Here ya go Sassy! Think of it as a late B-day gift! >u<

For TheSassyLorax!

We were talking about Old Once-ler and Norma one time, and this idea popped up. Sassy mentioned them on a bench with baby swomee swans and I was like “Oh…Em…Gee…YES.” and someone else mentioned something about hot chocolate, so I gave Norma some hot cocoa. x)

Looks like Ol'Oncie isn’t too sure about them baby swomee swans climbing all over him. :>

Oh and btw, totally inspired by Beauty and the Beasts’ “Something There”. XD <3

Enjoy Sassy!!!

Larger version here: http://i691.photobucket.com/albums/vv271/BrainKitty/oloncie_Grammy_Sassy_FIN.png

Me earlier: No more Once-ler artwork. None!

Me after finishing pic unconsciously:……….*comes too*…..Shit. >B[

Anyways, more Ol'Oncie. <3 I totally love this guy. Added some of my interpretation of him…like the cigar, lol. I wish they kept him as a cigar smoker and made him have like a really bad smoker’s cough or something…I dunno, for some reason that would be like so hawt.