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A follow up to this post I made about Renee adding Andrew to the “we love neil” groupchat and Andrew never responding until they hold a competition to see who can take the cutest picture of Neil and he enters with a winner at the last minute.

(both posts of mine are inspired by @local-astronaut’s  a look into Matt’s phone post and the “we love neil” groupchat in it)

(also shoutout to @honoka-san who made a post suggesting Manu Rios as Neil)


Began work on the body for one of these fellows.

This torso is made with a 64x64p texture map, like the heads.

As usual, there’s no materials used here (solid textures with vertex paint only). Vertex paint is really good!

UPDATE: Added front/back view, UV layout and wireframe

One of the more recent joint expeditions (to I think the ISS) between Russian, American, and Canadian astronauts used a space suit developed and designed in Russia. (It looked a lot like one of the older Soviet models that I think was a rescue suit)
I just thought it was funny lmao




A New Friend Series: Crowley takes you at a young age and makes you hate your brothers. (Goes from 6 to 15 years old)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5


The Accident Series: You get into a car crash while being chased by vampires, your brothers take you to a hospital to find you in critical condition. (17 years old)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


Bonding Series: Oneshots where a 6 years old Winchester sister bonds with the characters of Supernatural. 

Bonding 1: Kevin

Bonding 2: Dean Winchester

Bonding 3: Sam Winchester

Bonding 4: Castiel

Bonding 5: Bobby Singer

Bonding 6: Charlie Bradbury

Bonding 7: Crowley

(Other ones coming soon!)

Run Away Series: You get into a fight with your brothers causing you to run away. (15 years old)

Part 1: 

Part 2:

Part 3:

A Date Series: You go on your first date and your brothers aren’t too happy about it. (Highschool Age)

Part 1

Part 2 

Part 3

(Might do a Part 4)

The Truth Series: Your best friend finds Crowley in the bunker dungeon. (Highschool Age)

Part 1

Part 2

Faith: Based on the episode Faith(1x12) but with a teenage sister.

Part 1

Part 2

Sister Winchester OneShots:


  • Girls Day Out: You and Charlie go shopping (Any Age)
  • Bonding: You and Charlie bond for a day (6 years old)
  • Big Reveal: You and Charlie have been dating for a few months, but your brothers think you’re straight and you finally come out. (17+)

Sam Winchester:

Dean Winchester:

  • Nicknames: Dean gives you the nickname Chipmunk.(Age:6 years old)
  • Bonding: You and Dean bond for a day (Age: 6 years old)
  • I Won’t Leave You: You get kidnapped by a demon and your brothers rescue you and take you to a hospital where Dean never leaves your side (Any Age)
  • We Have Each Other: Takes place when Dean is with Lisa after Sam jumps into the pit and you have a tough time dealing with it so you get into fights at school. (Highschool)
  • Jail: You and Dean go to jail after a hunt gone wrong and while Sam tries to get you out, you start freaking out. (Any Age)
  • Late Night Drive: You and Dean can’t sleep so he takes you out for a night drive. (Any)
  • He Still Cares: Takes place when Demon!Dean was around, you and Sam get kidnapped by Cole and he ends up hurting you which Demon!Dean isn’t too happy about. (Any)
  • Closer Than Ever: After a bad nightmare you go to Dean, and you two work on becoming closer. (6 years old)
  • Drunk Brother: Dean gets drunk so you have to go get him. (Old enough to drive)
  • Not Who You Say You Are: A shapeshifter disguises as Dean and it tortures you. (Any)
  • Flying: You’re from England so the boys plan a trip there, the only problem is Dean hates flying. (Any)
  • Father Figure: Dean gets upset that you have a bigger bond with Sam than you do with him. (9 years old)
  • Happy Birthday, De:  It’s like a progression of Dean’s birthdays. (Goes from 5 to 15 to 26)
  • Cured Demon!Dean is stuck in the bunker, you’re scared of him so you run away. (Teenage+)


