old books smell

aesthetics for the signs

ARIES: long eyelashes, leather jackets, candlelight, autumn leaves, sleeping in, greek mythology, waves crashing on the beach
TAURUS: plaid shirts, the smell of fresh baked bread, disney movies, the sound of a guitar strumming, mountain peaks at sunrise
GEMINI: the forest at night, cat’s eye sunglasses, 24/7 gas stations, floorboards creaking at night, the smell of fresh ink, going on a first date
CANCER: old books, the smell of fresh cut grass, the colour peach, messy buns, accent walls, hand holding, matte lipstick
LEO: long car rides, thunder, the feeling of accomplishment, love poems, sunflowers, your favourite song on playing repeat
VIRGO: the first snow of the year, bright eyes, flowers in your hair, binge watching a new show, a warm mug of tea, fantasy books
LIBRA: iced coffee, the wind in your hair, string lights, the feeling of forgiveness, bonfires, a new crush
SCORPIO: the night sky, winged eyeliner, an old typewriter, speaking latin, wine stained lips, halloween costumes
SAGITTARIUS: bright houses, nude lipstick, the sound of laughter, watching musicals, forehead kisses
CAPRICORN: the full moon, the smell of clean laundry, new love, going to museums, shouting at the top of your lungs, watching the fog roll in
AQUARIUS: rain on pavement, a paint palette, the city at night, the colour cyan, falling stars, books written in french, ankle boots
PISCES: colourful flowers, sand between your toes, long hugs, ferris wheels, art galleries, cherry blossoms in the wind, a cat purring

aliens being confused by how humans deal with scents

human: “gonna have to wash this blanket to get rid of that new smell,”
alien: *makes a note that humans prefer to mark objects with familiar scents*

human: “gotta love that new car smell”
alien: *scratches out previous note and replaces it with a question mark*

human: “old books smell so good,”
alien: *increasingly frustrated note taking*

human: “mmm love that new book smell,”

The signs' aesthetics

Aries : Sunsets, Beach curls, Ferris wheels, Waves, Clouds

Taurus : Messy buns, Sitting on the roof at night, Brown eyes, Paper lanterns, Smoke

Gemini : Polaroids, Night swimming, Figi Water, Pearls, Carousels, Brown Eyes

Cancer : Crystals, Lightening storms, lavender, Bath bombs, Sketchbooks

Leo : Tattoos, Dark lipstick, Pastel, Thigh Highs, The moon

Virgo : Oversized hoodies, Perfect eyeliner, Messy buns, Inside jokes, Labradors

Libra : Space, Black Cats, Neon signs, Nostalgia, City skyline

Scorpio : Red roses, Raindrops on windows, 3 A.M. texts, Lip biting, Small Cafés

Sagittarius : Glitter, Opals, Old movies, Smudged makeup

Capricorn : Watercolors, Sunflowers, Art museums, Birds

Aquarius : Forests, Succulents, Mist, Greenhouses, Smiles

Pisces : Old book smell, Stars, Bright eyes, Bonsai trees, Mythology


  • Vellichor n. the strange wistfulness of used bookstores, which are somehow infused with the passage of time—filled with thousands of old books you’ll never have time to read, each of which is itself locked in its own era, bound and dated and papered over like an old room the author abandoned years ago, a hidden annex littered with thoughts left just as they were on the day they were captured.
Things that remind me of the houses

