Old art without explanation

I’m going through some old art looking for a piece to do a before and after for.  I’ll just leave these here to haunt you. I WAS A TEENAGER DON’T JUDGE ME

Apparently I had some ferret weasel pirate character, jfc

And I had a Naruto OC who was part Mogwai.

And my truest masterpiece…

Not to mention my narutard oekaki phase.

And my bloody-moe phase.

And my Hot Topic Phase.


emerynn  asked:

wait i was on your twitter and you mentioned merthur, and i didnt know you watched merlin?? thats awesome!!

I would consider merthur and destiel the start of my fandom days actually, way back when haha. Both still hold a special place in my heart, I should do some more fanart soon for old times sake