PJ- dom; student; jock + basketball player; 18 yrs old; taller than Palette lolz; a jerk; Fresh’s BF; Undyne, BurgerPants, and Skater Girl’s friend

Cil: sub; student; half-nerd, half-jock; baseball + Math; 17; Quill’s BF; friends with the UH News cast, Siren, Colonna and the baseball players


*The Afterdeath Fam

Geno- dom; secretary; Reaper’s husbando; responsible; protective kinda

Reaper- sub; stops students commiting suicide/ basically a physician of sorts; Geno’s waifu; tease; flirty; the exact opposite of responsible; gets horny at the weirdest timings said Geno

Goth- dom(duh); librarian; Palette’s fiance; somehow taller than Geno???; 25 yrs old; silent type; hot~!; protective of his siblings; friends with Nightmare; has a cat named Niko; adopted

Raven- i dunno; teacher of…. Something. Sorry, i forgot; 20; adopted (there’s more but uhm…)

Xahji- sub; student; 16; has a crush on snazzy; Colly’s bestie; repairs stuff; part of the UHN; friends with the UH news cast, Colonna, Siren and Cil; one of the few female skeletons; my favorite??? Like, ever???; likes those “cute” music; adopted

((There’s more???? But I can’t remember???)))


*The Cream Fam

Dream- dom; astrology teacher; Cross’s husbando; Nightmare’s twin; has a dog named Winston; friends with so many people

Cross- sub; gymnast teacher; Dream’s waifu; hates delinquents; friends? I forgot

Cross!Chara- sub; student; hiding is relationship with Horror; 16/17 i forgot; a jerk; adopted

Lucid- dom; student; moonlight’s bf; 17; is pretty chill; i’m stupid cause I don’t know much about him; adopted

Whipple- sub; 16; student; incubux’s bf; smol; real softie; loves cats


*The Nightmare fam

Nightmare- dom; history teach; dating muffet; really calm and forgiving; loves books; friends with goth; admirer magnet; one of the “hot ones” of the school; has a cat named Sebastian who likes Niko

Incubux- dom; student; whipple’s bf; 17; hates cats since he got cockblocked by one; adopted

Moonlight- sub; student; Lucid’s bf; 16; a softie, kinda


*The Asgoriel Fam

Asgore- dom; janitor; Toriel’s husbando; is actually scared of Tori; cares for the students; friends with Us!Pap

Toriel- sub; teacher; Asgore’s waifu; caring; mother figure to everyone; spoil; over-protective

Frisk- i dunno; student; single; flirt button every time; him and chara are the only humans of the school; stylish: adopted

Asriel- emo; student; single; is secretly the flowey mascot; baaaaaad; one of the few that’s not adopted


*The Genzy Fam

Ganz- no idea but he is the dom and married to Sensy

Sensy- sub; guard of the school; married to Ganz (duh); this is the only thing I know

Snazzy- dom; student; baseball player; is a jerk sometimes; called Xahji a bitch; basically made Xahji cry; anyways; friends with the baseball team; protective of his bros; has an NC named Cell; 17; Swifty’s twin; adopted

Swifty- looks like a dom but is actually a sub; student; camera man of the UHN; friends with the whole UHN cast + Colonna; has an NC named Echo; a big crush on G; 17; Snazzy’s twin; adopted

Siren- dom; student; school prefect; has the power to suspend students; monitors the school for rule-breaking; Idle’s bf; 16; NC named Ash; also an admirer magnet



Undyne- dom; student; basketball player; her and PJ go way back; friends with BP and SG; terrible at cooking; admired by Monster Kid; 18

BurgerPants- or BP for short; switch I guess; student; basketball player; the dumb one in their group though all of them are dumb; close to Nice Cream guy; friends with Undyne, SG and PJ; 18

Skater Girl- or SG for short; student; single; skater obviously; basketball player; close to Fuku; friends with Undyne, BP and PJ; 18

Murder- Dust’s alt personality; i don’t care about him that much



Alphys- sub; student; has a crush on Undyne; 17; Fresh’s bestie; a nerve-wreck; gets along fine with all nerds

Fresh- sub; student; honorroll; PJ’s bf; 18; Alphys’s bestie; is actually revengeful; don’t mess with his friends and brother

Cray- sub; student; reporter; 17; has a crush on Mr. Cotton Candy; very friendly; friends with all UHN cast, Colonna, Siren and Cil; is actually really impure; caught be Fresh masturbating once

Papyrus- 16; has a crush on Mr Mettaton; Sans’s bro; gets embarrassed by Sans most of the time

Napstablook- there wasn’t much info given about him :\

Nice Cream Guy- vendor; close with BP

Dust- sub; the original personality; dating swapfell; take off his glasses, you’re in trouble

Frost- sub; dating Mr Cloud; is actually living with him; 18; gets along with all the nerds and the UHN casts



Horror- dom; doesn’t care about rules; in a relationship with Chara; possessive as fuck

Mad Dummy- is just pretty mad at everything

GodZilla- people forgot about him; had a crush on Cil; shipped with Bratty and Fuku



Alice- someone’s oc

Bratty- bestest friend of Catty; was shipped with GodZilla

Catty- bestest friend of Bratty; gets along well with Cil

Fuku- Grillby’s daughter; friends with SG; has a crush on GodZilla

There are more but i can’t remember



Quill- dom; student; no clubs joined; doesnt get along with jocks; Cil’s bf; 18

Blueberry- dom; gamer; dating Red; loves violence in videogames; plays with Lucid

Red- sub; emo; dating Blue; is a terrible videogamer.

Colonna- sub; Xahji’s bestie; no clubs joined; dating Dance; 16; really short; loves bring the little spoon

Dance- dom; a really great dancer; dating Colonna

Monster Kid- admires Undyne; friends with Frisk and Asriel


*School Staff

Toby- le principal

Temmie- le vice principal

Muffet- sub; Councelor; dating Nightmare; is scared of superiors

Mettaton- Drama teacher; very very stylish

Us!Pap- junior Janitor; brother of Blue

Mr. Cotton Candy- school’s music teacher; rejected Cray; blind but not blind; bro of Fika

Ms. Fika- teacher of….something; mute; helped by Gaster/ Idle to communicate

Gaster- also a teacher but my memory is horrible; Snas and Papaya’s Dad.

Grillby- dom; runs the cafeteria; dating Sans; Fuku’s Dad

Sans- sub; also runs the cafeteria with Grillbs; dating him; protective of his bro

Cloud- dom; cooking teacher; 23; dating Frost; gets along well with Night and Goth; has a pet that my brain refuse to remember what name and species


This was most of them.

Thought this might help :D

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