old ape


I’m not sure this is how she felt but if I was Mercy in this situation this would be my reaction.


Protect your healers.

Okay. So #studyblrs get real isn’t trying to offend anyone. I’ve gotten some anon messages that are really rude and I’ve just straight up deleted them.

#studyblrs get real is just that, we’re getting real. I’ve rewritten my notes to be aesthetically pleasing one time. Uno. Ein. Yeah that’s the only languages I know one in.

The studyblr aesthetic isn’t most people’s real life studies methods. It’s some people’s, and I want to congratulate those who manage to keep the aesthetic up.

But honestly, it’s not real life. Real life is being up at 2 AM, surrounded by four empty cups, Rice Krispies Treat wrappers, and a pizza box with just pizza crust in it, and grease marks on your paper. Real life is not having time to make these AMAZING and GORGEOUS notes, because you’re studying for the grade, NOT the notes.

People say you just need to “study” to be a studyblr, but why is it only the MUJIs, the Mildliners, and the Staedtlers get reblogged? Why doesn’t the pictures of sloppy, coffee stained notes get reblogged? The rain drenched crinkled notes that don’t get rewritten. The notes with more scribbles than legible writing.

Underneath is why I think that #studyblrs get real needs to become popular, and fast, which has been taken from what I said in a conversation with @universi-tea where the idea for #studyblrs get real came up.

Teens that are growing up may not know what they’re facing, because aesthetic studyblr makes it look like sunshine and lollipops.

“I’ve been through things that will commonly happen. I’ve been rejected by my dream school, and I’ve cried at 4 AM in the morning because my fourth SAT scores weren’t high enough to meet requirements after months of studying. I’ve taken AP classes. I’ve graduated.

Your high school/college/university experience may have been different, but mine was a rude awakening and I’m trying to prevent others from crashing and burning like I did. I was an all A student in high school, even with AP classes. I graduated fifth in my class with 25 credits from AP scores, in which my school only offered seven AP classes.

My first test in uni was a 38 in Business Calculus. A fucking 38 out of 100. I remember it very vividly (Thursday night, and the Blacklist was on.) It was like someone was trying play a joke on me because I had NEVER gotten that low of a test grade before. I remember looking at my scores, and the sense of dread settling into the pit of my stomach. I cried, and then called my old AP Bio teacher (idk why now that I think about it) I had a panic attack, and I was by myself (lived alone.) Those two are very dangerous. My next test score was a 51. Rinse, and repeat.

Do you know how worthless I felt? How long my mom yelled at me after I called her? How my friends reacted when they found out? I went and had a four hour conversation with the professor, who told me that this was the most common thing he saw in a class with freshmen in it. That they come thinking that they’re prepared and they are by no means prepared. I had to go to tutoring. For every single class but one. This was so fucking embarrassing. I had gone from the tutor in HS to the tutored in Uni.

My best friend went to the North Carolina School of Math and Science. Extremely prestigious, and extremely hard. “It’s like taking uni classes when you’re 16, 17, and 18, but you don’t get credit for them as college classes.” I’ve known my best friend since I was 10-ish. She’s the most level headed, and the smartest person I know. She calls me frequently, crying, because the work load. She spent a whole week with me trying to get over one failing grade.

This embarrassment, this shame and lack of self worth I experienced in uni is something I NEVER want ANYONE to experience. I’m trying to prevent these people younger than I am from feeling this way, because I had sunk into a depression because of grades. Grades that could’ve been prevented, had I known the truth.

Sure, the studyblr aesthetic may work in some people’s lives, but in college/uni, you’re being pulled in so many directions. I don’t know of a single person in any of my classes that have gorgeous notes. Hell, I don’t know anyone who can even afford to buy nice planners, or buy fresh fruit. Being “a broke college student” is entirely legit.

