Maybe our paths will cross again in a few years time and you’re breathing will become shallow because you forgot how much you loved my smile and I’ll tell you how in love I was with you back when I was just figuring it all out and you’ll nod and smile and I’ll tell you that breaking my heart was one of the stupidest things you could have done and you’ll nod but you won’t smile this time. Because you’ll realize I’m right. You’ll realize that no one has appreciated you as much as I did and you’ll study my face and wonder why you left because everything was so good, you’ll wonder if you could take it all back and start again, wonder why you thought you could find someone better but those are questions you’ll have to live with because  you know it’s too late for us now, but you really wish it wasn’t.
—  unknown
Let me introduce you to two lesbians

Both came out to me this week.

One is in her early fifties. She was once married to a man, and even had a daughter with him. I don’t know when she discovered she is a lesbian, but she started living as a lesbian with a girlfriend almost halfway though her life. She told me she was a lesbian shyly, as if she had to prove herself.

One is thirteen years old. I babysit her, and she came out as lesbian to everyone she knows this week. She is taking a girl to her school dance, and she hopes that they will start dating.

They are both true and real lesbians. They discovered their lesbianism in vastly different times of their lives, and their experiences of coming out are very different. But one is not more “real” than the other because of age differences and the timelines of their lives. 

All lesbians are true and real, no matter when they discover they are lesbians, whether they’ve dated or married men, or when/if they come out.


How to have a Strong Old FIT Body like Roshi, Silver Fang, Netero

New Video for those who happen to give a F*ck So we all age its a natural part of life to grow old and die and a lot of people associate getting older with getting weaker. But is that always the case? Could you have a Strong old Body like 

Master Roshi, Netero, and Silver Fang or is it all fictitious. 

Well today we talk about what it takes to maintain a healthy strong bod in old age so our twilight years can be even better!