Olasonic TW-S7 – Egg-Shaped USB Speakers

The Olasonic USB powered TW-S7 speakers look incredibly cute inside their egg crate packaging. At $99, they fire out 10w a channel which could be enough sound for the average laptop user. They’re plug-and-play feature is the winner here. They make a perfect gift, and again, damn cute. Think Valentines’ Day gifting.

Available in black as well for the Sunn O)))))) crowd.

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[CS] DigiFi No.15 の付録。D/D コンバーター

ブログ更新:[CS] DigiFi No.15 の付録。D/D コンバーター

最近、ちょっと USB-DAC が欲しいなと思うようになってきました。

現状は、Mac mini(Early 2009)の光出力を DAC に入れていて、特に困っているわけではないんですけど、ちょっと変化が欲しいんでしょうかね?(^^;;

ただ、もう一台、DAC をということになると、スペース的にも辛いですし(まぁ入れ替えという手はありますね)、金額的にもなかなかお手軽とは言い難い。

それならば、D/D コンバーター(USB-DDC)を導入した方が、DAC も生かせるし良いかといろいろ探してみた中で、思い出したのが DigiFi の付録。

8 月下旬に発売になる、DigiFi No.15 の付録には Olasonic 製のハイレゾ対応 D/D コンバーターが付いてくるんですよね。


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ASCII.jp:Olasonicらしくない? 小型アンプの価格の謎 (1/5)|四本淑三の「ミュージック・ギークス!」

定価 73500円が高いか否かの記事。大型のトランスを使った20-30万円のそれらと同じ実力があるとか。そう思えばお安いのだと。卵型のUSBスピーカーで開発したSuper Charged Drive System (SCDS)というキャパシタ技術の応用で小型電源でも可能になった、と。いずれにしても、是非、実機で音を聴いてみたいね。

Olasonic TW-S7

Recently the amazing people from Olasonic contacted me and asked me to review their USB Bus Powered 10W+10W Speaker System Olasonic TW-S7(W) in Brilliant White. I was totally stoked about trying out some new speakers. I own a laptop and sometimes the sound quality is just not that great when you just want to chill and listen to some tunes. 

These speakers are USB powered and pretty heavy for their size, I liked that though, they feel really durable and well built. They come in two colors Brilliant White (shown) and black. 

Now onto the sound quality and other such stuff - I am by no means a sound junkie or someone who spends $600 dollars on speakers or headphones - I am just a regular consumer like you who appreciates crisp sound when getting my jam on. 

- The wires are pretty long, but not long enough to get in your way or to trip on, just long enough so you can plug it in and move your laptop around wherever you’re lounging.

- The sound is quite crisp and clear as long as  you’re listening to good sound quality music, youtube videos are not a good way of using these speakers because you can hear how low quality the video sound is. These are made to use when listening to cd quality music, or at least 320 bit - at least this is what I would recommend. 

- It has good bass, but if you’re looking for something to make the floor shake this won’t be it, its great for mellow bass I would avoid extremely heavy bass songs. 

- These are particularly excellent for classical music, voice, rock music, and even pop music, this is what I’ve noticed.

What I really love about these speakers are the little silicon pads they sit on - this allows you to use them on pretty much any surface without them falling over easily, it also allows you to be able to aim them anywhere - they don’t have to sit flat like a box speaker. 

All in all, I really love these speakers - if you would like to know the exact specs on these you can visit the http://www.olasonic.com website - I would recommend these to anyone, I really enjoy them and they are not expensive at all, very decently priced.