Morally ambiguous Overwatch AU where Talon is a terrorist organization attempting to induce revolution through necessity, the assassination of Mondatta was planned not to shut him down, but to create a Martyr that would forward Mondattas cause in such a way that he could never achieve in life. Their crimes and heists were constructed specifically to provoke Overwatch, and they are all around manipulating the world through circumstance in an attempt to- in the harshest way possible- unify the world against whatever “evil” they foresee.

Like, not an AU where Talon is secretly “good”, but an AU where Talon was more deep and interesting than, say, my mothers old toenail clippers.

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Who do you consider the greatest known ruler of each of the Seven Kingdoms? Someone we might add the appellation 'the Great' to.

Good question! Well, I haven’t finished my series on the Seven Kingdoms, but I’ll give it a go from what I’ve done:

  • the North: in terms of the magical-meta plot, you’d probably have to give it to Brandon the Builder, who won the Battle for the Dawn, built the Wall and the Night’s Watch, and then founded House Stark. But if we’re talking purely politics, it’s probably Theon the Hungry Wolf for completing the unification of the North, throwing back the Andal invasion, and successfully pushing the Ironborn out of the west. 
  • the Vale: well, the Valemen would probably say Roland I, who ordered the Eyrie be built or maybe one of the warriors like the Old Falcon or the Talon, but I’m going to go with Osric V, whose more practical reconstruction of the Bloody Gates kept the Vale safe for thousands of years.  
  • the Riverlands: Benedict I Justman hands-down. Brought the Riverlands out of the chaos of civil war, unified the Brackens and the Blackwoods, provided equal justice to all, and founded a long-lasting dynasty that brought the Riverlands to its historical apex. If Bernarr II had been more like Benedict the Just, the Riverlands might never have lost its independence. 
  • the Iron Islands: well, the followers of the Old Way would probably say Qhored the Cruel, but I’d go with the three Harmunds, who somehow managed to incorporate the Iron Islands into a continental political system that had previously viewed them hostis humanis generis, or maybe Qhorwyn the Cunning, who best exemplified the New Way. 
  • the Westerlands: probably Tyrion III and Gerold II, who brought the Andals into the fold and used them to reinvigorate the Westerlands and provide the raw fuel for the unification of the Kingdom of the Rock. Without them, the glories of Cerion or Tommen I or Gerold the Great would not have been possible. 
  • the Reach: not even a contest. Garth VII the Goldenhand, a “giant both in war and peace,” who defeated every single one of the Reach’s enemies in detail, turned them into his allies and kinsmen, and left the Reach with seventy-five years of peace. Possible contender for Greatest Westerosi King Ever, given that he did all of this without any dragons. 
  • the Stormlands: haven’t gotten to this one yet, but probably Arlan III, who built one of the largest empires in Westerosi history and came closest to actually winning the Great Game. 
  • Dorne: Nymeria. Led her people across an impossible trek, founded not merely a kingdom but a nation, unified that kingdom through war and peace, held it against invasion and civil war. 
What if...

Reaper is now back in Overwatch, his redemption story is almost done… he is now among friends and trusted allies. This pseudo-rebirth of his isn’t as torturous as before. He feels like Gabriel Reyes again.

- And together with Overwatch, they are slowly dismantling whatever is left of Talon, destroying Talon facilities, hacking through their databases and reclaiming old Watchpoints.

But what if during one of these missions, while scavenging through the basement of a now abandoned Talon base for anything useful - they come across a still functioning Cryo chamber - containing the body of Gabriel Reyes. Both Mei and Angela confirms the authenticity - Mei looks through the data of the cryo chamber, confirming that it was sealed a day after the Zurich explosion and Angela, through careful extraction of a DNA sample, confirms that it is Gabriel - a 100% DNA match.

The body is in a state of suspended animation and Angela with Mei’s knowledge of the cryo chamber’s design are finding ways to careful extract Gabriel from its confines - meanwhile “The Reaper” is brought in for questioning… the heavy interrogation is lead by both Ana Amari and McCree while supervised by a very distraught Soldier 76. Other members of Overwatch scour old Talon records and documents for any explanation as to what the hell is going on…

As for Gabriel.. or is he Reaper? He has no words as to what is going on and he begins to doubt his very existence on who or what he is…

[another fic idea? maybe? i have a lot on my plate so i writing this down here…]

Listen Here Buddy

One sentence summary: Cassian and Rhys visit a training camp, where Cassian makes a bet with a young warrior-in-training….

