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hux: the Resistance may try, but they’ll never get past Starkiller’s shield!  

officer: sir the Resistance is here


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  • favorite male character: 

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  • favorite female character:

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  • least favorite character:

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  • prettiest character:

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  • funniest character:

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  • favorite season:

Well, there’s only been one so that one! LOL I did like that special they aired though.

  • favorite episode:

Uuuhhh, idk actually! I’ll just say the holiday special! LOL

  • favorite romantic ship:

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  • favorite family ship:

Lito and his mom! 

  • favorite friend ship:

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  • worst ship:

Eh, not really one, I don’t think. 


French Cup - Alex Morgan Post-Match Reaction: 1st OLF Goal EVER/Hat Trick (Q-Final v. Rodez) 3-12-17



          “Aye?” The answer came at once; I knew he hadn’t been asleep, though he lay still as a figure carved on a tomb. It was moonbright in the room, and I could see his face when I rose on my elbow; he was staring upward, as though he could see beyond the heavy beams to the open night and the stars beyond. 

          “You aren’t going to try to leave me behind, are you?” […] “Leave you behind?“ he said now, and I saw his mouth curl into a sideway grin. “D’ye think I’d stand a chance of it?” 

          “No,” I said, snuggling next to him in sudden relief. “You wouldn’t. But I thought you might think about it.”            —a little gifset for Aneta​ ♠︎