But all this aside, if you’ve managed to live out the studyblr aesthetic in university and keep up your grades, you better be DAMN proud of yourself. I’m not trying to make anyone mad. This is the reality most of us experience. It’s the honest truth, and I had to find out the hard way. I just don’t want anyone else to find out the hard way, either.“

Getting Out of Detention (TG/AP)

Matt had been sitting in 5th grade detention for nearly 30 minutes. It was his first detention ever, and he only got it because he was late to class. He was the only one in the classroom aside from the teacher, Mr. Jacobs, who had been tasked with overseeing detention that day. After tiring of flicking his pencil around his fingers, Matt pulled out the strange notebook he had found in the hall earlier that day. The notebook had a plain black cover and was completely empty inside, save for the words “Make a Wish” written elegantly on the inside cover. Matt sighed and continued to twirl his pencil, daydreaming about being at home and playing video games with his friends. Eventually, Matt scribbled the words “I wish I could get out of detention” onto the top line of the notebook. To his surprise, the words quickly began to vanish as if they were sinking into the notebook. Intrigued, Matt looked at the notebook then suddenly felt a wave of energy pass through him that made his spine shiver.

Matt looked around and noticed as the world around him suddenly seemed to be growing smaller. He quickly realized, however, that he was in fact growing at an exponential rate. Soon he was at least 5'6, though his clothes had not changed with him. He struggled to move against the tightening clothes, though some relief came when he felt his pants beginning to retreat up his legs. He looked down to see that his blue jeans had transformed into a surprisingly comfortable red skirt. He watched as his newly exposed legs began to change, thickening at the thighs while his calves grew toned and smooth. His butt began to tingle as his asscheeks inflated, lifting him slightly higher in the desk.

“Unf…” he grunted as a pleasure began to build behind his crotch. He was a bit embarrassed at the feeling as he only knew the sensation as one he got while looking at older girls he thought were cute. He wanted to reach for his groin, but didn’t want Mr. Jacobs to notice what was happening. He gripped the desk tighter and let out a few more soft moans as his penis was sucked upwards into in abdomen, leaving behind a tight, moist fold. He began to breath more heavily as his underwear tightened against his new sex, transforming into a scanty silk thong. The changed moved up his torso, reshaping his body to a more feminine form. His exposed midriff became smooth and toned enough to make man go crazy. He tried to pull his shirt down to cover the exposed skin, and to his surprise his shirt extended down to his shorts. He let go of the bottom of his shirt as he watched it turn from a blue Star Wars t-shirt into a tight, button-down shirt.

As his changing nipples rubbed against the new material, Matt reached up and tried to press his pecs into his chest. As he groped his chest, he felt his hands fill with his rapidly growing breasts. He moaned and massaged them with curiosity as a silk bra to match his thong formed between his breasts and the shirt. As his panting continued, he felt his vocal chords tighten in his throat. He coughed a bit, noticing how high-pitched and feminine he now sounded. As lip gloss applied itself to his softening mouth, he felt his facial structure reform itself into that of an 18 year old upperclassmen. He held his hands out in front of him as he watched the final parts of his transformation, cringing a bit as his nails grew long and manicured. He reached up to brush the growing brown hair behind her ears, and as her hand brushed her ear she felt an alien weight pull down on her ears. Jade earrings had materialized into his newly pierced ears. As the sensations of the transformation finally began to subside, Matt was finally able to catch his breath and look himself over. Still utterly confused as to why he had just transformed into a sexy upperclassmen, Matt reached for the notebook in a search for answers and a way to transform back, though to his surprise the notebook had disappeared. He looked down at his backpack, but soon realized that his backpack had changed too. He began frantically searching through the new pink backpack, but to no avail.

“Shit!” he exclaimed in his new voice. Mr. Jacobs looked up from his desk and stared curiously at the girl.

“Is there something wrong, Mary?” Mr. Jacobs asked. “Can’t find the homework you wanted to study with me today?”

Matt was taken aback a little at being called Mary. The name had caused something to change in Matt’s head, though he couldn’t figure out exactly what yet. “Mr. Jacobs, I’m here for detention, remember? It’s me, Matt.”

“Matt? Who’s Matt, Mary? And why would a girl like you ever be in detention?”

