“My mom is an African American and my dad is English and white. They met in Paris in the sixties, fell in love and had me. I thank them for being who they are. They exposed me to environments so rich and colorful and unique that what I experienced made a permanent impression on me.  

My mom turned me on to all different forms of art and the importance of artistic self expression and creative communication through music and dance from as early on as I can remember. She really was all things artistic and creative personified and the world is a lesser place without her.”


Brian Jones and I would visit a store on the King’s Road owned by Ola Hudson, the mother or Slash, who was then a toddler, and grew up to become a famous contemporary guitar player (of Guns n’ Roses fame). There we would buy antique women’s clothes that we would fashion as tunics. We referred to it as ‘scoring chick’s clothes’. The late great decorator Ben Willis presented me with the famous Arab velvet jacket embroidered with gold, which I wore on countless photoshoots, and that Brian Jones also wore on several occasions. I was also partial to wonderful psychedelic Nehru jackets designed by Chris Jagger and frequently exchanged clothes with Jimi Hendrix, Mick Jagger, Brian and Keith Richards.
—  Prince Stanislaus Klossowski de Rola (Stash).