A/N: This is set after the events of ACOWAR, but it’s (mostly) spoiler free! Enjoy :)

Rhysand’s POV

Cassian and I flew over the steppes in the northern Night Court, relishing the crisp mountain air. I glided through the sky, just below the billowing white clouds and watched Cassian bank and dive and twist, clearly enjoying his newly healed wings. I smiled at the sight, glad he was finally back in his element.

“Are you done fooling around?” I called, straining to be heard over the wind. “We do have actual tasks to accomplish, you know.” He flashed me a toothy grin as he maneuvered next to me. A few pieces of his dark hair had fallen loose from where it was tied back, making him look even more like a mischievous youngling.

“For now at least. I can’t speak for when I get back to the House of Wind though, with Nesta there– what?” His grin grew wider at my grimace. “So you can say all you want to about what you do to pleasure your mate, but I can’t?” He did have a point, but I didn’t give him another chance to gloat. I shot towards the camp far below in attempt to escape the metal image Cas had planted in my head.

I touched down near the mess hall, content to observe the Illyrians complete their daily tasks. To my delight, I noted that the females were indeed in the training ring, practicing combat with the males. Feyre would be glad to hear her first visit to this camp had sufficed in scaring wits into it’s commander. As I murmured with those who approached, Cassian landed hard behind me, sending a thundering echo throughout the camp.

“You scope out the rest of the camp. I’ll check in with Jedrick.” Cassian merely grunted at me and stalked off to gather information from his own lieutenants. Despite appearing calm on the surface, his glowing blood red siphons calling his bluff. Being in a training camp set us both on edge, but I schooled my features into a mask of bored indifference.

I strode towards the heart of the camp, tucking my wings in to close out the chill. Through the open flap in the commander’s tent, I spotted Jedrick discussing the day’s plans with a small band of his soldiers. His wings rustled uncomfortably as I walked through the doorway.

“What can I do for you, High Lord?” He asked, earning a sigh from me. I just wanted to get this visit over with and get back to Velaris. However, it seemed Jedrick had other plans. He smoothed a hand across his close cropped blond hair and straightened. “Had I known you were flying by, I would have made preparations, please excuse the mess-” I held up a hand to stop him. Opposed to most Illyrians, Jedrick was not nearly as full of himself and was a brown-noser to a fault.

“I’m just here for an update. I have many more important things to do, so let’s make this quick.” His usually tan skin paled at the slight insult, but he wisely turned to lead me through his dinky camp. I tuned out most of what he said, only catching snippets here and there. I nodded along and feigned interest when necessary, attempting to hasten my departure.

When I finally escaped Jedrick’s droning to grab Cassian and ditch, he was nowhere to be seen. I skirted the camp perimeter, hoping he was waiting nearby. Toward the eastern edge of the forest, I spotted a faint tendril of smoke raising toward the sky. Knowing I would find Cassian there, I let the scent of charred game and the sounds of rich laughter guide me to a clearing seperate from the rest.

Small, ramshackle shelters built into the side of the steppes sat in a semicircle, centered around a small fire. Younglings huddled on uneven stumps around it, telling stories and roasting their latest meal. I wasn’t suprised to find him here, in the bastard’s camp. We both harbored soft spots for them; having lived in one ourselves many years ago

I spotted Cassian off to the side, where he stood having a heated discussion with a shadowed figure. Probably arguing about some small detail of one of his historic battles. I advanced through the trees, intending to step in if need be.  
I cast a glamour over myself to hide any scent or sight, but I was puzzled by Cassian’s loud bark of laughter.

“Listen here, buddy. I’m the best at hopscotch player. I ruled that game when I was your age. There’s no way you could beat me.” He crossed his arms as a cocky smirk rose to his lips.

As I crept closer to monitor the exchange, I realized Cassian was conversing with a young Illyrian, no more than 11 years old. Black talons gleamed atop his still growing wings, peeking over his shoulders. The boy’s shaggy dark hair swished across his forehead as he shook his head.

