My take on the king god of Norse mythology. Got a little tired of seeing depictions of him as this old guy with a short white beard and golden armour. In the myths, Odin spent a great deal of his life travelling the world to learn and gain knowledge. The antlers were added because I think an ancient god should be a bit more “primal” than the stories made up by men in the viking age.

This is the design that will be used in a comic I am planning to make called The Eye of Odin.


Fluffy T-rex! Many people seem to think that if you put feathers on a theropod (which most of the time was the case in real life), it’ll look like a dumb chicken or something.
Personally I think feathered dinosaurs look much more real and interesting than the dragonesque, two-legged alligators the media is so in love with.

My iteration of the norse god Loki, to be used in the Eye of Odin. I’ll probably get a buttload of hate from all the maniacal Tom Hiddleston fans for this. He does a great Loki, but not quite the one I imagined from stories in my childhood.

On each side of him are Jormungandr (Midgard Serpent) and Fenrir, his monstrous and malevolent sons. The runes in his halo read “Loptr”, which is one of his names in the Eddae.