Gryffindor is being emotionally driven. It is the wild grin on your face as you charge head on into a wave. It is dipping your fingers into wax just after blowing out the flame. Gryffindor is bonfires and sparklers at the end of summer; it is windswept hair and running around in the rain with friends. Gryffindor is good YA novels, the gems hidden in the back shelves. Gryffindor is brightly colored lipstick and kisses that feel like electricity, like passion, like heat. It is belting “Don’t Stop Believin” at the top of your goddamned lungs. Gryffindor is comic books. It is power outages. It is talking back to people in positions of authority because they’re wrong. Gryffindor is racing your friend for shotgun. Gryffindor is earrings that swing when you turn your head. Gryffindor is sailing under a great blue sky; it is fireworks and ginger beer. Gryffindor is summer. Gryffindor is ripped jeans and flannels. Gryffindor is knowing that failure to stand strong all the time doesn’t make you weak. Gryffindor is jumping off a bridge into the ocean with your friends. It is the scream that gets punched out of your lungs on rollercoasters. Gryffindor is hot chocolate and sweatpants; it is naps during the day. Gryffindor is New York City. Gryffindor is hard cider and caramel apples. Gryffindor is stopping mid-sentence to point out a dog across the street. Gryffindor is getting an apartment with your friends after college. Gryffindor is Steve Rogers. Gryffindor is praying that your soda won’t explode. Gryffindor is sweaty ponytails and the shaky feeling in your muscles after a good workout. Gryffindor is road trips with your best friends. Gryffindor is turning your friends into family. Gryffindor is long summer days and even longer summer nights; it is feeling like nighttime can’t stop you. Gryffindor is life. Gryffindor is love. Gryffindor is friendship. Gryffindor is freedom.

Hufflepuff is being carefree of spirit and caring of heart. Hufflepuff is comforting a friend by singing a song you both love until they’re calm enough to sing along. Hufflepuff is blasting the air conditioner so it’s cold enough to sleep under a quilt in the summer. Hufflepuff is flower crowns. Hufflepuff is activism. Hufflepuff is sticking your feet under your friend’s legs when they’re cold. Hufflepuff is cotton candy and sunsets at the fair. Hufflepuff is kissing in the rain. Hufflepuff is the feeling of helplessness that comes from not having enough power to right the world’s wrongs. Hufflepuff is hammocks. It is tattered friendship bracelets. It is getting flour on your face while baking. Hufflepuff is big sweaters and leggings; Hufflepuff is side braids. Hufflepuff is the storm that breaks the heatwave; it is running around the house to shut all of the windows and then collapsing on the floor giggling. Hufflepuff is the Aunt Friend, for when the mom friend needs a mom friend. Hufflepuff is prom night with a group of friends. Hufflepuff is strawberry frosted donuts with rainbow sprinkles. Hufflepuff is Tuscany. It is sunlight reflected in the morning dew. It is the smell of smoke on a cold winter day. Hufflepuff is understanding the value of a child’s mind. Hufflepuff is the first day of spring. It is stopping to smell the flowers. It is warmed milk with spices and vanilla. Hufflepuff is the books from your childhood that you’ve read to shreds; it is the movies you can quote with ease. Hufflepuff is brightly colored eyeliner. Hufflepuff is sunrise over the mountains. Hufflepuff is festivals in the summer with maxi skirts and fresh-picked flowers in your hair. Hufflepuff is sitting under a tree with your friends. Hufflepuff is weighing yourself down with worries to lighten someone else’s load. Hufflepuff is digging in the dirt with your hands to find the cool earth underneath. Hufflepuff is leaving cute messages on your friend’s phone when you’re in different time zones. Hufflepuff is compassion. Hufflepuff is empathy. Hufflepuff is laughter. Hufflepuff is freedom.

Ravenclaw is asking why and using the answer. Ravenclaw is reading at night with a flashlight under the covers. Ravenclaw is lightning. Ravenclaw is fuzzy socks. Ravenclaw is lying on your back with a group of friends and looking at the stars. Ravenclaw is forgetting to eat and sleep because you’re in research-mode. Ravenclaw is French-press coffee. Ravenclaw is owning more books than you could read in a lifetime. It is quick messy buns with pencils stuck through them; it is sweatshirts and yoga pants. Ravenclaw is curling up on a window seat with a book as the snow falls outside. Ravenclaw is people-watching. It is old book smell. It is watches with interesting faces and the full moon through the trees. Ravenclaw is bronze eyeshadow. It is Paris. It is hard caramel. Ravenclaw is staying up until sunrise talking about the universe. It is lying on the floor talking to your significant other about anything and everything and then rolling over and kissing them. Ravenclaw is packing your books first to make sure you’ll have room. It is running your hand through your hair to calm yourself down. It is beanbag chairs in the library. It is spending time with people of older generations and trying to absorb all of the wisdom they have to offer. Ravenclaw is the best answers in Cards Against Humanity. Ravenclaw is twirling a pen through your fingers as you think. Ravenclaw is the feeling of freedom on a windy day. Ravenclaw is ornate bookmarks; Ravenclaw is antiques. Ravenclaw is well-disguised sass. Ravenclaw is asking the perfect question to send the class off on an hour-long tangent. Ravenclaw is flirting in other languages. Ravenclaw is doing personal research instead of homework. Ravenclaw is knowing that imagination outstrips intelligence. Ravenclaw is curiosity. Ravenclaw is wit. Ravenclaw is passion. Ravenclaw is truth.

