old arabic song

those old Tunisian songs that make you feel nostalgic

these are some songs that will put you right in the middle of an old café, nested in one of el Mdina’s districts

[the photo is taken from the film “Halk el Oued” ( un été à la goulette)]

يا راوي حكي حكاية
مادابك تكون رواية
حكي لي على ناس الزمان
حكي لي على ألف ليلة وليلة
وعلى لنجة بنت الغولة
وعلى ولد السلطان

Oh storyteller tell us a story
Make it a tale
Tell me about the people of old
Tell me about 1001 Nights
And about Lunja, daughter of the Ghoul
And about the son of the Sultan.
🎶 Ya Raoui - Souad Massi

Sheesh Mahal.
Lahore, Pakistan. (Instagram: aabbiidd)

anonymous asked:

Hey I have to get something off my chest So I am an Arab lesbian living in the U.S and I listen to these old songs (pre 70s) and I so badly want to connect with another girl who would 1)understand these songs 2) merge the old arabic songs with the contemporary English speaking songs I listen to these days.I also want more bands like mashrou' leila and meen that talk about the intersection of race and sexuality. I'm just lonely I guess 😧 like I'd love to turn to her and say "hawaya hawak" 😩

Hi hi so I’m not sure where in the US u live but I know strong communities of queer arab women in DC and New York. I’ve met some of these women through friends and in that sense I’m sure every city to some extent has its cluster of queen arab women that come together seeking the solace in the same things you are talking about.