Alright listen up, I just found a 10 year old comic while digging through my shit. I drew this when I was like 16-17 and I never really uh finished it?? So I’m gonna just go through it and explain the story because plot..

This is the main character, we can tell because not only does she have unique hair but it’s also scene hair.

I didn’t even finish applying the screentone in this panel sdfkghdfsdsgdfg.

This is Popular Girl. She is mean and bully Scene girl because idfk they’re teenagers I guess??

Tag yourself I’m the embarassed bg character with a disproportionately large cap. May or may not be Ash Ketchum.

Also I drew Chibis with a body that looks more like a empty pillow with a normal head attached on top.

This is Cat. Cat is a important plot character, we can tell this because I spent so much time on that japanese SFX for “Nyan”.

Scene girl loves Cat they’re Best Friends.

Too bad the Cat belongs to Popular Girl who also happens to have asshole parents that uh wont let her keep the cat I guess. And Scene Girl knows all of this of course because she got perfect hearing.

I actually have no idea why this scene happens I guess I just wanted a reason to use that sandstone screentone that I bought online. But holy shit that hand turned out really good???

I don’t know what they’re talking about here but I’m guessing Scene Girl is tired of this BS.

Dramatic panel. Also this is where I ran out of screentones.

Oh shit Scene Girl bumps into Popular Girl with Cat after school!

Is this cat a dog? I think this cat is actually a dog.

Rip in rip Scenegirl

This is the worst placement of speech balloons I’ve ever done. Also holy shit that skirt is SHORT.

So in the end Scene girl will take care of Cat for Popular girl.

So all is well and ends well.

So now they’re totally cool w each other. The End. May or may not be girlfriends.


A video featuring my art progress from 2008 to 2016!

Welp. There he is! Mr. Tsundere Sans!

Man when I am looking at this old art I can remember where I was when I drew it and what I was watching and drinking! (I was watching Game Grumps and drinking cherry Pepsi if you wanted to know.) 

On another note I like to listen to music when I draw as well and when I listen to the song again I can remember what I was drawing at the time. Sweet memories.

why some ideas are left abandoned

when i was 15, i started working on a webcomic.

[excuse the shitty old artwork]

The story was about a traveler, an ex-bounty hunter, and a runaway princess who join forces to track down these mysterious (and possibly delicious) mythical beasts.

It was a story of magic, mystery, and friendship.

And after all of that…

After what was going to be several chapters of buildup…

They find the mythical beasts that brought them together.

And they look like this:

I’m serious.

That’s what the creatures looked like.

It was all played straight too.

So next time you think “Aww, I feel bad that I didn’t stick with that project I started 4-5 years ago…”

Just remember

Sooooo made a new blog for all my gamer based art.

I know I’ve started doing Septic Sam art recently so for those interested I’ve created a new blog @gamerart18: (click here to go to blog)

I do take requests and will be uploading a new Sam tomorrow, but yeah send you’re asks for gamer related fan art requests through this blog. Requests are free, i have the time and enjoy it so go for it I will be writing out a request post to give ideas about what you might want/what I can do.

P.s. The water test render is almost done after 5 days of rendering.

Hope you enjoy!