Slytherin is knowing that there are still some things more important than success. Slytherin is being asked “what do you want to be when you grow up” and answering with the same thing you’ve been saying since you were six. Slytherin is the feeling of triumph when your hard work pays off. Slytherin is blazers and sleek ponytails, but it is also team sweatshirts and messy braids. Slytherin is dark chocolate. Slytherin is fog settling in the valley. Slytherin is the feeling of meeting your idol and having them live up to every expectation. Slytherin is the Mom Friend™. Slytherin is surviving on coffee. It is a river so clear you can see the bottom if you’re still for long enough. Slytherin is London. Slytherin is classic literature. Slytherin is knowing that respect is earned. It is reminding yourself that it’s okay to forget about the future and live in the moment. Slytherin is being the designated driver. Slytherin is tattoos is discrete places. Slytherin is “The Bullpen” by Dessa. It is whispering “can I kiss you” before leaning in. Slytherin is chilled fingers wrapped around hot drinks on a crisp fall morning. Slytherin is perfectly winged eyeliner; Slytherin is good posture and a firm handshake. It is the smile for people you don’t like all that much. It is rings. It is armchairs in the back corner of coffee shops. It is the power trip of walking down a hallway in heels. Slytherin is dressing nice to go nowhere. Slytherin is freshly brewed tea in a china set. It is not getting out of your pajamas on the weekends. It is forgive but don’t forget. Slytherin is knowing that intelligence is not all that it’s cracked up to be; it’s knowing that the key is the will to do something with your life. Slytherin is the euphoria of ballet. Slytherin is hunting down anyone who has ever hurt the ones you care about. It is staying up until 4 am and sleeping until noon. It is wing-back armchairs to curl up in. Slytherin is taking study breaks to go out and stand in the rain, letting it clear your mind. Slytherin is drive. Slytherin is protectiveness. Slytherin is hard work. Slytherin is self-confidence.

Slytherin Things (Part Two)

Wooden bookshelves filled with old books, the smell of rain, candles protruding from every available space, fineliners, wooden desks, jewelry hanging off driftwood attached to the walls, expensive rugs and bedsheets, fashionable scarves, boots under the bed, hollowed-out books with forbidden spells on notepads inside…

Why Old Books Smell Good

“Lignin, the stuff that prevents all trees from adopting the weeping habit, is a polymer made up of units that are closely related to vanillin. When made into paper and stored for years, it breaks down and smells good. Which is how divine providence has arranged for secondhand bookstores to smell like good quality vanilla absolute, subliminally stoking a hunger for knowledge in all of us.”

—From Luca Turin and Tania Sanchez’s Perfumes: the guide

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Name: Monica

Nicknames: Mon

Zodiac sign: Scorpio

Height: 5′3″?? aiming for 5′4″

Orientation:  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Ethnicity: Filipino

Fave fruit: Strawberries, Guyabano (don’t know the english term) and Jackfruit!

Fave season: there’s only two seasons here (rainy or sunny) so I’ll pick rainy season since I don’t like being sweaty

Fave books: An absolute fan of Neil Gaiman (I especially love American Gods and Anansi Boys)

Fave flower: Forget-Me-Nots

Fave scent: old books, mint, earthy smell after it rains

Fave color: RED

Fave animal: owls or cats? I can’t choose

Coffee, tea or hot cocoa: I prefer Green tea but I need coffee if I want to survive my course.

Average sleep hours: ahaha….haha…ha

Cat or dog person: Both but kinda mostly dogs

Fave fictional character: I have a lot to choose from but recently it’s Velvet from Odin Sphere

Number of blankets i sleep with: 1 maybe none (depends on the weather)

Dream trip: Travelling the world and eating each country’s national dish or taking pictures of their architecture. My dream place to visit is the Cave of the Crystals in Mexico.

