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Hey Tumblr world so this is my first blog ever! All my life i was over weight and had no guidance on how to be healthy. I got bullied a lot from when I was younger which ran up until I entered high school. I finally decided enough is enough and that a change was needed, so I decided to go on a diet in which I lost about 60 pounds. I was able to keep it off for about a year then once I began college the amount of stress and pressure caused me to go back to my reckless eating habits. This resulted in me gaining back much of the weight I had lost. I then decided to become a pescatarian (seafood strict diet), because I felt maybe the meat was what had contributed to my weight gain. Still I did not monitor the food I was eating so once again I was struggling with maintaining my weight and overall health. I spent so much time (days, months) thinking about how and why I couldn’t be consistent. Always starting off really well with eating healthy then going right back to the junk food. Constantly asking why it kept happening to me. Then one day I told a good friend of mine (who already started a vegan diet) about my struggles and she educated me on a variety of foods, which then changed my views on what I ate and made me realize I need to be more educated on what is entering my body. Gaining this insight as well as seeing the changes in her both physically and mentally made me want to go vegan. When I first began my journey I thought I would see quick results and thought I’d automatically be healthy, but that was not the case. I still had very little knowledge regarding food so I ate the vegan food with no nutritional value. Going into stores & just purchasing anything as long as it was labeled vegan not knowing what else came with it. Now what did that do? It caused me to gain weight once more. The feeling of defeat was much too familiar only this time I decided I cannot give up. As time went by I spent more time on educating myself on what would help maintain a nutrient balanced diet as a vegan. At first I was unsure of how I’d be able to keep it up since I didn’t like quinoa, certain types of vegetables, or beans. My vegan friend changed my thoughts about that as well. She made me a plant based dish that was filled with a variety of different flavors. I could not believe it was healthy! I was in total shock and disbelief. She broke down what she used in the dish Which made me realize I need to get creative. That was when I was introduced to experimenting with plant based foods. My mom also helped influence me in the kitchen, She may not be vegan but I was still able to learn techniques from her which helped me become a better cook. From the seasoning she used to how she cooked certain foods. After learning from her and continuing to practice it was like I literally lived in my kitchen. Cooking something new everyday, trying different recipes, then before I knew it I got really good at making meals for myself and I began to finally enjoy being a vegan. I then realized what brought me more joy was watching my friends and family enjoy the dishes I made for them. Through it all after eating better over time I lost weight and learned how to maintain a healthy balanced LIFESTYLE that was more beneficial than previous diets I tried. I no longer crave the unhealthy foods I had use to, I have more energy than before, I am healthier, my skin cleared up, and my mind is more open and clearer than ever before. I’m the happiest I’ve ever been and I am not the same old Catherine. I am brand new, and through my blog I want to share my experiences and continue the ongoing journey that comes with being a vegan. This is no longer a diet, it is a lifestyle! ☺️I hope you guys enjoy!!! 💋❤️

new studyblr!

hi im joy and this is my brand new studyblr! i had an old blog but i stopped using it for a v long time so i wanted to start afresh :)
here r some facts abt me:
- i live in ca, usa
- im a soph in hs, and im 16
- my fav subject is chem even tho its my worst subject (lol @me)
- i want to major in biochem and become a doctor!
- i have a cat and i want more :p
- i have an unfortunate obsession w stationery
- my fav studyblrs r: @tbhstudying @etudiance @myriadinklings @studyquill just to name a few (there are many more who i love)
nice to meet everyone! it’s been a while and the community has changed and grown so much, so i’m excited to see what awaits :)

THE THINGS I DO FOR EVIL   hey dweebs,  if you like being relentlessly dragged by a deliciously villainous   &  super smokin’ babe who’s bark is is no less painful than her bite,  give this a like  / reblog won’t ya ?  everybody’s favorite disney crush SHEGO, FROM KIM POSSIBLE  has been revamped  &  is ready for action.   this blog is old as balls but looks brand new,  written by vera.      MULTI-EVERYTHING,  SUPER AWESOME.

5.17.2017 ~ Macbeth

My first original post! Today I’m re-reading and annotating Macbeth for the English 9H final tomorrow (an in-class essay). I’m also gonna go ahead and use this post as my intro to the studyblr community. I’m Kayla, a 14-year-old high school freshman, and this is my brand-new study blog! I could use some followers, so please check my blog out if you’d like! ❤

I’m gonna tag a few people who inspired me now! @studyign @ohlookimstudying @bookmrk @alexistudying @studyy @focusign @officiallystudying @lentilstudies @myastudies @studygranger

Love to everyone! Keep working hard! ❤

Finally had enough time to finish this today, and I would have uploaded earlier if not for the fact that I wanted to make this /brand spankin’ new/ art blog! Revamped from my old art blog, but a bit nicer and now is actually attached to my personal blog (because I am an idiot).

Well anyways, here are the otp Spirit Babes, I kinda messed up a lot so hopefully my next and many other korrasami posts will look better than this one, so stay tuned for some hot gays and hopefully some art college adventures~


I thought I’d put together a post of all different Runescape blogs to help newer blogs find more people! I remember when I first made my tumblr and I was hardly following anyone for a while because I couldn’t find anyone! So I’m gonna make it a lil easier and put some blogs into certain categories! I really hope this helps! Obviousily I will be tagging all the blogs I mentioned, and on some I will be giving a little discription of their blog, I am following all the blogs that I mention so I like them myself :3 xxx

This is definatley a post for those trying to find other Runescape blogs, I really hope you find some from this!

If I did not tag you in this, please don’t’ be offended! I follow over 600 different Runescape blogs so it’s a little difficult keeping track! ;’)

I have Definitely missed a ton of people, but I will be constantly adding to this, don’t worry! xxx

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