Alberta police confirm outstanding warrant for B.C. man linked to missing couple

A day after RCMP linked a missing B.C. couple to the disappearance of a third person around the same time, police in Alberta confirmed that there was an outstanding warrant for the third person’s arrest. 

Robert Dragoescu, 32, is wanted in Calgary on “multiple warrants” dating back to 2012. During that time, Calgary police released photos of Dragoescu allegedly tampering with bank machines and skimming cards.

Dragoescu was last seen with his friend and associate, 44-year-old Mihai Vornicu, and Vornicu’s wife, 58-year-old Marie Olarte, in the Mission/Maple Ridge area just before July 25. 

In 2012, Vornicu, served jail time for making an instrument for forging credit cards. 

An abandoned vehicle that turned out to be Vornicu's Volvo station wagon was towed from a street on July 26 in Williams Lake, 500 kilometres to the north of where he and his wife were last seen.

The couple owns property about 100 kilometres from Williams Lake, in Likely.

RCMP Cpl. Dan Moskaluk said investigators are concerned by the abandoned vehicle and the length of time the trio have been missing.

Police say they have not ruled out foul play. 

With files from Betsy Trumpener

Shipstuck, Part 1

Several months procrastinated upon, but I actually did it. Oh man.

Okay but yeah, first off: Anthropomorphism is my favorite! These are the personifications of each ship’s respective fandoms. It’s not a mashup of the two characters, let’s get that straight.

Can’t tell if I regret this too much to even make a part 2. Let me know if you think there should be another installment…