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x ive had this in my laptop since oct and finally got around to finishing this first part and starting the second part. if yall even want a second part pls let me know so i know im not wasting my time! i dont have much of it anymore, so feedback would be great! sorry this note is so short – need to go finish all the other fics sitting in my drive //sob

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Late night jazz and chatter blared through the walls of the next room– a lounge of sorts for people to do whatever it was they did. It was a kind of culture you didn’t understand merely because it didn’t interest you but, these days, what did?

You tried to drown out the noise with your thoughts but all you could think about was how the man underneath you had changed so drastically since the two of you had first met – and you wondered if you had changed too. You watched as he pulled a small bag from his pocket, opened it to reveal a folded up foil before spilling its contents onto the glass vanity before the two of you. A soft white powder seemed to flood the surface of the table, but it hardly took up a fraction of the surface before you.

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March 6

A quick little Wayhaught drabble for @haughtbreaker. Happy Birthday Nic! 

It happened suddenly on a nondescript day in March.

March 6, to be exact, when the frozen terrain of Purgatory was finally beginning to show signs of thaw after a long and harsh winter, the temperature ticking slowly up from bone-numbing hypothermia to a less threatening bite of frost.

It was the day Nicole Haught knew, without a shadow of a doubt, that she was gonna marry Waverly Earp.

The thought came unbidden to Nicole while she stood in the middle of the Earps’ living room on an uneventful Monday afternoon, her emotions zipping sharp and fast as she watched an adorable blush creep up Waverly’s neck.

“It’s, uh, the one you gave me,” Waverly explained, awkwardly gesturing toward the thin piece of card stock between Nicole’s fingers. “You know, when we first met.”

Of course Nicole knew. Even though it had been almost two years since that moment, she still remembered that day like it was yesterday. Flattered, Nicole traced a finger along a crease that ran down her old business card, off center, a white crinkle separating the words Purgatory and Sheriff. She had found it when Waverly asked her to grab a few dollars out of her purse to tip the delivery driver when he arrived. The small rectangle was tucked securely behind a picture they had taken at a carnival photo booth last summer, both making silly faces, tongues sticking out, so obviously happy and in love.

Waverly bit her lip. “What are you thinking?”

Marry me, Nicole’s mind whispered as her heart surged with unexpected, overwhelming affection. “I’m thinking–”

“Takeout’s here!” Wynonna interrupted, strolling in from the kitchen and chucking a thumb toward the front door. She glanced at Nicole’s hand. “What the hell, Haught? I need money, not your damn business card.”

Nicole bit her tongue, for once grateful for Wynonna’s poor timing. If she was going to propose, she was going to do it the right way. Waverly deserved that and so much more.

“I’m thinking…I can’t believe you kept it,” Nicole deflected, ignoring Wynonna.

“Of course I did.” Waverly smiled and stepped closer. “I keep everything you give me.”


“Ugh, yes, really.” Wynonna walked between them. “She’s got a box upstairs with all sorts of junk related to you.” She snatched the wallet from Nicole’s hands and pulled out a handful of bills before tossing it back. “Some ugly unicorn thing, ticket stubs, pictures, a stained coffee cup sleeve, which,” she screwed up her face, “gross.”

“It’s not gross,” Waverly protested, her entire face now flushed.

 “I think it’s adorable,” Nicole reassured her.

“Adorably psycho maybe.” Wynonna said with an affectionate roll of her eyes. “Don’t make out too long okay? I don’t want my Gong Bao chicken to go cold,” she said over her shoulder as she went outside to get their food.

“Don’t listen to her,” Nicole said, leaning down to give Waverly a quick kiss, soft and sweet.

“Mmm, I never do.” Waverly beamed as she pulled away. “Help me set the table?”

“Sure.” Nicole carefully tucked the card back into its spot behind the photo and placed the wallet back in Waverly’s purse. She followed her girlfriend to the kitchen, stealing another kiss before Wynonna got back, all the while thinking about the next thing she’d give to Waverly; something she hoped Waverly would keep forever.

