So I found one of the first fanarts I did of Four swords in a folder, and I think it’s from around 2013-14ish 

And I wanted to see how it looked in my style now and this was the turnout 

this is probably one of the only old legitimate art pieces of alex that hasn’t been erased off completely (it’s the icon for my old soundcloud). this was around the time where he still had a goatee and whiskers and oh my god this was bad

why some ideas are left abandoned

when i was 15, i started working on a webcomic.

[excuse the shitty old artwork]

The story was about a traveler, an ex-bounty hunter, and a runaway princess who join forces to track down these mysterious (and possibly delicious) mythical beasts.

It was a story of magic, mystery, and friendship.

And after all of that…

After what was going to be several chapters of buildup…

They find the mythical beasts that brought them together.

And they look like this:

I’m serious.

That’s what the creatures looked like.

It was all played straight too.

So next time you think “Aww, I feel bad that I didn’t stick with that project I started 4-5 years ago…”

Just remember

We Don’t Become Great Artists Overnight

We don’t even become “decent” artists overnight. And quantifying “good” and “bad” art is difficult to begin with. If your only measurement of “good” is whether or not something looks exactly like it did in your head as it does on paper/whatever then you’re probably being too hard on yourself.

When I moved from my childhood home last year, I stumbled across a treasure trove of really old art from when I was a kid. This one in particular really spoke to me. I keep this drawing nearby so that I can look at it and truly recognize how far I have come as an artist. That Charmander drawing is from when I was probably 8; Charmander was my very first Pokemon card and I studied it very hard.

As kids, when we draw we hardly consider whether something we drew is good or bad. Or at least, I didn’t. I drew because it was fun and basically never stopped. The drawings may not have been “good” but it didn’t seem to phase me because here I am 17 years later still going:

Sooooo made a new blog for all my gamer based art.

I know I’ve started doing Septic Sam art recently so for those interested I’ve created a new blog @gamerart18: (click here to go to blog)

I do take requests and will be uploading a new Sam tomorrow, but yeah send you’re asks for gamer related fan art requests through this blog. Requests are free, i have the time and enjoy it so go for it I will be writing out a request post to give ideas about what you might want/what I can do.

P.s. The water test render is almost done after 5 days of rendering.

Hope you enjoy!