When Natasha stepped into the elevator, Steve burst out laughing. “Shut up, Rogers,” she growled, embarrassed at having been seen in this ridiculous get-up.

She was used to going undercover for SHIELD missions, but wearing this outfit was not easy. It was just her luck to be sharing an elevator with her boyfriend, THE Captain America himself, while wearing this terrible costume.

The blonde laughed for a few long, torturous moments longer before clearing his throat and attempting to act natural. Natasha could tell by the shaking of his shoulders that he was holding something back, and it was something very difficult for him to resist. Sighing loudly, she knew that she might as well let him say what he was thinking so she could stop looking at that dumb grin on his face. “What?” She hissed in annoyance.

Steve held out his hand and cleared his throat. “You look very patriotic, Nat.”

Natasha’s cheeks burned and she scowled. “Can it, Rogers!”

But he couldn’t stop just yet. “Looking at you makes me feel like singing the national anthem.”

The redhead’s hands clenched into fists and she closed her eyes, hoping the doors would open soon. “Stop. Talking.”

And, of course, he didn’t. “God bless America!”

Natasha was ready to yell in frustration at that point when the elevator doors slid open. Without hesitation, she ran from Steve, cheeks faint pink from embarrassment.

Steve poked his head out and called, “Honey, don’t forget to finish sewing the flag when you get back home!”

The doors closed and even though he knew that Nat would kick his butt later for teasing her, Steve didn’t regret it one bit. It wasn’t every day he got to make fun of the Black Widow.

This is one of my older Instagram oneshots, and it’s a bit silly, but it made my dad and my brother laugh when I read it to them, so it has a special place in my heart.❤️ @chernaya1vdova

I saw my old notebook when I was in grade two haha! My drawing sucks. Look at that ‘’When I grow up I want to be a superman’’ Oh really? I don’t understand haha! Well, I found it cute. I miss my innocence, like everything was so simple, I could dream so free, I could dream so naturally, without thinking about those what ifs! They supposed to burn all of the mess on my grandma’s old stuffs, but I got it, and also old pictures. Oh my heart! My grandma used to keep golden things with magnificent memories! :)