“Yes, when you were my age. That was what, like, a thousand years ago? I think you’re a little out of practice,” Cas’s jaw slackened at the jab, and I pursed my lips. This kid was something else. I had seen grown men tremble on their knees in fear before Cassian, but this young warrior didn’t seem phased in the slightest.

“What’s your name, kid?”

He straightened and puffed out his chest. “Konane. My da was an Illyrian warrior. I’ll be like him soon.” Cassian’s eyes gleamed, seeing a sliver of himself in the boy’s will. “I challenge you to a game of hopscotch, so we can settle this feud!” Determination shined in Konane’s pale blue eyes as he stared the deadly warrior down. Cassian scratched his chin, considering the boy’s words.

“Alright Konane, let’s do it. And I’ll tell you what, if you manage to beat me, I’ll even give you this.” He held out a short silver dagger that glinted in the rays of the sun. Konane eyed the piece with hunger and he flashed Cassian a wicked grin.

“It’s a deal. But,” he countered, “we play the old way.” Cassian’s brow furrowed in confusion, and he motioned for Konane to continue. “No wings. You have to balance on your own. If your wings flare even the slightest bit, you loose your turn.” I leaned against a tree and let out an impressed huff. He was smart, knowing Cas’s training made him completely reliant on his wings.

“Fine, I can do that. That’s fair.” Cassian rotated his shoulders as if preparing for a battle. Confidence exuded from the General as he mentally predicted a swift victory. “Your wings aren’t fully grown yet anyway, so yeah. I’ll play by your rules, and I’ll still win!”


Within the first five minutes, it was clear Konane would give Cassian a run for his money. Indeed, Cas was out of practice, and his wings betrayed him often. They flared instinctively a few inches each time he landed off center, siphons flickering with frustration. Sweat tracked down his brow as he desperately tried to stifle his instincts. Meanwhile, Konane had no trouble at all and never once stumbled. He gave Cas a lazy grin.

“Still so confident, General Commander?” Cassian narrowed his eyes at the child before tossing his rock, which landed just inside the ‘2’ square. “Yes,” he grumbled, his expression one of complete concentration.


I stood within the shadows of the treeline for the better part of an hour, watching the two toss stones into the marked spaces and jump the length of the course. I could barely contain my snickering as I witnessed the mighty General of my armies get his ass handed to him by a youngling. Konane was now only one toss and a few hops away from victory.

“This your last chance to redeem yourself, Cas,” Konane told him, the easy use of the nickname catching him off gurard. He let out a low growl and made his toss.

I rose on my toes in anticipation, the rock sailing smoothly through the air. It smacked the ground with a small thunk, and Cassian sank to a knee and groaned. It had missed it’s mark, and landed wide outside of the 4 space. I couldn’t contain myself any longer. I let my glamour slip as my laughter echoed through the clearing, making both warriors jump at my sudden appearance.

“Rhysand,” Cassian remarked, straightening his armor as he stood up. “How long have you been standing there?” Oh, he was embarrased. He had a reputation to uphold, after all. My responding smirk told him what he needed to know. Konane, on the other hand, went slack jawed before bowing deeply.

“My lord,” he marveled, respect coating his voice.

“Rise,” I told him, dipping my head in acknowledgement. “I’m very impressed that you were able to best my General, Konane. Perhaps I can make room in the ranks for you, eh?” Matching mischievous smiles rose to our faces at Cassian’s bewildered expression. “Cas, I believe you made the boy a deal, yes?” He cut a glare in my direction before turning back to the boy.

“Here.” He grumbled, shoving the sheathed Illyrian blade in the boy’s direction. When Konane reached to take his newly won blade, Cas resisted like the four year old he was. Finally, Konane wrestled it free from his grasp, and pride shone brightly in his face. Cassian gave me one last good-natured glare before stalking off.

“Don’t ever let him live this down,” Konane told me as he beamed at Cassian’s retreating back. I winked at him.

“Oh, don’t worry. The first thing I’m doing when I get home is telling Feyre. He’ll hear about this for the next thousand years.”

