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My best m8 (and #1 d.va fan), @geraltsbooty, leveled up today! Pls go wish him a happy birthday and maybe give him a follow too, bc he is the bee’s knees ♥ 

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HUM SO . happy birthday, @nori-wings i guess (????????? *tsundere on* ok joke :’’0

HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU CRAZY GIRL  ❤ ❤ I love youu sososososo much i remember when the doctor told me “she’s a girl” and i was like what no i’m 17(?? i don’t know, i’m just trying to make you laugh xddd not working probably, sooo you were my very first friend in the Soul Eater fandom ;u; we were in DA being totally noobs with our art we still are  ,and then you showed me your soul eater dub and i was like ohhh her voice is so pweety then as the stalker i am i think i asked your for your facebook too (? and we started talking and being weird together *AWWWW* with weird conversations and such uwu  ❤ me sending you stupid selfies xddd, and voice notes omg i lose my dignity everytime :’v anywaaay even if we don’t live too close cof,chileandmexico,cof, i’ll be there always for youu :’DD  ❤ you can tell me anything you want and i’ll try to help you in all i can do ;U;  ❤

sooo, maybe my drawing isn’t the best, i mean the coloring, BECAUSE EACH POSE AND FACE AND OMG I SUFFERED but it was worth it because it was your gift uwu  ❤ OVERALL THE MOST DIFFICULT ONE WAS SOUL EATING THE BALLOON XDDD, you wanted him as a nerd, you are having him as a nerd for you (?? doing cake and all, Maka jealous because he’s wearing a t-shirt with your face

nothing out of the normal pff

ammm soo thank you for being my friend and all u////u love you ahhhh  ❤

good night :p 

i’m just gonna lay over here and cry (?

i posted this 30 minutes before 12pm 

i’m the first one to congratulate her in tumblr beat that :/// (? ❤

The Littlest Winchester - Something Special for Sam

Character(s): Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester

Warning: None

Word Count: 1,009


Can you do The Littlest Winchester where its Sam’s birthday and the reader tries to make something special for him?


           “Daddy, will you take me to the store?” The four-year-old tugs at Dean’s pant leg to get his attention.

           “Why do you want to go to the store?”

           “I want to get Sammy a present.”

           “Why don’t you make him something?”

           “I don’t know what to make him.”

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The first time the gang takes a ride in a hot air balloon, it’s a breezy summer day and the blue skies are streaked with cirrus clouds, perfect for the culmination of months of planning and saving. They crowd into the basket and wave for Jonathan’s pre-takeoff photo op. As the balloon lifts off, Dustin starts in with his most enthusiastic rendition of “Gonna Fly Now”. Nobody minds this because it’s a change from his endless refrain of “Up Up and Away” on the drive up.
Once they’re in the air, Lucas muses out loud what it’d be like to spit over the edge. Dustin shuts the idea down with a “That’s disgusting,” as Max slugs Lucas in the arm to drive the point home. (“Thank you, Max.” “No problem.”) They spend the next few hours playing I Spy and debating the merits of a hot air balloon as a getaway vehicle (Lucas maintains that a plane would be a better, faster option, while Max just asks why they wouldn’t just use a car?).
Will divides his time between politely asking the pilot questions about what it’s like piloting a hot air balloon everyday and trying to unnecessarily memorize all the scenery floating by for future drawings.
I say unnecessarily because El brought Jonathan’s old camera, last week’s birthday gift, and when she’s not gazing in awe at the views, she’s immortalizing them in photographs.
Mike is also trying to memorize the scenery, but he’s more focused on the kind with awestruck brown eyes and curly brown hair who keeps grabbing his hand and smiling that beautiful smile.
The excursion ends with Jonathan and Nancy returning from their drive and taking the kids to a pancake house, where they all stuff themselves with the fluffy flat pieces of heaven and their mapley toppings of glory, all to sleep off on the drive home (during which Lucas drowsily hums “Up Up and Away” before nodding off).



D.I.Y. Birthday Party in a Box  🎂 

In celebration of my B-day today woo hoo!!! 🎈♛ Here’s a little D.I.Y. tutorial on how to create this awesome gift idea called Birthday Party in a Box! 🎁

p.s. Happy early or late birthday to u all!!!!  ✿



like if I find some really cool patch I might sew up the pockets just to put it on but like. otherwise. that’s basically it. 

I’m so excited to wear it! I did a trial wear yesterday actually and got several comments ranging from “well you wouldn’t wear that to an interview…” from a person leading a guest seminar at school to “that is SUCH a cool vest!!!” from my boss (who gave me a conspiratorial look and now I’m convinced she’s got something similar in her closet).

but yeah!!! represented fandoms (see if you can find them all!): steven universe, sailor moon, revolutionary girl utena, rwby, madoka magica, miraculous ladybug, bee and puppycat, and cardcaptor sakura. I AM debating adding a star vs the forces of evil patch I saw, but as I’ve not yet begun that show, it’s gonna have to wait.

also all the patches and pins are A+ good and I’m totally happy to recommend any and all; if you see one you like tell me and I’ll shoot you the link.

also ALSO like legit thanks to @tahthetrickster for suggesting this because it’s been SO MUCH FUN and it makes me wanna do a lot more. I’m actually toying with a girl scout camp one. maybe one day I’ll get along to. yknow. actual bands and stuff.


Went shopping with a friend yesterday and introduced her to the glory of paperchase and muji :D
(needless to say we both went a bit overboard with the stationery shopping, despite claiming we didn’t want to spend a lot of money… oops)