old beer ad

I see an entire future with you.
I see us starting off in an apartment, our queen size bed covered in Star Wars blankets and pillows like we’re kids again, our two cats sound asleep in the sunlight of our porch, our herb garden hanging off the railing, posters of our favorite bands on the walls, and little fairy lights over everything. I get to wake up and fall asleep with you, it doesn’t matter that we both work full schedules because I know that I’ll always get to come home to you.
Then comes our wedding. We can’t afford much, but no one cares because it’s still as beautiful as ever. We’re on the beach, your favorite place, and we’re all dressed as casually as can be. I’m crying because I never thought I would ever end up being this happy and having a chance at a normal life. We dance to Luna by Smashing Pumpkins, our song.
Soon we have a cute little house by the beach. We grow old together, getting high, drinking old beer, and adding tattoos to our collection.
If you go before I do, I’ll follow shortly after. I’ll hold your hand into the next life. And I will whisper the words I’ve been telling you my whole life;

I promise.