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We also had a conversation about starting a family, for a while now I have said that I think we should start trying next year and Joel was okay either way really. But after my weekend away I said to Joel that I really enjoyed going away with my family in the weekend, and all our other small holidays we have had lately and I’m not quite ready for that to all change.

We talked about how we are both still so young and are too selfish to think about someone else that completely relies on us. For now, we want time to continue to strengthen this great relationship with have.

A friend asked me (she’s met, engaged, married and trying for a baby all in 4 years.. he’s 21) if we get bored in our relationship. She thinks getting married and having children will stop them from ‘settling’ in to a boring life 😒

We are thinking next year in November (for our 9 year anniversary) we will do a 3-4 weeks road trip of the South Island. So that’ll be our next adventure. My brain is def thinking of all the incredible places in the world I would love for us to see 😍😍

1 year anniversary of my art blog

So to celebrate the occasion was gonna do a request stream later this evening as well as get an art giveaway set up. So ye hopefully you guys are down for that. 

By the way thanks all 248 of ya - originally I made this blog to store my art stuff but it’s really motivated me to improve and work harder, so thankyou to everyone who’s even left a note on my work you’ve helped make me keep doing what I do. Tells me I’m at least doing something right eh :)? Anyway, thanks again and I hope I can continue to appease you all with my novice tier art ; >.

our str8 roommate really out here tryna prove her 1 month old relationship is Serious and Intimate by showering with her annoying a$$ bf while we’re out here chillin so in a display of dominance we hung up angel’s lesbian flag and are blasting joy division 

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You do not 'put faith in' science though. You take evidence and draw conclusions. The Big Bang theory isn't something you have faith in because we have evidence that something like this happened. We can SEE it. So basically, the universe is so massive that we are limited by the speed of the light we are seeing. Light will take 100 years to reach us from a star 100 light years away, so we are effectively seeing that star as it was 100 years ago. The universe is only about 14 billion years old (1

(2), and with special filters we can see the light left over from the Big Bang as it was 14 billion years ago, same as we’re seeing the star 100 years in the past. It’s called the cosmic microwave background and we need special telescopes and filters to see it. It annoys me when people use the argument ‘well you haven’t SEEN the Big Bang. You jut believe what Stephen Hawking tells you, same as believing a holy book’ because we HAVE seen it. Nothing in science is without observable evidence

(3) I want to make clear also I’m not disparaging religious people in any way, there’s nothing wrong with having faith in something. The holier than thou attitude amount some scientists really annoys me as well. You can’t expect to convert people to your point of view by implying they’re an idiot instead of explaining things to them. - an astrophysics student

Thank you for your input, friend. If more scientists spoke like you did I think we’d have more funding for your work. Well said.

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I'm gonna pray for that anon because they need Jesus. No 1 year old in the history in the world knows enough from their tiny experience of being earthbound that what they are doing is naughty. Kids explore. Kids break things. Always have and always will but the fact that she called birdie a brat is FUCKING UNACCEPTABLE. PLEASE TELL ME HOW A 1 year old is supposed to know everything she is or isn't supposed to know. Please. Because this must be the parenting god over here🙄

Based off of the fact that she called a one year old a brat, proves that she isn’t a parent. No parent would call another parents one year old a brat. This hoe is helpless and is in dire need of Jesus. Poor soul. #letsformaprayercircle #prayersfornonny #bitchneedsjesus