IN OTHER NEWS….. i have a little Halloweeny Skelly Litter idea a-brewin’ in my brain, in which the kids + Wander and Sylvia somehow get “Halloweenie’d” - aka, turned into Halloween monsters. I’m still working on designs, but I wanted to share what I had so far because GOSH DARNIT I REALLY LIKE HOW THEY’RE TURNING OUT. <3

i especially like the Wandering Horseman, aka headless horseman Wander, design that I came up with. though a day or so ago there was a headless horseman Hater in the WOY tag, so like… dang it. orz;; OH WELL headless horseman Wander is still good too.

logansfrumpylumps submitted:

I changed his hair color too I hope you don’t mind


“i made a junko shirt on acnl and olaf just suddenly started wearing it someone please draw olaf the anteater dressed like junko enoshima i need this”

ookyspookypookie replied to your post:would Olaf make dad jokes………………..

Imagine getting him a piece of fruit: “Orange you glad I didnt ask for a banana?” or something lame like that and wiggling away with his tail poofing up behind him as he plots more bad puns

that NERD….. he’d be so proud of himself for coming up with stuff like that, too. he happens upon Gulliver at the beach and says, “you sure you’re a bird? because you look more like a FISH OUTTA WATER”
and Gulliver is not amused also i don’t know whether Julian being unimpressed with Olaf’s puns is funnier than him really blown away by them (and always asking Olaf for pun advice)

anyway. the upside to waking up at 4 am today is that i remembered the dream i had, which consisted of:

  • olaf the anteater moving back into my town in acnl
  • me being elated at this
  • only, somebody else had also moved in right next to him
  • said new arrival was a color-swapped version of olaf, named “nolaf”