  • Awkward: You try explaining what Netflix and Chill means to Castiel. (Any Age)
  • Can’t Sleep: You can’t sleep so you call Castiel to tell you some stories.(Any Age)
  • Bonding: You and Castiel bond for a day (6 years old reader)
  • Say The Right Things: Castiel is left to watch over you while your brothers are on a hunt when you get your period Cas doesn’t exactly know what to do. (Any)
  • Subtle Hints: You start using cheesy pick-up lines to get Castiel to notice that you like him. (16 years old)
  • Too Young (Part 1): You are Castiel’s soulmate. (16 years old)
  • Questions: Castiel keeps picking bad times to ask you questions. (Any)

Sam and Dean Winchester:

  • First Drink: It’s your 21st birthday and your brothers throw you a party.
  • Sick Days: You get sick and your brothers take care of you. (Any age)
  • Heroes: You get bullied at school and your brothers come save the day. (Age: 14-16)
  • Hunt Gone Wrong: Your first hunt goes terribly wrong (Around 14-16)
  • This Means War: Your brothers hide your phone. (Any Age)
  • Hidden Talent: Your brothers find out that you draw (Any Age)
  • Too Much: You’re on your period and you collapse on a hunt because of the pain. (Any Age)
  • Storms: You’re scared of storms and when a big one comes and you’re brothers aren’t home you break down. (Any Age)
  • Fight Song: You’re brothers come home from a hunt early and hear you playing the guitar and singing. (Any Age)
  • Break-Ups: You girlfriend breaks up with you and your friend group shuts you out so your brothers make you feel better. (Highschool)
  • Scars: You and Sam get kidnapped by a demon and it finds your self-harm scars. (Any)
  • I Missed You: Back to the pilot where Dean goes to get Sam and you tag along not too happy to see him after he left. (15 years old)
  • Wing-Men: Your brothers go undercover at your school and they end up setting you up with your crush (High School)
  • Bad People: You and your brothers get kidnapped by a shifter and he tries to rape you. (Any)
  • Sassy Winchester: You and your brothers go to a bar where a guy tries to pick you up but you sass him to hell and back. (Any)
  • Car Problems: The Impala breaks down in the middle of nowhere and you have to call your brothers to help. (Old enough to drive)
  • School: Demons invade your school, you and your brothers have to save the students that are locked inside. (High school)
  • Oldest Winchester: You are the eldest Winchester (Older than Dean)
  • Pool: You hustle some guys playing pool and they’re not happy about it, Sam and Dean come and save you. (15ish)
  • Let Go of the Past: You visit your hometown where your dad is in a coma, and it’s time to let go. (Any)
  • Pokemon Go: You’re obsessed with Pokemon GO and you get your brothers to play it. (Any)
  • Saving People: You get tired of killing demons instead of exorcising them. (Any)
  • Favoritism: Your brothers favor your sister over you. (Teenage)
  • Asthma: You get an asthma attack during a hunt. (Any)
  • Cafe Worker: You get a job but your boss is a total creep. (Teenager/Adult)
  • Convention: You and your brothers find yourselves at a Supernatural Convention. (Any)
  • Flirting: You get a spell cast upon you that makes you flirt with everyone. (Teenage/Adult)
  • Your Puppy: You grow up with a dog but your world comes crashing to an end one day. (Any)
  • Little Fear: You’re scared of sleeping next to the door until one day you’re forced to face your fear. (Any)
  • Is One Simple Birthday Wish Too Much To Ask For: You celebrate your birthday in a special way. (Any)
  • Just Listen: You get into a fight at school and no one believes it wasn’t your fault. (Highschool)
  • Tired: You’re tired of absolutely everything and everyone. (High school)

Bobby Singer:

  • Bonding: You and Bobby bond for a day (Age: 6 years old)
  • Leviathans: Your brothers leave you with Bobby, but when Bobby leaves you have stay with Jody Mills. (17 years old)


  • Hell Hound: Crowley gets you a Hell Hound for your 15th birthday.
  • Bonding: You and Crowley bond for a day. (6 years old)


