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Newt Scamander where reader is head over heels for him but he doesn’t realize/think they could ever love him so he ends up falling for Leta/Tina (either in Hogwarts or New York) while reader is heartbroken

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Newt watched Y/N from afar, trying to figure what was actually wrong with her. She was with Niffler, sat in the thousands of pennies and other shiny things he held. Y/N had even made up a spell to turn things like old bottle caps and paper clips to look like the most expensive diamonds in the shops. She was down on her knees, wand and hands waving around in rich gestures as the tiny klepto watched her with intense eyes awaiting of what else could she give him. The closer Newt got to them the more normal Y/N looked, maybe he has been making it up. He had noticed that the witch was acting rather stranger after they returned from America, her smile not quite as wide, eyes without the shine they used to have. He really didn’t have a clue what could have caused it, he’s never seen her like that and he’s sure as hell that he doesn’t like it. But maybe it’s just his own troubles of what happened in New York clouding his judgement. Maybe- he shook his head and he turned to leave, maybe no more.

The moment he left Y/N sunk down completely, sighing as she gave Niffler the last bottle cap she turned golden. She wasn’t okay, but she had to be in front of Newt. She needed to be happy for him. And eventually she will, but fuck! does it hurt now. The story is cliche — best friends falling in love. Even more cliche is that it’s one sided. Y/N had fallen head over heals for the man the moment she laid her eyes on him. And when they met, that was even worse. He was extraordinary, she had never met a person who cared more than Newt. His selflessness, his love for the creatures and the way he could see good everywhere he went. Really, it’d be strange if Y/N didn’t fall for that. Even his scars, oh how much she loved them. All the stories you could tell just by one glance; that long one on his chest — rudest hippogriff the world has ever seen, or that tiny one just below his wrist — a bowtruckle believe it or not.

And so, the man deserved everything, and of course, Y/N could not be that. She could never be everything. She didn’t mind that though, she always told herself that she wouldn’t. But seeing him with someone else hurt more than she could’ve imagined. The way he glanced at her to make sure she’s okay, that way he pushed her hair behind her ear, the way he — just everything really. She was everything and Y/N was the void. Empty. Just a friend. Nothing.

But she knew that Newt cared enough for her to feel bad about it, that’s why she’s hiding. She’s hiding all the pain so it wouldn’t come leaking through her skin to burn him. He didn’t deserve that, he deserved her, so she was determined to get over it. Put his happiness before her own, do it for him.

Just do it for him.

Witchy Tip

When I only need a tiny bit of an herb or something and am setting it out or just getting it ready for something else I put it in an old bottle cap (like the metal ones that come off of glass Coke bottles). That way I can reuse them since we drink glass bottles of Coke and IBC Rootbeer often. Just make sure you washed off any soda that could have been on it. And they don’t take up much space if you don’t have a lot of room.

the college aesthetic part 2: fashion
  • The shirt you wore to bed last night paired with a skirt and artfully placed coffee stains
  • The cute jeans you totally washed some time in the last month paired with five different sweaters/shirts throughout the day because you can never gauge the temperature
  • Part of your halloween costume from last year + overalls you bought from goodwill for no reason and an ever-present disposable cup of coffee
  • Pockets in your jacket? Accessorize with ticket stubs, your room key, a melted chapstick, old bottle caps, or even, if you’re feeling super fancy– money!
  • Layers. Shorts over tights. Tights under jeans. Dresses over pants. Drug rugs over sweatshirts .
  • Have something to carry around campus so you look more efficient– a dog-eared novel, a skateboard, a potted plant. Practicality is not a concern. 
  • Boots go with anything. Wear boots to class. Wear boots to lab. Wear boots to go grocery shopping. Wear boots to a party. No one gives a fuck.
  • Make disheveled look chic 
  • Accessorize with an overstuffed backpack and a look of (couture) confusion
  • All your tights will get ripped anyway, so tear them on purpose and call it punk
  • Add to your look throughout the day. Show up to your 9:40 in leggings and a sweatshirt. Change into a sweater before your next class. Do your make up and put on jeans over lunch. 
  • If you try hard enough, most things go together
  • Invest in good eyeshadow so that if you accidentally doze off, you still look fly as hell

Kobra has a habit of bringing home little things that he finds. he has a huge assortment of small toys, old coins, bottle caps, and cool rocks, and he can spend hours looking through them- it relaxes him and gives him some stability, since desert life is so hectic and unpredictable. if he thinks one of the guys would like what he found, he’ll leave it on their bed or something for them to have. the guys don’t really know how he decides what would have meaning to each of them, since they’re all pretty worthless things, but they always end up feeling attached to the things anyway, and it makes him happy, so they don’t question it.