Title: Second Chance
Fandom: Marvel
Word Count: 1,825
Characters: Peter Maximoff x Reader, Charles Xavier, Hank McCoy, Alex Summers
Reader Gender: Female
Warnings: Lying, a bit of anger
Notes: Request from @full-time-fangirling for “Hey :) could I please have a Peter Maximoff imagine? The reader is Charles’ daughter but is with Peter. They get together and hide it from Charles because he isn’t a big fan of Peter? And then he finds out and gets angry but the reader defends Peter? Thanks :)” // This ended up a lot longer than I originally intended it to. I blame it on the fact that I’m Peter Maximoff trash. • Part two is here. ☺

Originally posted by imaginessforall

       Y/N Xavier knew the moment she met the silver-haired speedster that she would never forget him. 

       It was 1973, and a surly stranger had come to her home with news of the future, and it was far from good. She was seventeen at the time. Said surly stranger, named Logan, had suggested that they go enlist the help of a man her age, Peter, to help them break Erik out of prison. When they arrived, the boy began interrogating them as he flittered around the room, using his super-speed to play a game of ping-pong against himself.
       “He’s fascinating,” commented Hank.
       “He’s a pain in the ass,” Charles muttered in response.
       “We need your help,” Y/N stated firmly, attempting to get the boy’s attention. She found him to be quite attractive, and she was momentarily thankful that she didn’t have to fuss with keeping up her psychic shield, as her father was unable to use his powers at the time. In the blink of an eye, Peter was standing in front of her, a smirk on his lips.
       “And who might you be?”
       “My name is Y/N Xavier, and –”
       “Very nice to meet you, Y/N; I’m Peter. And might I just say, your voice is mesmerizing. That accent…. I could listen to you read the phone book,” Peter said with a wink, as he leaned against the wall next to her.
       “Well, what if I read you just one number: mine?” Y/N replied smoothly, returning the smirk he was giving her.
       “Alright, alright, that’s enough of that,” Charles said sternly, pinching the bridge of his nose. He knew full well that his daughter was a beautiful young woman, and there was nothing he despised more than seeing boys flirt with her – especially some nosy, intrusive little punk he had just met.
       “Rain check, then,” Peter said, giving her another wink before speeding over to sit at an arcade game. “So, who are the rest of you guys, and whaddya want?”
       “We need your help, Peter,” Logan answered.
       “Yeah, me and the gorgeous Brit covered that. With what?”
       Y/N attempted to hide the blush that threatened to creep up to her cheeks.
       “To break into a highly secure facility; to get someone out.”
       “Prison break? That’s illegal, you know.”
       “Well, only if you get caught,” Logan rebutted, after glancing around at the various stolen objects around Peter’s room.
       “So, what’s in it for me?”
       “You, you kleptomaniac, get to break into the Pentagon,” Charles explained, removing his sunglasses and rubbing his eye, visibly annoyed. Peter froze, then turned around to eye them cautiously.
       “How do I know I can trust you?”
       “Because we’re just like you,” said Logan. Peter still looked wary.
       “Show him,” Charles ordered Y/N and Logan. Y/N used your powers of psionic manipulation to form a platform beneath her feet, allowing her to hover a few feet off the ground. It was a mere glimpse of her powers, but enough to get the point across. Logan raised a fist and three claws protruded from his knuckles.
       “That’s cool,” Peter commented, then glanced at Logan, “but it’s disgusting.”
       A few hours later, they were all riding away in their rental car, with the convicted murderer of an American president sitting in the backseat. Y/N sat in between him and Peter, talking quietly with the latter, as her father shot occasional glares at the pair from the passenger seat. The cumbrous Logan was seated between him and Hank. The ride was painfully silent, aside from Y/N and Peter’s quiet chatting.
       When they reached the plane, they all bid their farewells to Peter, and Y/N was the last to board.
       “So,” Peter began, stepping closer to her, the smirk from earlier returning to his face, “you still owe me a phone number.”
       “I suppose I do,” she replied, smiling. She removed an old business card of her father’s from her wallet, and scribbled her phone number on the back of it, before slipping it into Peter’s hand. Y/N then stood on her tiptoes and pressed a kiss to his cheek, made him promise to call her, then boarded the plane.
       Peter stood there long after the plane had taken off – frozen for once – still reveling in the lingering feeling of her lips on him. With a bright smile on his face, he got into the rental car and made his way home. He turned the radio up and rolled the windows down, and began thinking of what he would say to Y/N when he called her. Hell, he even started planning their first date. He felt truly ecstatic for the first time since he was a child.
       That was, until the card Y/N had written her phone number on flew out the window of the Chrysler from its place under the sun visor. Peter pulled over as quickly as he possibly could and lept out of the car. He immediately began searching the area for the card, but the abundant wind had carried it off God knows where. After accepted that he would never find it, Peter gave an angry yell, kicked the car’s tire, and resumed his journey home, thoroughly crestfallen at the realization that he would likely never see Y/N again.

