I like the place I work, but right now they have me scheduled to work till 10pm that evening and then coming in at 5:30am the next morning for a mandatory hour long meeting, and then waiting around 4ish hours before I’m back on at 11:45am.

Even if I konked out on the couch at work on the HOUR, that’s not even 8 hours of sleep. Plus, my commute from home is one hour there and one hour back.

I tried talking to our managers, but they say we’re in a labor deficit so the just had to schedule everyone for that.

I like my managers and I know they don’t do this kinda shit on purpose, but jfc they have to realize those of us with this schedule are going to MURDER several someones. :/

Had a little discussion with my friends about who would we be if we were D’n’D characters. Naturally, because of my half-dead look I took a roll of a necromancer, though with my other characteristics I’d be pretty hard to spot as such (I’d pass on more as a traveling hobo. Well, until you look at my staff and my books on necromancy, that is) so here’s a little doodle of that.