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HELLO! I love your blog so much!!!! I have a pretty cute request for Sombra, Reaper, and Widowmaker for an S/O (gender neutral)that just finished their training at talon and was assigned on the same mission!!

hey anon!! sorry for the delay on this one – school has me SWAMPED!! i hope you enjoy, nonetheless 

-mod apollo


-your life has always been a struggle and a fight

-and you always never agreed with the popular views of who was really bringing justice

-so it was unsurprising that you ended up at talon

-it was a hostile place at first

-you knew no one and no one seemed to even notice you

-one day, a girl dressed in black and purple walked over to you during lunch

-she simply dropped her tray down and sat right in front of you

-eventually you got yourself to ask her name

-and before too long you two were friends!!!

-training was tough when you didn’t really have anyone

-but once you met sombra everything felt easier

-and funnier

-sombra LOVED pranking reaper

-every training session where he would supervise, she always planted some sort of prank

-your fun couldn’t last forever sadly

-you eventually “graduated” from the training

-you were so excited!! To finally do missions!!

-reaper was suspicious of your ability to handle yourself alone

-so he decided to give you a simple job and to have a partner with you

-reaper never told you who you were partnered with

-you were soooo bummed for a while waiting for the day of your mission

-cause you didn’t want some dickhead for a partner

-when you boarded the ship and saw sombra already on, you couldn’t contain your joy

-you two managed to prank reaper miles and miles away from him and while on the mission


-when you joined talon it happened as part of a bargain

-if you gave info, you would live but you had to be a part of talon

-if you said nothing, you’d die, simple as that

-you obviously didn’t have a death wish, so you joined

-when you started training, it was tough as hell

-you had no real friends to talk to

-just a few acquaintances here and there

-reaper was always there though

-but as your creepy stoic supervisor

-he was always extremely harsh on you

-but if it werent for it you wouldn’t have pushed yourself so hard to impress him

-eventually you climbed the ranks exponentially fast

-and you finished your training super early!!

-you could only guess that reaper was somewhat proud of you, at least

-(at least that’s what you told yourself)

-after graduating, reaper decided to give you your first assignment pretty soon

-you were, of course, worried about it

-the training field was very different to a battle field

-your stomach was churning itself into knots when you boarded the ship

-but it stopped when you saw reaper also on the ship, looming about as usual.

-he looked at you when you boarded and you felt a wave of relief


-you joined talon mostly for the promise of some place to stay and escape your old life

-before talon, your life was difficult and you barely scraped by doing anything

-you saw talon as an opportunity for stability in your unstable life

-it was so nice having food and clothes and hot showers always available

-the only work you had to do was work out and train for real work and assignments

-but it was worth it

-you got killer six pack abs and it was GREAT

-while your teammates werent that sociable (esp reaper) you couldn’t complain about a single thing

-because you were so happy being here and so motivated

-your ascension up the ranks was fast and rather impressive

-when you met widowmaker, it was when you “graduated”

-she came over and congratulated you, and you couldn’t figure out a way to say anything

-because SHIT she was beautiful

-you managed to stutter out a thank you

-you later found out about widowmaker and learned that an otherworldly sniper and looker just congratulated you

-you thought that after that youd never see her again

-but oh boy were you wrong

-you got your first assignment really fast and when you didn’t expect it

-so when you boarded that plane you had no idea what you were in for

-especially when you saw that familiar pony tail on the plane with you

Merciless Death, A Widow’s Regret.

(Inspired by Burgerkill – Tiga Titik Hitam)

This served as a reading companion to “Dear Amelie” by trash-queen-reynarius.

The mission was a success by Talon standards, Widowmaker is more than pleased with the execution, no one knows Angela died that day. Her body lies rotten on the floor for days to come, she tried to hides what her heart told about it. She often found herself perching at the same exact point whenever she arrives at Angela’s condo. Her body is still there… soulless, exposed, and maggots began to resurface from her rotten internal organs, the shot in the head… produce a lot of fears and otherworldly imagination for Widowmaker for days to come, but she keeps ignoring it as if it were nothing…

It was nothing for her, but it was something for Angela.