  • Cabin Fever: You’re put in charge of watching Kevin, but when you two hide in an old cabin, you two kiss. (Around 18)
  • Bonding: You and Kevin bond for a day. (6 years old)

Adam Milligan:


  • Fourth of July:  You’ve never been to a firework show, and Cas doesn’t know what the 4th of July is. (Any)
  • Fireworks: Sam and Dean bring you out to see fireworks. (Any)
  • Father’s Day: You, Dean’s daughter, make a card for him for Father’s Day. (6 years old)
  • More Like a Father: Sam is more like a father to you so you decide to do some things on Father’s Day. (Around 13+)
  • Easter: Your family sets up an Easter egg hunt. (5-6 years old)

Team Free Will:


Sam Winchester:

  • Stressed: You get stressed from all the exams and tests coming up, and your dad (Sam) calms you down (Highschool)
  • Trust: You lose your little cousin Mary at the park so your Uncle Dean flips out causing you to break down. (16 years old)
  • Music Room: You and your little cousin Mary find a hidden room in the bunker full of instruments. (16 years old)
  • Pie Fixes Everything: You get into a fight at school so your Uncle Dean takes you out for pie to make you feel better. (Highschool)
  • Antidepressants: Your little cousin Mary finds your antidepressants. (Any)
  • Mario Kart Festival: You get TFW to play Mario Kart. (16ish)

Dean Winchester:

  • VidCon: You’re a famous Youtuber so your Dad Dean and Uncle Sam take you to VidCon where you meet a bunch of your YouTube friends. (Any Age)
  • Books: Dean gets jealous because you always talk to Uncle Sam about books you read so he feels like he’s left out. (Any)
  • Astronaut Dad: Dean goes to hell and leaves you. (9 years old)
  • Astronaut Dad Part 2: Your dad comes back from hell. (11 years old)
  • School Trouble: You keep getting into fights at school. (Highschool)
  • First Hunt: Your dad takes you and your twin brother on your first hunt. (16 years old)


Sister of Other Characters:


  • Protective King of Hell: You’re Crowley’s sister and you meet the Winchesters for the first time but Crowley is very protective over you. (Any)

Actor/Actress Oneshots:

  • We’re Always Here: You are an actress on Supernatural when you get a call that a family member is hurt and Jared and Jensen help you through it. (Any)
  • Weird VS Normal: You get sent into an AU where Supernatural is just a TV show and you have to decide whether or not you want to go back. (Any)
  • Reverse French Mistake: You and the cast of SPN get teleported to the SPN world and meet the characters. (Any)
  • Pranks: You and your sister prank each other and people on set. (Any) 
  • Big Role: You get a role in a new show and the topic comes up a con (Any I guess)

1K Contest Winners:

Episode Based Imagines:

Confusing old postcard from the 1930s showing the Florida home of 1970s astronaut Darby McNab resplendent in tropical foliage and hedges of flame vine.

The horrific inset image of McNab shows him in a Daedalus-era space suit covered in “space daisies,” one side of his face ruined and grotesque and awesome.

If you asked Docking Module Pilot Darby McNab which he loved more, docking his space module or tending the lush, tropical garden at his home in Bilgewater, Florida, he might hem and haw for a few minutes while never providing a definitive answer, but, if you gave him a couple friendly shots of Idaho bourbon, would ramble on and on about a creature he referred to as the Skunk Ape, but which we all know better as Bigfoot or Smelly Theodore.

Forever lost in a time-tripping compression scallion, McNab was still able to make it home for Thanksgiving dinners in 1987, 1944, 1922, and 2041 (in that order), all of which ended in bitter recrimination and tears.


“To a 10-year-old in 1990, as well as a to a 10-year-old in the year 2000 or 2010, I would say… do two things: stay in school as long as you can, and study hard. Put off the present for the benefit of the future.

Life’s two finest experiences: One of those is the conquering of a fear, and the other is the satisfying of a curiosity. Satisfying your curiosity with the gaining of new truths, which you can do if you study hard enough and stay in school long enough, you will find will be the greatest pleasure you can ever get out of life.”

