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Loves braids, but you’d be lucky to see him wearing the same hair style two days in a row. You’d be even more lucky to see me drawing him in anything other than braids.

Why’s A/pep in the background? Good question.
Poor serpent can’t properly wear sport shorts.

Hyorinmaru gives characters nicknames

As requested by anon. :)

Previously, Senbonzakura gave all of his fellow zanpakuto nicknames. Now Hyorinmaru, Hitsugaya’s laconic zanpakuto, will hand out nicknames to some of the other characters!

1. Hitsugaya: “Master”

Hyorinmaru: This is a nickname that I came up with.

Hitsugaya: Isn’t that more of a title?

Hyorinmaru: I did not say that I am creative.

2. Matsumoto: “Secret Other Master”

Hyorinmaru: I feel that I should do as she says, so…

Matsumoto: You’re so cute!

Hitsugaya: These nicknames should work for more people than just you, Hyorinmaru!

3. Hinamori: “Fireball”

Hyorinmaru: Some say that she is gentle and sweet.

Hyorinmaru: But when I see her, she is generally lobbing fireballs at my master.

Hyorinmaru: So

Hinamori: T-that happened ONE time!

4. Ichigo: “Orange Strawberry”

Hyorinmaru: This one makes you think.

Hyorinmaru: About how strawberries are not orange.

Hyorinmaru: So really his hair should be red.

Ichigo: I’d look like Renji then.

Hyorinmaru: The sideburns tell me that you already want to look like Abarai.

Ichigo: …maybe a little.

5. Gin: “Ol’ Snake Eyes”

Hyorinmaru: This one works because he looks like a snake.

Hyorinmaru: It also hints that he is not to be trusted.

Hyorinmaru: So it is both applicable and useful.

Hyorinmaru: I am definitely getting better at this nickname stuff.

Gin: …do snakes keep their eyes closed? I don’t think they do.

Hyorinmaru: So much better!

6. Orihime: “Sweet Cream”

Hyorinmaru: According to Matsumoto, Inoue provides this sweet ice cream to guests.

Hyorinmaru: Also, she herself is sweet.

Hyorinmaru: This works on multiple levels.

Hyorinmaru: I am a nicknaming genius.

Orihime: T-thank you!

HItsugaya: Wait, you and Matsumoto chat??

7. Chad: “Baby Dragon”

Hyorinmaru: For he is strong and silent, like me.

Hyorinmaru: Who am a dragon.

Hyorinmaru: But he also younger than me.

Hyorinmaru: Thus: a baby dragon.

Chad: This is the greatest name.

Hyorinmaru: I know.

8. Ishida: “The Quincy One”

Hyorinmaru: I haven’t really interacted with him much, so


9. Aizen: “Mr. Untrustworthy”

Hyorinmaru: Aizen Sosuke does not deserve a cool nickname.

Hyorinmaru: He simply needs a name that will ensure that he is never trusted again. Not ever.

Aizen: I shall tell everyone that it is an ironic nickname, funny because I am actually so very trustworthy.

Hyorinmaru: Stop out thinking me!

10. Cang Du: “Cang Dead”

Hyorinmaru: I have not yet forgiven him for stealing me.

Cang Du: Sure. Beat up on the dead guy.

11. Rukia: “Ice Lady”

Hyorinmaru: I am sorry to show Kuchiki so much preference.

Hyorinmaru: But she is a fellow ice user, and so I have to give her the greatest nickname that has ever been.

Rukia: …the greatest because it contains the word “ice”?

Hyorinmaru: I hope the others aren’t too jealous of you.

12. Byakuya: “Cool Scarf Prince of Sexy”

Hyorinmaru: For that is what my master calls you in his heart.

Byakuya: …