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These damn chitterlings or should I say Olake shippers or TG haters need to chill with this NA black love 💩 today. They ain't married he's not her 👶👶 daddy. Rant over 4 now ✌️.

You are following wrong people, dear anon :) My TL is full of fun! :)

Not dependent. Personally and emotionally bonded.

So in this moment, Olivia pretty much totally dismissed the fake boyfriend set-up having much of anything to do with Fitz, and placed it squarely on her and what she wants and needs. And apparently she wanted and needed Jake to be with her as part of this. Fitz and his feelings about it be damned. As @jamaicanheaux mentioned quite a while ago, “Olivia only pined for [Fitz] when she was within his presence” (and sometimes not even then…). Otherwise she was totally fine, because…well, we know why. But boy can she pine for some Jake. And as I’m about to ramble on about, no it’s not because of a dysfunctional or crippling dependency. She wants him in her life, and in many ways, she needs him, but not in order to basically function or live her life. 

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Hello dear followers, OLAKE shippers & other awesome people.

Since most of shows are on hellatus I thought that we could have appreciation week / remembering moments from previous seasons/ of the OTPs from the shows to honor them ;p & to have fun & to pass time while waiting for fave shows to come back (I have in mind & would like also to include appreciation week with Matt & Claire (Daredevil), Aimily(Revenge), Bellarke, Skyeward, Westallen, Klaroline, CaptainSwan, Outlaw Queen, Olicity etc.That’s just a thought/work in progress, but it would be nice since the season finales left us speechless & because of hiatus). So, with that said I would like to start with #Scandal’s #Olake. So if anyone would like to join you’re welcome. Spread the word.

Day 1 - July 6 - The moment you started to ship Olake
Day 2 - July 7 - Fave Jake Ballard moment(s)/scene(s)
Day 3 - July 8 - Fave Olivia Pope moment(s)/scene(s) 
Day 4 - July 9 - Fave quote that you relate with them (it can be from show, song or any other - free choice)
Day 5 - July 10 -  Fave Olake kiss
Day 6 - July 11 - Fave episode / season with them
Day 7 - July 12 - Most heartbreaking &/or happy moment 

Official tag will be #olakeaw. If you have any questions you can ask me. Don’t be shy - let’s have fun! ;)

I think I just watched Olake become the audience-sanctioned “main couple” of Scandal.

And usually my party line on this is, if there even is one, it’s Liv and whoever the heck she’s with or wants to be with at the time, if anyone. And I still think that’s basically been true. But 5x18, man… All that Olake set-up and tear-down… They left Liv and Jake’s story, not over, but hanging. Not the way they left things, nope. They’re dangling by a thin-ass thread, but it’s there. Liv all BUT admitted she’s in love with him, and was ready to be his woman for real for real (no that’s not a typo, I said it twice, I’m deadass serious). I believe what I just witnessed was Jake officially move out of being “another option” - a better option, a worse option, whatever, but he kind of always had this stance of being just there, a way for Olivia to at least not have to continue her self-imposed romantic seclusion, but with the specter of Liv’s “true love” always hovering over their relationship - and into being Liv’s main one and only. Yeah, I said that, I don’t care. She chose him, she wanted him…she almost got him (oh geez, someone needs to do a “saddest word in the world is ‘almost’” gif set for them). For anybody who watches Grey’s Anatomy, this was kind of like the deep and heartbreaking episode this season nicknamed Japril: The Movie. And Jake was the romantic lead to Liv’s leading lady (in addition to being the leading man in his own “752″-like origin story). Olake: The Movie, y'all.

This was Olivia consciously, willingly, excitedly choosing to be with this man who made her happy. Not even adhering to the sometimes vague, sometimes abstract idea of “the sun” (as cute as it may be for Olake shippers), but just to get away from the mess and be happy. Whatever that may have entailed, we don’t know. But whatever it was, it was gonna be with Jake. Who she and everyone else knows truly loves her with all his heart. They are each other’s happy. And then the writers had that man forcibly pried out of her hands in one of the cruelest ways imaginable. That effects people. They got folks who previously didn’t give a shit who she was with, or wanted her with neither man, now wishing she and Jake can just be, dammit. They got the audience so caught up in Liv’s purposeful choice of this man, and how giddy she was, and the prospect of them being together and being free. And the moment they ripped it all away, and the manner in which they did it, people were like, What- NO. This cannot STAND! Now of course, this is working wonders for the emotional drama factor of the show, so kudos to that. But this isn’t even about her possibly being with someone else anymore, this is about her not being able to be with THE man she wants. There’s no other man, there are tragic, claustrophobic, and seemingly impossible obstacles for two people who want nothing more than to be together. Ironically - or fittingly - busting them up like that is what elevated their relationship to headliner status in most viewers’ eyes. Olivia Pope is the damn Queen of this show, and they mean to tell us she can’t have her chosen King?? For no other reason than her evil overlord of a daddy? Naw son, this is a new chapter, and it’s just getting started. It might go into next season, but their story is still kickin. I don’t even see a triangle anymore. Call me delusional if you want but I really don’t see it.

Tony and Kerry at their finest..

Lets zoom that in a bit..

Now speed it up and put it in black in white

Look how innocent Tony looks. Missed that part? Okay pay attention this time

Way to play it off Tony! Now lets get this moment from a different angle

Look at Kerry sneak her hand over then act like no damn thing ever happened. 

And that, olake shippers, is why the rest of us ship Olitz– because they have loads and loads of chemistry on and off of the show. They are believable.

You’re welcome.

Please stay out of our tags

So I stay out of the Scandal tag because of the bullshit…. I stay in the Olake tag to converse with fellow Olakers and to see the beautiful olake gifs….. Now what I don’t care to see IN THE OLAKE TAGS is how Olitz shippers don’t know how to stay in THEIR LANE!! I get you hype about that bone they finally threw yall but have some common courtesy and respect and TAG PROPERLY!! I know a lot of Y'all want to get a rise out of us….but we GOOD OVER HERE!!!! SO yall can keep the SALT AT Y'ALL TABLE!!!


A secure Olake Shipper….

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Oh damn! Do you hear that sound? It's the sound of Olake shippers stomping their little feet and gnashing their baby teeth because you just called their idol, Jake a bob (battery operated boyfriend). LMAO

Battery.Operated. Boyfriend ?!

But yeah, Olakers don’t care what I say about them. They stay wedded to mediocrity. 

Scandalverse: Olake Shipper Fails Are Seriously Disturbed. Sorry Calling It. You Need Help

The fact that this is okay with you…says nothing good about you and your pathetic and somewhat frightening sensibilities.