old ant

the first thought after discovering the solarpunk : that’s so nice! i want to live like that!!

second thought, that came immediately after seeing solarpunk city concept art : ANTS!!!! GETTING!!!! FUCKING!!!! EVERYWHERE!!!!!


Everyone’s favorite mini-sized avenger Paul Rudd Aka Ant-Man is a child just like the rest of them

Seriously guys, my nephew is the cutest and sweetest boy ever. We were sitting out in the patio and I saw ants and freaked out and ran leaving my phone behind. My nephew went to see what it was and then picked my phone and brought it to me as I was trying to shake it off. He attempted to say that I left phone but he can’t talk. He just mumbles.

Leiftan, please stay!💔

First to all, I know that I published this picture before…but because I was tired yesterday, I published wrong the image and now looks bad!🙈 What is the moral? Don’t publish thinks when you are tired, or don’t be so stupid like me!😅 Thank you so much for the support in the old post!💖

Antes que nada, sé que publiqué esta imagen antes…pero como ayer estaba cansada, publiqué mal la imagen y ahora luce mal!🙈 ¿Cuál es la moraleja? ¡No publiques cuando estás cansado, o no seas tan estúpido como yo!😅¡Muchas gracias por el apoyo en la publicación anterior!💖

Hello everyone! Well, I couldn’t resist and here is this edit made by me about Leiftan and Gardienne, hope u like it! 🙈 😄 All the credits for the characters are for Chinomiko.

¡Hola a todos! Bueno, no me pude resistir y aquí está esta edición hecha por mí de Leiftan y Gardienne, ¡espero que les guste!🙈 😄 Todos los créditos para los personajes son para Chinomiko.

Kisses Meg 💙 

People seem to forget that Gon and Killua were 13-14 of age at the time and can be considered the worst age to be at in your life and while saving the world from worst case scenario fast mutating furries you’d think people would give these kids a break about being “problematic”.