       After the whole ordeal with stopping Raven was over, Y/N was eager to return home and await Peter’s call. A day went by, then a week, then a month – but still, nothing. After two months, Y/N finally gave up hope.
       Charles had sensed his daughter’s sadness, and he delved into her mind just enough to discover that the reason behind it. He consoled her to the best of his ability, but she always refused to talk about it, and constantly declared that she was completely fine. However, he would occasionally catch her thinking about that silver-haired hoodlum, and Charles made a promise to himself that if he ever saw that delinquent again, he’d break the lad’s nose.
       Seven years had passed since Y/N had last seen Peter, and she had almost entirely forgotten about him. ‘Almost’ meaning that, once in a blue moon, she would catch herself daydreaming about that smirk of his, or the way his eyes twinkled with excitement at the mere thought of mischief. For the life of her, she couldn’t put her finger on why he still managed to make his way into her thoughts, but each time she did, she would force herself to forget about him just as quickly as she had thought of him.
       “That guy is staring at you,” Y/N’s best friend, Alex Summers, commented one day while they were having lunch. They were sitting in the patio section of a restaurant, enjoying the warm weather.
       “What does he look like?” she inquired, then added with a grin, “Is he cute?”
       “He’s my height, wearing a Rolling Stones T-shirt, got silver hair –”
       Y/N was spinning around before Alex could even finish his sentence. Her suspicion was confirmed when she saw none other than Peter Maximoff standing across the street, gawking at her. He was next to her in a heartbeat, leaning on the railing separating the restaurant patio from the sidewalk, wearing that smirk she had dreamed about for so long.
       As if on a reflex, she slapped him.
       “Uh, ow,” Peter said, rubbing his cheek. “Nice to see you, too, gorgeous.”
       “This must be that guy who said he was gonna call you, but never did,” Alex observed, chuckling.
       “The very same,” Y/N replied, narrowing her eyes at Peter. “What the hell makes you think it’s alright to stand me up like that, then just whiz over here with that bloody smirk and a ‘Nice to see you, too, gorgeous’?
       “Let me explain – ”
       “No, let me,” Y/N said, crossing her arms and leaning forward on the table to glare at Peter. “I waited for you to call me for two bloody months, but it seemed as if you dropped off the face of the earth. How dare you make me think you really liked me, then just blow me off like that?”
       As she spoke, her chair began to levitate, as did a few objects on the table between her and Alex. He grabbed her arm after quickly glancing around to make sure no humans had noticed, softly saying, “Watch it, Y/N.” She realized what she had been doing, and everything immediately ceased levitating.
       “Y/N, I’m so sorry, I really am,” Peter began to explain, now standing up straight. “When I was driving back, I had put the card with your phone number on it in the sun visor, and it blew out the window. I looked everywhere for it, but I couldn’t find the damn thing. Believe me, I wanted nothing more than to call you the second I got home, but I had no idea how to get ahold of you.”
       Y/N visibly calmed at his justification, relaxing back into her chair with a softened expression.
       “I’ve never stopped thinking about you. I’ve never stopped dreaming about that beautiful voice of yours, or the sound of your laugh, or the way your eyes would light up when I’d tell you some stupid joke,” Peter confessed. “I probably sound kinda pitiful, but I mean it. You stole my heart the day I met you, and I’ve never gotten it back.”
       “Damn, that was corny,” Alex commented, sniggering. Y/N shot him a glare, and he immediately held his hands up in surrender.
       “It’s sweet,” she said sternly, still glaring at Alex.
       “So, whaddya say, gorgeous?” Peter hesitantly asked, that smirk returning to his lips as he leaned forward on the railing again. “Will you give me another chance?”
       Y/N eyed him carefully, before a small smile began to form, and she reached into her purse. She pulled a card out of her wallet and handed it to Peter, smiling and saying, “You better call this time.”
       Peter peered down at the card, which had her name – Professor Y/N Xavier – and phone number elegantly printed on it, along with the the information for her father’s school.
       “I’ll call in two hours, how ‘bout that?” Peter suggested, returning her smile.
       “Sounds perfect.”
       “Just so you know, if you hurt her again, I’m basically her older brother, and I will find you,” Alex added. His voice was stern, but the corners of his mouth twitched up slightly.
       “I don’t plan on it,” Peter said, then winked at Y/N, quickly kissed her cheek, and sped off.

