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☃ PeriPera x Disney Frozen {Limited Edition} ☃

All images belong to PeriPera, images cropped by me

Do you wanna build a snowman? 

Peri Pera, a Korean cosmetic brand, endorsed by Apink Naeun recently released limited edition cosmetic products which is in collaboration with the Disney movie Frozen!~ Yes, I’ve mentioned it a lot of times but I’m in love with Disney so I had to share photos from this collection with you guys. 

I seriously think Frozen was such a popular Disney movie, and it seems particularly popular in Korea, I mean I hear the songs all the time on Korean shows and when I went to BAP’s concert, Jong Up sang it, so I guess it’s pretty popular over there! Anyways their collection includes, lip gloss, nail polishes, eye shadows, eye liners, cushion pact and pressed powder!~

16,000 KRW (OMG OLAF, I love Olaf)

20,000 KRW

3,500 KRW

14,000 KRW

8,000 KRW

15,900 KRW

What do you guys think about this collection?


Frozen Olaf Nails…DIY Nail Polish Stickers … Using a Sandwich Bag!