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What was bullshit 2.0?

Let me start with a bit of context.

November 3rd-November 8th: Harry Styles had been making waves in entertainment news with his comment of “not that important

November 7th: Louis Tomlinson is seen attending rehearsals at the X-Factor studios wearing a rainbow apple shirt and looking quite happy:

November 9th: The morning of the 1D FOURHangout (a.k.a: the great inquisition), The Independent put out this article (written by Jenn Selby):

During the FOURHangout, Ben Winston brought up the issue of rumors and if there were any rumors that they disliked and would like to set straight. Louis makes no mentions of any rumors that he’d like to dispel. Note, The Independent was not the first news source to bring up Louis’ act of alliance to the LBGTQ community by wearing the old apple logo with a rainbow through it to celebrate Tim Cook’s coming out, it was just the most prominent. You could make the case that he had not heard about the article during the livestream, so there was nothing to comment, however, Liam gives us this moment:

And worshippedlove did her homework:

And I just searched the whole site to see if he could mean a review or something but I couldn’t find any articles about Four in The Independent aside from September 9th when they revealed the album’s name. So he was most likely talking about Louis’ rainbow shirt article.

Louis being asked if there are other rumors besides being dead that he wants to talk about: (x)

So as you can see no issue with rumors, and Liam and Louis had both heard about the article, but where as Liam had already read it, Louis still hadn’t.

November 10th: Louis Tomlinson is papped Monday morning in Hamstead, near Harry Styles’ very public white house. Also these pictures were taken right outside the lawyers office that represent One Direction. He looked quite happy if I do say so myself.

Later on that day we get the tweets:


Lottie then tweeted:

and Harry Instagrammed:

harrystyles: Funny money.

And that is Bullshit 2.0.

Of course this was all for naught when it had the opposite effect on many fans who didn’t know about, or chose to not acknowledge, Harry and Louis’ relationship. Harry and Louis had their own way of combating it by Harry’s “don’t knock it till you try it“ (interview took place on 10/30, but aired 11/15) and Louis’ dagger tattoo (11/26) (x)

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As well as their very public fonding during the AMA’s made most apparent while they performed “Night Changes”


We many have had some casualties in the battle, but we won’t loose the war. 

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Has it ever occurred to anyone that the logo on Louis shirt was actually the original apple logo? He was likely just wearing the vintage design because that's exactly hat he thought it was? vintage? Wearing it after Harry's comment could have been a huge coincidence.

It IS the original Apple logo. And those T shirts with the old rainbow Apple logo were very recently issued by Apple in support of CEO Tim Cook after he very publicly came out as gay. In other words, Louis wearing this T shirt is similar to Harry wearing Michael Sam’s shirt just after he came out. Perhaps Louis and Harry don’t read newspapers at all. Or perhaps they support LGBTQ people. I think the latter is more likely, given also the fact that both of them have spoken out in support of LGBTQ equality.
And then there are Harry’s comments which suggest he is not straight. Louis will certainly have been aware of those. You are trying to argue that despite all likelihood, it is still possible to deny a link between Louis’ t shirt and Harry’s comments on sexuality. I think we are leaving the realm of plausible deniability though and that anyone who still wants to deny the link either has difficulty accepting the reality that Harry is not straight and Louis supports him or has a vested interest in keeping any rumours involving louis harry and gay out of the spotlight.