Angela’s eyes still open, staring at the same window and Widowmaker’s position. It was and is haunting, but the mission carries on. Upon arriving the base, Widowmaker received her paycheck and went to her room immediately. Widowmaker shared the same window as Angela, and in all of the sudden, the vague memories began to swirl her mind and thoughts. The moment when she pulls the trigger when she holds her invisible tears when she… tries to say “I’m sorry…” it was all coming back to her immediately. A series of flashback began to play on her brain’s cassette tape, repeatedly, for five or so minutes. The laughter, the dancings, the memories…

The Angel… The Merciful.

She opened her window to get some fresh air as she pours the cognac into a small glass with three ice cubes and sit down on the frame. She didn’t wear anything but a black lingerie, with black, fishnet stockings, and silver diamond ring. In front of the window, there’s a small balcony with a small table and two porch chairs. She put down the glass on the table, Widowmaker’s hands were very reflective, then she re-enacts the tragedy in all of her sudden, without her knowledge. What?! What am I doing? Hands! No! She screamed internally. Her hands were shaky as she is meeting with God himself, the violet skin of hers began to pale and cold sweats dripping from her face.

Then the glass drops.

“Widowmaker?! Are you alright?!” Shaelynn screamed while thoroughly banging on the door. “If you’re not answering, I’ll barge inside immediately!” she continued while overriding Widowmaker’s chamber door.

“Shaelynn… No…” Widowmaker begged.

“No, Widowmaker! I should get in!” Shaelynn panicked, still overriding the door. “Come on, you unreliable piece of crap!” Shaelynn cursed to the old doors of Talon that never gets repaired. “Widowmaker! Hug me!” Shaelynn ran and giving Widowmaker a hug… at least she tried to.

Instead of replying Shaelynn’s hug, Widowmaker grabbed her rifle and shot her in the chest, instantly kill the girl who’s trying to save her, trying to sort her problems, trying to retrace Widowmaker’s purpose. Crying over her best friend, Widowmaker began to pack things up as the night’s getting late and her anxiety causes her insecurities. She grappled in between buildings and towers trying to escape the truth. The Talon sure heard the shot coming from Widowmaker’s chamber, and there Shaelynn lies. A single 7.62x54mm R bullet cartridge was found near the body of Shaelynn.

She was her best friend.

Unable to overcome her PTSD, Widowmaker insisted that whatever she does with the rifle haunts her more and more, and by putting it everywhere is just making it worse as she tries to find somewhere to stay and hide forever. She made it to a small shed right on the outskirts of the town, she gathered some firewood and start making a campfire inside the shed. It wasn’t big or small, but sure it sustains Widowmaker’s life, at least for a while. She uses three remaining bullets from her magazine as tinder for her campfire, and the emptied cartridge is thrown away to a lake behind the shed.

The lake shares the tranquility and the solitude towards her soul, every morning she could sit there for hours, reminding her a vague past of Angela, hazy memories with Shaelynn and all the fun times being in the ranks of Talon and raiding people’s businesses and destroying things together. She let out a sharp, desperate breath as she walks towards the lake, she put off her clothes and lingerie and began to cleanse herself in that lake. The water is crystal clear, and access to everywhere is hard, and even Talon couldn’t find her trail and the trail itself went cold afterward.

I tried to hide the conscience,

Continue denying and running,

I drowned myself in darkness.

When the truth is not meaningful anymore,

I leaned back and fell into silence,

Where will I take myself, now?

The farther I go, the more fragile I am.

Widowmaker’s thoughts were surrounded by the darkness as she tries to cleanse herself from the sins she committed, she’s no longer think straight… she’s no longer Widowmaker, now. No matter where she’d go, there’s always a shade of Angela and Shaelynn haunts her, there’s always her shadow of herself forced and dragged her back to where she once belong. She let out several breaths before she burned her rifle in the campfire. This will get rid of those bad memories. She thought to herself as her clouded minds began to take over the dead body of Widowmaker. Her wits told her to go back to Angela’s condo, it has been three months since her death and Overwatch already took care of Angela’s body and give her proper burial, Talon also gave Shaelynn a proper burial and began to hunt down Widowmaker to pay her crimes. Later that night, Widowmaker with her clouded mind began to enter Angela’s room, crying and desperate for forgiveness to her dead body, or at least to Angela’s bloodstain that spread through the wooden floor, she lied there, thinking that Angela’s dead body still there, freshly picked… freshly killed, from atop of an apartment.

