old atl

if i see one more person complaining that they miss the old atl and that their sound has changed then i swear to god like bish they’ve been together like 14 years??? are u really expecting that in that time they haven’t grown or changed at all??? frankly i’m just grateful to be on this journey with such a well deserved band, and i couldn’t care less if they put out heavy metal korean rap i’m still gonna support them and not complain when they make music they love

ID #98892

Name: Pixie
Age: 20
Country: USA

Hey, so i basically have no friends ( okay i actually have three but we all ride different waves) and my names actually sabrina but everyone just calls me Pixie(after the pixystix candies) . I love listening to bands(ptv, sws, paramore, atl…etc) if i had any musical talents id start one but i suck so I’m studying to be a biologist. I like to read ALOT, take pictures, go to the beach, and talk about dumb shit(space, life, boys/girls, …). I also like old movies. animals of any kinda and i’m practicing some french. Id like to travel the world someday but ill also gladly travel to other states in the U.S.

Preferences: 18+ , snail mail would be pretty stellar but I’m chill with texting and e-mailing 。^‿^。

*all while listening to future hearts for the first time*
  • *listening to Satellite*
  • Me: this is the best song on the album
  • *listening to Kicking & Screaming*
  • Me: nope it's this one
  • * listening to Something's Gotta Give*
  • Me: Holy shit it's this one
  • * listening to Kids in the Dark*
  • Me: sorry it's this one
  • * listening to Runaways*
  • Me: nope this is the best one
  • * listening to Missing You*
  • Me: sorry this is king
  • * listening to Cinderblock Garden*
  • Me: nope best song right here
  • * listening to Tidal Waves*
  • Me: never mind you're all irrelevant this is the best right here
  • * listening to Don't You Go*
  • Me: whoops it's this on
  • * listening to Bail Me out*
  • Me: hahaha it's this song
  • * listening to Dancing with a Wolf*
  • Me: okay I made up my mind it's this song right here
  • * listening to The Edge of Tonight*
  • Me: holy hell it's this song
  • * listening to Old Scars / Future Hearts*
  • Me: it's this one

I ??? Love ground control so much??? It’s such a different sound and I do miss old atl but it’s also a welcome change. It reminds me of space and stars and nights in cars with friends and cigarettes and talking for hours about life and existence. Tegan and Sara vibe really well with Alex’s voice and I love it. I love the entire album, nightmares hit me hard. I’m just super proud of them for taking this new direction. I think they nailed it. I may be so far up their ass that I support anything they do but honestly I’m living for the aesthetic and the way it makes me feel.

lets clear this up

you wanna listen to old music? do it.
you wanna listen to new music? do it.
you wanna listen to the radio? do it.
you wanna listen to screamo? do it.
you wanna listen to acoustic? do it.
you wanna listen to boybands? do it.
you wanna listen to electronic? do it.
you wanna listen to religious? do it.