Blog created: This blog was created December 2016 but my other blog (reblog blog basically) was created in 2014 I think??

Number of followers: 13,000+ amazing followers <3

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pushing on a bruise, getting takeout at 3am, a kettle boiling, driving through a tunnel full of lights, a tire swing.

freshly baked choc-chip cookies, buying a latte before work, getting into a warm bed on a cold winters day, seeing a shooting star.

playing hide and seek, treasure hunts, rewinding an old video tape, sleeping in.

staying in & watching movies on gloomy days, swimming in a lake on a moonlit night, cooking dinner with your best friend, your first favourite song

the summer breeze at night, staying up all night and watching the sunrise, lighting candles, sneaking out

old book smell, a new haircut, running through a field, freshly cut grass, the relief after passing an exam

busy streets, the smell of roses, a friendly hug, running through the rain, bumping into an old friend

playing truth and dare, becoming friends with strangers, alley ways, rain splashing against the window, street lights

climbing trees, scraped knees, finding a four-leaf clover, the sinking feeling when you’re on a roller coaster.

rushing towards the ice cream truck, learning how to ride a bike, front row concert tickets, fireworks

midnight phone calls that last until morning, having your palm read when visiting a night time market, winning a prize from a crane machine, exploring empty houses

swimming while its raining, finger painting, fairy lights, building sandcastles

—  thenatalchart | What I associate with the Signs! Inspired by this post, made by wildfairys :)

Cute Soriel Headcanons:
-When they’re cuddling together, or huddled in bed and Sans has trouble sleeping, he’ll fiddle with Toriel’s horns, running his phalanges along the base, transfixed. Toriel thinks it’s odd at first, until she realizes that her horns are technically part of her skull/exposed bones.
-Toriel prefers using fire magic to dry herself off after a shower, but Sans really enjoys blow drying and brushing her fur, so she lets him get away with it every other day. Preferably if it’s before bed, because the rhythmic motion makes her drowsy.
-Toriel becomes addicted to audiobooks once she learns she can store them on her phone (its no match for that old book smell, but it’s just so convenient!). She and Sans fall asleep listening to 1001 snail facts (well, Sans does at least. Toriel can stay up till midnight learning about snails).

Things BTS Reminds Me Of
  • Jin: warm cookies, vanilla candles, a pink sunset, picking flowers in a field,
  • Yoongi: empty notebooks, smudged charcoal, a new moon, ripped jeans
  • Namjoon: new book smell, old leather chairs, finding a new favorite show,
  • Hoseok: the feel of the sun on your skin on a cold day, petting a dog, watching the sunrise, laughing till you can barely breathe
  • Jimin: being wrapped in a blanket, fairy lights, meeting up with friends you haven't seen in a while
  • Taehyung: balloons, dancing with friends, when you can see the moon in the morning, walking in the woods
  • Jungkook: lying in the grass, staying up late studying, solar eclipse, going on a hike
Imagine wearing Sam’s dark plaid shirt while he slept

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Imagine wearing Sam’s shirt
Couple: Sam x Reader

You smiled at your resting boyfriend as he slept on your bed. His head was in your lap with his arms wrapped around your waist while you were reclined against the headboard.

He was shirtless and you had his shirt on. The shirt came to your mid-thigh and the sleeves went past your fingertips. His shirt hugged you as if you were being hugged by him.

It was your favorite one of his. The dark plaid brought out his eyes which was one of the first things you noticed about him.

Sam Winchester had the most beautiful kind of eyes which was what drew you to him. You fell for him after learning more about his life; past struggles and all. You loved him and he loved you.

The shirt you were wearing held his scent. Another favorite of yours. Sam had this distinct smell.
He did not smell like cheap cologne or something high-end.

Rather it was something warm and comforting.

Sam Winchester smelt like old books. The rustic smell of parchment and old ink. It reminded you of a library.

His scent had a hint of coffee. Not something expired but rather, something strong like the first fresh brew of the morning.

Overall, there was a sense of clean and freshness that surrounded him. It was earthy and relaxing.

It was perfect.

He was perfect even if he would never believe that. 

You did.

Because in your eyes, he was a hero.