       Much to Y/N’s joy, Peter made good on his promise, and she received a call exactly two hours after she had seen him. They talked for a couple hours, and finally set up a date. That date was followed by many others… all of which remained a secret to Y/N’s father.

updated business card! old one here

looking at it from a smaller scale i realized i need to make the font bigger orz and ive just been grinding away drawings. drawing gets enjoyable when im in the zone so i probably never ever say stuff. oh i’ve also noticed that not a lot of people use tumblr as a journal or blog but they just passively post pictures? (maybe it’s just me i’m still very new at this lol) ah how i miss the old times.

So Barry being owner of STAR Labs, but Cisco and Caitlin are the faces of the Lab. They’re talking about expanding their group.Include Jax as a mechanic, Stein as a physicist, etc but Cisco’s off and Catilin keeps asking him what’s wrong. Cisco says that he has one ore person in mind. 

“But no one else knows Barry’s secret. We already have Captain Cold and the Rogues working for us thanks to Barry. Well technically.”

“I’ll be back in a few days.” Cisco leaves with a smile. 

About a day’s drive away Cisco slams his car door shut and walks into the double doors of a school. He gets a visitors pass from the office and walks down the hall to an open door to find Hartley lecturing. The bell rings, signalling the end of the school day and Hartley sighs, reminds them of their homework, ad dismisses them. 

“So, AP Physics huh?” 

Hartley jumped turning from his computer to find Cisco leaning against the doorway with crossed arms. . 

“What are you doing here, Cisco. I haven’t done anything.”

“I know.” Cisco glanced around the room quickly. “So, how’s teaching been holding up.” 

Hartley gave him a look and shrugged. “The only job I could get after Wells ruined it all for me.”

Cisco frowned. 

“I heard You and Caitlin are now the owners of STAR Labs.” Hartley tried to move the conversation.

Cisco smiled. “That’s actually why I’m here.”

Hartley raised an eyebrow as he shuffled the papers on his desk together before putting them in a drawer. “And that is?” 

Cisco walks up to Hartley’s desk and drops a card in front of him. Hartley stars at him. 

“I’ll be in town for another day or so.” Cisco said as he leaves.   

Hartley looked down on his desk to find his old business card. Actually no, it looked like his old STAR Labs business card, but with updated information. He pocketed the card as he got his things together. 

Cisco hoped Hartley took him seriously. They were able to finally fix everything after Wells, but Hartley deserved this too. He was a pawn that Wells sacrificed and it hurt Cisco that his brilliant mind - he’d never say that out loud- was being wasted some high school. Cisco waited a day and it wasn’t until he was packing up his car and getting ready to leave that he received a call. 

“I’ll meet you in Central in a few days.” 

“It’ll be good to have you back, Hartley.” 

“It’s just to check you’re all running the facility well, Okay.” Hartley sounded annoyed as Cisco smiled. 

“Whatever you say.”  


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The Freebie {Closed with Omegaman255 unaffected by M!A for plot reasons}

Emily was having a normal day in her lab, working on one of her robots when she heard a knock on the door. “One second!” She called, using a soldering iron to fuse together some circuits, her attention being ripped away as the door was kicked in. Her head whipped around to see who had come in, a group of men shouting at each other in Japanese. Her eyes widened as she quickly got away from the work bench, u woknocking her stool to the ground in the process as Mabelle quickly hid under a table and Max ran at the men. “You won’t hurt my Emy!” He said and jumped, but one of the men simply kicked him aside as the young scientist ran to her room and locked the door.

“Shit…” She said under her breath, fumbling to get her phone out of her pocket and getting the old business card out of her bed side drawer and quickly dialing the number. “I swear if this goes to voice mail…"She muttered.



Today’s weird studio visitor: a scared caterpillar. Picked up with old business cards and put outside. It’s lucky Ricky didn’t eat it first, he’s been hunting crickets. Yum. Perks of a basement studio in the woods.