old arts needs loving too

Our favourite Rune mage joins the disney crusade!

Disney Male: Jellal | Laxus | Gray

Disney Female: Erza | Juvia | Lucy | Mirajane | Cana | Levy

MY FIRST EVER FINISHED DRAWING IN YEARS! I did it for Echoes so give me a 3DS and a copy of the game please.

I’m not really satisfied with her face, but no matter how much I readjust it, it just won’t work. Maybe the expression just doesn’t fit her… I wanted to draw Lukas or Mae instead, really, but Celica (in her nightgown) is as absolutely lovely as them.

ReaperTale!Sans for someone on UT Amino 

Considering the sketch is extremely old, I’m so glad they convinced me to finish it, seeing as it was sitting in my WIPs for like a month. I’m kinda proud of this. He looks very shiny tho haha 

The wings cause I wanted an “'Angel of Death” feel to it. I dunno what I was thinking. 

Art by me 

ReaperTale by @renrink