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The Original London Cast - Act II

All photos are from George Perry’s The Complete Phantom of the Opera. This book has an awesome history of Phantom, starting with the Leroux book, working its way to the movie adaptations, and then ending with ALW’s Phantom. It even includes the full Libretto/Script! So buy it. Now!

laissezferre  asked:

something light: what remains timeless about the OLC?

thank you, love.
But I don’t know if I can answer this question?
I’d have to think about it for a while, I think. And then write a 30 pages long essay to cover everything I think makes the OLC so perfect.
But, well, I don’t thin that’s an option.
So, being brief and not too deep, in a way, I have to say that the OLC cast members compliment each other perfectly. 
I can’t say much about their acting, unfortunately, because I’ve never seen them live [I was kind of busy not existing at the time], but their voices portray an incredible level of emotion and bring their characters to life [we’re not counting Enjolras and Fantine here because… no]. Also, because it was such a delicate project and they had a very specific group of characters in mind it was easier, in a way, to find the actors suited for the roles not only vocally but physically, which made the connections to the book easier. I think a lot of characters lost a lot of their essence over the years, especially Thenardier, Cosette and Éponine [who’s a Thenardier, too, of course, but you know…]. Of course, some actors can still do an amazing job with the time and space and direction they’re given, but I think nothing will live up to the OLC and well, the ones that don’t make an effort to understand the characters and give them the right “tone” usually fall under the caricatured, “modern” interpretation, with a shallow, spoiled and light-headed Cosette, a fallen-disney-princess-stuck-in-the-friendzone Éponine and a clown Thenardier.
Of course this is not always the actors’ fault and over the years most people have grown to expect a funny Thenardier and a “sad little princessy” Eponine and sometimes it’s easy to forget what their characters are really about.
I think the original direction gave clear, distinct “rules” that got lost over the years.
I’m losing myself here. I can’t think straight right now.
I’m sorry. This is the crappiest answer ever.
But well, the point is: the OLC is amazing both as a whole and if you take and analyse individual performers.
And their dynamics were absolutely amazing.
Yes, Rebecca Caine is wonderful.
Yes, Frances Ruffelle is amazing.
Yes, Michael Ball is incredible.
But as a trio they were perfect. Complementing each other without losing their own individuality.
And I can’t even talk about Colm, to be honest.
I don’t think I’ve ever written anything so awful and messy and confusing in my entire life and I’ll see if I can re-write it once I start thinking like a normal person again but this was a really great distratction and I appreciate it. Thank you.