Angela! Angela! I’m sorry, darling! I didn’t mean to do that, Angie! I’m sorry! I’m sorry! Forgive me, Chérie! She screamed internally, with muffled sobbing. I couldn’t take it anymore, chérie… I should take a shot, to my stomach, then to my head. She shook her head and…


Before she couldn’t even drink a pint, her brains already scattered on the floor.

The Sniper, the Maker of Widows…

Now finally deserved the most peaceful rest of her life.

Yo! @trash-queen-reynarius
Here you go, a quick one-shot of the aftermath. Hope Y'all liked it.

Words count: 1073
Finished in less than 40mins.

a knife in the back is worth two in the heart

“Alejandra!” a mother calls up the stairs.

           “In a minute!” the girl yells back. She sits in her bed, half-cocooned in her sheets, wide brown eyes latched onto the ancient holo-vid display balanced precariously on her dresser, surrounded by books and stuffed animals and random knickknacks.

           “Still no word on the location of Dr. Angela Ziegler,” the man on the news continues. The holo-vid scrambles for a moment, flickering in and out of existence, and the girl hastens out of her bed, nearly tripping on her tangled sheet as she anxiously smacks the side of the projector and the image sputters back.

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      ❛   WE CAN DO THIS THE EASY WAY,   ❜   though her tone was dull and uninterested, there was no mistaking that she was hostile. Body poised, synthetic hands flexing as though loosening their muscles of wire and steel in preparation for a fight. And her eyes ——  they were a void that contained only agitated annoyance.   ❛   Or we can do this the really easy way… Which one will it be, old soldier   

                @disfigurxd    ❤’d   talon!verse starters

[PLS BEAR WITH ME, this is an OC drabble so you can ignore this POST IM SORRY, so yeah little drabble under the cut to go with this drawing, TL;DR: Jack is the one that finds Daniel in the abandoned Talon laboratory]

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errr sorry, this may sound dumb but, what's a talon? i have a very vague idea but idk.

Not at all! A Talon is an assassin for the Court of Owls, a secret society of Gotham’s elite.

Talons are generally recruited as children– in recent years specifically from Haly’s Circus, because the Court has a preference for aerialists. The children are tortured into becoming assassins, trained, and then put to work for the Court.

But here’s the interesting bit– Talon’s don’t really die. While they’re alive, the Court prepares them with chemicals, and after they die, they can be resurrected at will. Traditionally, there’s only one Talon at a time– the living one, who serves until they are defeated by the kid the Court is training to replace them. 

But the Court has the ability to revive all of it’s old Talons at once and set them loose. And after they come back? They’re pretty close to invincible. They heal almost instantly. You gotta go full-on zombie apocalypse and take off their heads.

It’s good stuff.

Time Stood Still, Part 5: The Mummer’s Farce Is Almost Done

Whole series here

“Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!”

Every dream-narrative has (to borrow from IMO the finest example of the form, Mulholland Dr.) a Club Silencio moment. Right before our hero wakes up (in Davos’ case, on Unicorn Cannibal Island), the author lays it all out for them: here’s what the dream’s been about, here’s what all the symbols meant, here’s what you learned. 

Indeed, Davos IV ADWD is in essence a full-length commentary on, counterpoint to, and occasionally critique of Davos III. The structure is identical: Davos starts in a cell (though GRRM dwells on that more here), is brought before Lord Wyman, a discussion ensues about the war so far and where they should go from here. Robett Glover acts in private where Marlon Manderly acts in public, similar issues of loyalty and injustice are raised in the confrontation, and the meeting even takes place directly below the Merman’s Court, where the last one took place (that was the public face of Wyman Manderly, this the private one). This sort of echoing strikes me as unmistakably similar to dream-narratives; not that other kinds of narratives don’t have echoes and parallels, of course, but the feigned/real divide, the way the symbols are used, and the way everything is tied into Davos’ own internal struggle is what leads me to the dream-construct. 

If you take what we’re seeing here as Davos’ dream, for example, the setting should feel like we’re wandering his subconscious, right? And just like in the last three chapters, it does. 

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