old but lolz

“okay, check this shit out! i was on my way to get some delicious horchata when this fuckin’ car kept riding my ass the entire time. y’know, i don’t have the best patience but i was trying to be a good and control my emotions so i ignored them, even slowed down so that they could pass but no, they continued on. so, by this point i keep ‘break checking’ their ass and all they do is honk horn at me and continue to be up my ass. and now i’m heated and we come up on the red light and of course, i jump out and i’m ready to beat the fuck outta this person. only problem is that when i get close..it’s a fuckin’ old lady!! usually i don’t feel like a dick afterwards but here, like, i was about to fight somebody’s grams. hey, if she was your grams then i’m sorry…that she almost got her hip broken by me.”