“I’m just surprised to see you cry.”


White-Turner House, Bastrop Texas (1890) by Bob Holler
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John and Martha White built this Victorian home in 1890 and lived there until 1894. Several families owned the home until 1901 when Nash Turner, an internationally recognized horse trainer, purchased for his mother, Kate. The house remained in the Turner family until 1937,

Dorothy Jordan, 1931

Jordan is another actress who had a short career, just 1929-33, but in that time she made 23 films. In 1933 she married Merian C. Cooper, director of King Kong, and retired from the movies. She reappeared in the 1950′s for 3 small parts in films by good friend John Ford (including The Searchers, his masterwork).

Who here would want to headcanon about Caesar Calore and his takeover/construction of Norta

A Norta origin story with all the founding members of the High houses, the first queenstrial,and the founding division of the reds and silvers