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Ideas for d&d characters:

A thief disguised as a wizard, because they know no one wants to fuck with wizards.Big ol’ quarter staff, robe, pointy hat, the whole nine yards. They would have tons of tricks and traps, smoke bombs, flasks of oil, ect to make them appear to be a wizard. They would know no spells. When asked by the party, it’s all ‘oh I didn’t learn that one’ or 'I don’t have that memorized today’. They will have an explicit preference for magical items and skills in identifying them, because hey, do you know how much those are worth?? They’re a thief after all.

Maintain the ruse as long as humanly possible.

I have to wonder, thanks to this fic I’m plotting out, how the hell are mage staffs (staves?) made? I don’t doubt a good majority of them are passed down through the generations, but what about when that staff passed down from a grandfather’s grandfather eventually breaks in an accident or fucking explodes because the caster tried a risky spell and failed?

Is it like Harry Potter, where there’s something inherently magical at the staff’s core that’s the true focus, and the wood/metal/whatever encasing it is basically an oven glove for a hot tray, to use a slightly disjointed analogy?

Is the staff made first and an ordinary stick/metal rod until a special ceremony where it becomes host to some kind of focusing spirit in a symbiotic relationship and then it can be used for magic? I’m leaning towards this one, although maybe it’s not exactly common knowledge unless someone actually does the ceremony.

Plain ol’ enchantment?

Can staffs be crafted by non-mages? I doubt it but see below

Are there members of the Circle, probably the Tranquil, who are tasked with making staves? What about the Dalish? Is that part of the clan’s crafting master’s duties even though they’re not a mage? Is it reserved for the Keeper? Can the First do it? Do the Dalish trade new unneeded staffs as well as everything else when they have those big Arlathvhen meetups?

Bioware, answers pls.

Live video on Tumblr.
This should be interesting.

By the end of today, you’ll be able to broadcast yourself directly into your followers’ dashboards. And they’ll be able to broadcast themselves directly into yours. We trust you all to be beautiful, weird, compelling, and just generally Tumblr about this whole thing.

Crucial details and compelling miscellany:

  • You can post live videos through YouNow (iOS, Android), Kanvas (iOS, Android), Upclose (iOS, Android) and YouTube (Android-ready right now, iOS-ready in a few days). How? Here’s how.
  • They can be reblogged like any other post. Which is wild.  
  • They stick around after you shoot them, and can thus be enjoyed in the future as well as the present.
  • We’ll notify you when anyone you follow goes live. And we’ll pin their video to the top of your dashboard. Wouldn’t want you to miss anything, after all.

Oh, also!

We’ll be broadcasting some live entertainment later today right here on the good ol’ staff Tumblr. It’s going to go down like this (all times Eastern):

  • 4:00 p.m. Opening remarks
  • 4:10 p.m. We will make @thingsorganizedneatly organize things neatly
  • 4:15 p.m. You will Answer Time live with @adamjk
  • 4:30 p.m. We will inflate a very big thing in a very small room 
  • 4:45 p.m. A Harlem Globetrotter will teach you how to basketball
  • 5:00 p.m. You will learn the metaphysical truth about your Tumblr
  • 5:30 p.m. Closing remarks

Should be delightful. See you there.

anonymous asked:

It's incredible how utterly unable shipperville is to ignore Mackenzie and how much they attach her to Outlander and the fandom when the majority of the fandom doesn't care. Regarding promo Jess posted: "Nah they’d rather have us discuss some random actres and her annoying ig posts all day long. That’s what really keeps the fandom alive."

You are so right, Anon! They are incapable of just ignoring her posts, aren’t they? It should be easy. The way they drag all the OL actors and staff into it as well as the PR department is difficult to understand. It reminds me of self-centered people I’ve known where everything is all about them.

For ES every post by Sam and Cait is all about breadcrumbs and every post by anyone else associated with the show is about reinforcing the ship. MacKenzie’s posts are all about fuckery and deception and TPTB lying and upsetting shippers.

The truth is so simple. There are no breadcrumbs, conspiracies, fuckery or lying going on. MacKenzie has nothing to do with Outlander. All these other people are just working, promoting their show on SM, giving us a little fan service every once in a while and living their lives. .