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As If You’ve Always Been There by quietoceanlove

Hello, everyone! I know it’s been forever since I’ve done any drawings, but I finally finished this one just in time for the OMS Challenge. :)

I’ve had this idea in my head for nearly a year now, I just had a lot of difficulty transferring it to paper. But you know how it is with art – patience, perseverance, and practice. Eventually I got there, and I really like the final result. I love Spock Prime and I truly believe there should be more Kirk Prime as well so I decided to draw them together. The idea is that they are both living in the AOS universe now (though if you want to think it’s the TOS-verse that’s ok too) and still running the odd mission for Starfleet. You know how Jim is. He doesn’t believe in retirement. So, they’re hiding out somewhere and Spock is trying to meditate while Jim keeps an eye out for danger, always ready to protect his husband.

I wanted to combine TOS and AOS themes with the clothes that Jim and Spock wear, and so I drew inspiration from a few different places. Jim’s jacket has the shoulder patches and a similar design that that you see in Beyond with the blue reconnaissance uniforms, but he wears his original captain’s pin from the TOS-verse (the things that survive the nexus…). He also has a collar that fans out – something I noticed he wears in the TOS movies :). A few different things influenced Spock’s outfit. The cowl seems more AOS-centric to me but also very Vulcanish (something I could see the young Spock wearing).  The shoulder detail is a big part of Vulcan clothes in the TOS movies, and the rest of the dark colored tunic is  inspired by the black outfit Spock wears in The Motion Picture. The gloves/undersleeves were my own idea. I just think it’s a cool look and actually pretty logical that a touch-sensitive species might have the gloves and sleeves of a shirt as all one piece. Jim’s phaser rifle is also something I made up though I tried to make it look kind of TOS-ish.

It was a bit of a struggle to draw Kirk Prime, but I wanted to so badly! I feel very strongly that Jim is a handsome badass regardless of weight or age so I really enjoyed showing that he is heavyset and unashamed of it. He’s awesome AND cuddly. It was strange drawing Spock’s hair as being white instead of black, but I’m quite happy with his expression. I felt honored but sort of sad drawing Spock Prime, knowing that not only is the beautiful Nimoy no longer with us but that Spock’s own story closes in Beyond. I prefer to think of him as still out there, perhaps with his Jim.

My Sunshine

It happened again.

The noises were hoarse rumbles, throaty and intelligible. Almost lost to the noises of clinking utensils and ceramics, of running faucet and squishing sponge. When it first happened, Jack thought Gabriel was having a cold of sort, because the sound was uneven, skipping like a broken record. And then, to his amusement, it occurred to the old soldier that Gabriel, badass edgy DeathLord Reaper, enjoyed humming while doing the dishes.

“What are you singing?” Jack would ask, and there would always be a change of colour on Gabriel’s ashen skin. The former Blackwatch would grunt and flick soapy water all around. But then he would hide his somewhat fond grin under the hood he liked so much, when Jack laughed. Jack would go and sneak his arms around Gabriel’s waist, resting his chin on impossibly straight shoulders, and listened to the rolling thunder of his husband’s voice, out of tune but evoked a buzzing warmth at the very pit of his stomach.

It was difficult to tell, but Jack suspected it was the same song, over and over. Gabriel was a creature of habit, and he was not one for musical indulgence. Not since Switzerland anyway. It had Jack curious of course, but Gabriel was a stubborn mule, especially when it came to things that might embarrass him. Then again, Jack wasn’t too eager on finding out. What mattered was Gabriel being in a good mood.

Them being them, Jack should have expected something like this to happen when he took a bullet to the ribs.

Bleeding behind a ravaged wall, with his head pillowed on Gabriel’s lap, Jack’s breathing was laboured as his life blood seeped away. His head spun and the pain, unfortunately familiar, was a resonating throb against every cell in his body. He felt his strength dissipating, and the visor’s bleary light was a stab to his dimming consciousness.

Just as Jack was at the edge of darkness, the mask was yanked away, giving him a lungful of dust and gunpowder. And the coldness of Gabriel’s forehead against his own blistering hot skin.

“You are my sunshine. My only sunshine." 

Hoarse and breathless, with wisps of smog caressing his vision, Gabriel began to murmur. Terribly off-tune, choked and skipped, but it damped everything else surrounding them into a dull thumping. Jack’s misted eyes widened, staring into Gabriel’s red-tinted ones, and marvelled as his pain became just another dream.

Gabriel didn’t know all the words. He only knew the chorus. But he repeated it, over and over, anchoring Jack’s focus to him and him alone. And he didn’t let go, even when Angela arrived, even when they both were moved into the ship. In the roaring of engines and shouts, Gabriel pressed his words into Jack’s palm. And though Jack could not hear his husband, he could feel it against his skin.

"Please don’t take my sunshine away.”

Can we think of some really good actresses to play fem!TFW who are the same age as the cast of supernatural? Dean is 37, Sam is 34, Cas is in a 42 year old vessel and Crowley is in a 52 year old vessel. 

I mean Amber Heard makes a great Deanna yeah, and I love all the gifsets of her as Dean, but she’s only 30 and if the show actually did do a genderbend episode, I would want the actresses to be the same age as the boys. 

Anyone have any suggestions for great actresses who are the right age to play TFW?

I just finished watching One Day at a Time on Netflix and honestly it was the best show I’ve watched in a long long time

Most shows don’t make me want to keep watching and keep watching but this little comedy about life did like holy shit its good

It stars three generations of a Cuban American family all under one roof. and there’s a straight and white guy who isn’t Straight™ and White™. plus it’s veteran inclusive and doesn’t hide the hard stuff like PTSD, depression, anxiety, and how shitty the VA is and and it’s LGBT+ inclines and the 15 year old daughter is a badass feminist oh and did I mention that the veteran who’s going through all this stuff is the single mom of two and the star of the show. 

So go and watch One Day at a Time your life will be better because of it 


Thank you Bansai for realizing the absolute badass reputations of those fighting alongside you and for NOT making them out to be simple morons who happen to have an overwhelming amount of power that you could simply use to attain your own ends.

I LOVE when characters acknowledge just how amazing our Old Jouishishi boys are.

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