Hearing the name again made it harder for Matt to think. He could feel new emotions beginning to spread into his thoughts. “Mary, are you okay?” the teacher asked. Matt grabbed his head as feelings of hormonal lust began to course through his mind. He suddenly had memories of fucking jocks in the locker room and making out with guys in front of his locker. He tried to focus on the location of his locker, only to realize that his new memories placed his locker in a completely different part of the school. Everything was changing and he was trying his damnedest to resist. Then, he remembered the wish he made in the notebook and realized how it was being granted.

“No…please…not like this…” he mumbled under his breath. Mr. Jacobs got up from behind his desk and the first thing Matt noticed was the bulge in his teacher’s pants. Matt felt his new clit moisten against his will as Mr. Jacobs approached.

“Mary, you can drop the act. We both know why you’re really here.” Mr. Jacobs said in a domineering tone. Matt continued to fight his new urges, but as Mr. Jacobs unzipped his pants and let his dick poke through, Matt grew uncontrollably aroused. He stood up and was about to make a run for the door in a final attempt to retain his personality, but as soon as he got out of his desk Mr. Jacobs grabbed him and began to rip his button down shirt open, popping buttons off and revealing his sizable breasts. As Matt felt his teacher teasing his sensitive new nipples with his fingers, the allure of being Mary grew too powerful. With a loud moan, Matt’s desires to get out of detention and play video games with his friends became Mary’s desires to fuck her way to good grades and wrap the boys of the school around her finger.

“Oh, Mr. Jacobs…” she cooed sensually, “you really know exactly where to touch me.” She reached behind her and braced herself against the desk as orgasmic feelings began to course through her body. She smiled as she watched her teacher continue to remove his clothing, ogling the throbbing cock that was mere inches away from her. As Mr. Jacobs turned her around and prepared to thrust his cock into her, she moaned, “Come on, honey. Hurry up and fuck me before this period is over. I’m not getting any younger…”

Piano Pig

Its Nine O’ Moon On A Sandy Day

Regular Crowd Shuffles In

There’s An Old Ape Sittin Next To Me

Making Louvre To His Potions And Gin

He Says Boar Can You Play Me A Melody

Im Nort Really Shore How It Goes

But Its Sad And Its Sweet And I Gnew It Gomplete

When I Bought A Younger Boar’s Snows

Sing Us A Song Yore The Piano Pig

Sing Us A Song To’Night

Well Wore All In A Mood For A Melody

And You’ve Got A Strong Iron Hide

Gerold At The Hole Is A Friend Of Mine

He Gets Me My Sand For Free

And He’s Quick With A Joke

Or A Bomb Full Of Smoke

But Thore’s Some Place That He’d Rother Be

He Sais Boar I Believe This Is Killing Me

As The Smile Ran Away From His Snout

Well Im Shore That I Could Be A Rapper Star

If To Venice I Could Get Out

Now Frog Is A Salty Sand Novelist

Who Always Has Hidden A Knives

And He’s Talking With Seymour

Who Dorn’t Want To Hear More

And Never Will In All His Lives

And The Tapirs Are Practicing Politics

As The Monkey Boys Slowly Get Stoned

Yes Theyre Selling A Good They Call Lonliness

Well It’s Better Than Vending Alone

Sing Us A Song Yore The Piano Pig

Sing Us A Song To’Night

Well Wore All In A Mood For A Melody

And You’ve Got A Strong Iron Hide

It’s A Bretty Good Crowd For A Sandy Day

And The Fleshrat Hive Gives Me A Smile

Gauze They Gnow It’s Me Theyve Been Goming To See

To Forget About Sand For A While

And The Piano Sounds Like A Carnival

And The Microphone’s Shaped Like A Sphere

And They Sit At The Bar And Put Sand In My Jar And Say Boy Whart Are You Doing Here

Sing Us A Song Yore The Piano Pig

Sing Us A Song To’Night

Well Wore All In A Mood For A Melody

And You’ve Got A Strong Iron Hide