Astronaut Scott Carpenter interviewed in 1990 (x)

Space In Between - Part 1

Synopsis: You’re a grad student studying aerospace medicine that’s transferred from Berkeley to Yale with the hope of getting recruited for NASA. Christopher Beck, taking a break from visiting the SpaceX Station, is your professor. What happens when your paths cross?

Warnings: None for now


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Phase 1 - Autumn Equinox

Stone meets earth as heavy sun rays beat down on the large, expansive campus. It goes unnoticed, students too busy jumping off their bikes as they bustle to classes, student groups posted on lawn space trying to recruit fresh new faces, students already over the semester lying lazily in grass, reviewing textbooks and schedules.

School season had started.

You were part of the crowd. But no longer were you a fresh faced undergrad. Those years had long passed. You were walking Yales campus as a second year grad student, transferred fresh from Berkeley pursuing your degree in a Master of Science. You were being watched by NASA, you had been informed by a professor when you decided to transfer over, and the best way to really stand out in their eyes was to go to a school that specialized in your field. You had spent the six years between your undergrad and grad school doing a small residency program and interning at NASA centers across the country and now you were ready to make that next jump before trying to snag a job. You were ready for this.

You walked slowly into the small lecture room, your close and longtime friends Mara and Hector beside you.

“I don’t believe you decided to switch over to Aerospace Medicine.” Hector says, easily finding a seat a couple of rows back from the front. You shrug as you slide in beside him, Mara taking a place on the other side of you.

“Agreed. You were all about engineering your whole time at Berkley. Lived for it.”

You dig in your bag for your notebook as they continue their battle.

“I mean, we appreciated your cute little pre-med second major. Enjoyed seeing you in class. But I thought you wanted to be more than a doctor on a space ship.” Hector remarks and you roll your eyes as you sit up, shaking your head.

“I know guys! But then I read this autobiography this past summer on this astronaut who served alongside Watney. The Mark Watney,” They groan, rolling their eyes but you ignore them and continue “And it helps to have more than one skill. I know machines. Know I can get better at mastering them but I know them. The math makes sense in my head. Bodies though…it’s fascinating the science that changes once you’re in space. I want to master that.”

Hector and Mara exchange glances at each other before Hector says,

“You are like, balls to the wall obsessed with Watney and his crew. An autobiography? That’s what you did this summer. Instead of sleep and party and do what you’re supposed to do at 28 years old. You really got to get a hobby. Or a boyfriend.”

You punch him as Mara laughs, throwing her head back.

“She needs to get laid.”

“Shut up!” you yell and she giggles loudly as the door to your classroom opens up. The classroom silences, minus Mara’s giggles and you nudge her as a tall man with brown hair walks in, a leather satchel in one hand and a thermos of coffee in another. He’s wearing dress pants and a thin dark blue sweater, the material hugging over his defined muscles. He places his items on his desk before walking to the white board, writing out Environmental Medicine on the board in messy, scrawled out letters. Your mouth drops open as he turns to the classroom, his plump lips tugging into a smile as he rubs his hands together.

“Who’s ready to learn about Environmental Medicine?”

The rest of the room groans, Hector and Mara included. This was one of the toughest courses in this field and the professor was also a killer grader. At least the sixty year old man who was supposed to teach this course.

Not Dr. Christopher Beck, the 35 year old astronaut who had completed three trips to SpaceX Station and six EVA trips.

Not the Doctor Beck that you were absolutely obsessed with and had admittedly read his two books on Biomedical and Environmental Science.

Mara catches on to the way you’re staying, still flabbergasted and she pokes you.

“Something up?” she asks in a mild whisper and your mouth is instantly finding its voice, speaking all too loud and clearly,

“What happened to Professor Grant? I thought he taught this course. He’s  infamous for it.”

Chris finds your eyes easily, a playful smirk on his face.

“Decided to go on sabbatical in Ireland. But don’t worry, I’ll be equally if not more critical on the assignments I send out.”

This has the class mumbling as you lift an eyebrow, falling back in your seat and shaking your head.

“Of course you will. You’re a highly trained, intelligent astronaut that’s made six notorious trips into space, one of those serving with the infamous Mark Watney. Of course the university replaces the man who redesigned the Environmental Sciences with the one who was able to see those sciences come to life next to the world’s leading botanist and engineering. Of course, of course, of course..”

You don’t realize how loud your words are as you ramble, pinching your eyes together as you try to get your thoughts to focus. Trying not freak out. Trying to figure if you can get a course with anyone, anyone but him.

Not because you didn’t want to learn by him. But because of the deep, fangirly attraction that you’ve developed for him over your entire university life.

The words, however, hit every student and they start to gasp and Chris shakes his head, falling back on his desk with his arms crossed.

“Well, guess the cats out of the bag. Your classmate is right, I’m Dr. Chris Beck and I will be your Environmental Science teacher. No, I will not call Watney for your personal pleasure. No, I will not detail you every lecture with the details of my travels. I’m here to teach you one thing and one thing only. How the environmental shapes the human body. On earth, in space and in Mars. Now if you don’t have any other questions or comments,” he intentionally looks at you and you blush. “Shall we begin with today’s lecture?”

The rest of the hour is torture. You can’t focus, your brain distracted as Chris moves from one end of the classroom to the other. He was actually a good lecturer. He knew how to keep the room engaged as he droned on about molecular science, a topic that was as dull as plain oatmeal. Knew how to deliver jokes in between pertinent chunks of information. No, his teaching wasn’t the problem.

He was.

The sweater was an absolute sin. It moved against his body like it was part of his skin, and the defined contoured muscles underneath strained as his hands moved animatedly in the air. His bright, cerulean eyes popped with amusement as he delivered one line to another and you had to flit them away each time you found yourself staring at them too long. His hair had grown out a bit then the photo you had seen him in from his journey, and some ends curled in natural array.

He could be the best mistake that could ever happen to you in the world. And the thought made it that much more alluring.

You didn’t write a thing down either, your pen firmly gripped around your pen as you doodled mindlessly, biting your lip. Trying to will yourself to focus. This wasn’t like you. You didn’t get tripped up on men. You focused on school and work. You focused on your dream of working for NASA and going to space.

This was going to be a problem. Then, toward the end of the lecture you perked up. He was married. Everyone knew he married his fellow shipmate Johannsen. And they had a child together. Perfect. He had a perfect little family and there was no chance of your happily ever after with him.

You were able to finish the last part of the notes, promising to get the rest from Mara as he closed his argument. You hurriedly grabbed your things, stuffing them in your bag as you walked down the steps.

He had his back turned, placing his book and notes away before he glanced up, catching your eye.

“Didn’t catch your name.”

You turn, looking at Mara and Hector and he smiles as he points toward you.

“You know who you are. The one who unveiled my secret in front of the entire class. Bet that gets around by my afternoon lecture.”

“Ahhhhh, well I just you know, I just spend way too much free time reading SpaceX Station essays.” You try to brush it off as students file past you and Hector snorts as Mara says,

“More like 28 years of her life. This girl has read everything about that station, the astronauts who have visited, all your wo-“you elbow her in the chest before smiling at Chris who raises an amused eyebrow.

“We got a uuhhhhh, study session to make it to. Gotta go. Looking forward to your class Dr. Beck.”

You tug on Mara who’s laughing hard, Hector not too far behind.

“What the hell was that about?” Mara groans, rubbing her chest and Hector chuckles shaking his head.

“I think Y/N has a crush on our professor.”

“Shut it.” You grit through your teeth and Mara looks at you astonished.

“No way dude! Isn’t he married?”

“Yes! I don’t have a crush on him, just don’t want him knowing how I spend my goddamn free time okay. Let’s drop it and catch lunch.”

There silent before Mara whispers, a smile on her face.

“It’s literally 10 in the morning…”

“Whatever!” You huff, storming off without them. You had to get your shit together. For your sake.